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46 Male

5'10" (178 cm), 160 lbs (73 kg)

  1. USA - Washington, Renton, WA
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I am willing to travel 2000 miles
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Even match, Squash match, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Arm wrestling, I have access to mats, Not interested in cyber, I'm a jobber, I'm bisexual, Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Face sitting

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I love wrestling all shapes, sizes, and ages. I prefer submission and "promission" matches (competitive or one-sided squash match, with or without body punching), and I particularly like being destroyed and humiliated by ruthless heels. I'm an experienced submission wrestler, I'm in great shape and have excellent stamina, and I can take a real beating as well as give a good competitive match. No ego to bruise here; I'm in it for the physical contact and the fun.

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ChrisSeattle is recommended by Lean heel (9/24/2014)

Chris is a talented and well-rounded wrestler. It's always a pleasure to wrestle him and was lucky enough to host him for 3 days of wrestling fun. Key word - FUN! He's a sweet guy off the mats too. Definitely recommend him and I look forward to many more matches in the future.

Lean heel is recommended by ChrisSeattle (9/23/2014)

Mega-fun opponent on the mats, nice guy off the mats. We wrestled several times over three days, and I'd wrestle him again in half a heartbeat.

ChrisSeattle is recommended by calwrestler (1/09/2014)

After a great chat online, we met in Indian Springs CA for long matches that were amazing. Hit it off immediately since Chris is extremely easy to get along with and is a terrific jobber! Would do it again in a heartbeat !


ChrisSeattle is recommended by Sam (1/02/2014)

Nice guy. Fun to wrestle. Good skills. I recommend him.


ChrisSeattle is recommended by dfwguy77 (12/29/2013)

Chris is a great guy: before, during and after the match. Had a lot of fun wrestling him - this guy has it down good. Looking forward to next time.


ChrisSeattle is recommended by WisconsinDave (12/04/2013)

Chris is a great opponent. Lots of fun, no attitude (does like to trash talk) and very knowledgeable about wrestling. Loves to give and receive beatings. Highly recommended.


ChrisSeattle is recommended by ukfighter (11/11/2013)

great guy, and has loads of stamina and enthusiasm!
Loved the match we had.. went on for a long time, and hope to meet again before too long.

ukfighter is recommended by ChrisSeattle (11/10/2013)

JIM is a nice guy and a blast on the mats. He gave me a great workout . . . rough, sane fun. Would wrestle him again in a heartbeat! — Chris

ChrisSeattle is recommended by guysports (9/22/2013)

Had the great opportunity to meet and wrestle Chris in in Atlanta and at
his place in Seattle. Great guy..awesome wrestler...a real favorite.


ChrisSeattle is recommended by PacNWBulldog (5/24/2013)

Chris is a tough opponent that respects limits. Likes MMA/NHB styles, but wrestles to level of opponent's skill and comfort. Great wrestler and pound for pound I'd put him up against most opponents regardless of size. Would welcome a rematch anytime.


ChrisSeattle is recommended by Guysmiley (10/03/2011)

How much fun I had meeting with Chris recently. A good competitor, we traded submissions, but he also likes being worked over and that just added to the fun. Look forward to our next meet, maybe in his part of town.


ChrisSeattle is recommended by Rowdy Submission (8/14/2011)

Chris is a FUN wrestle, and a GREAT host. Totally down to earth, laid-back, and a dynamo on the mats (and he has his own!). ALWAYS look forward to taking him on, whenever I make my (sadly) infrequent trips up North. Don't go to the Seattle area without contacting him.


ChrisSeattle is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey (8/11/2011)

Met him at Clash of the Titans back in 2004 and had a good competitive match with him.


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