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51-year-old Bisexual Male, looking for Male

6'0" (183 cm), 203 lbs (92 kg)

  1. United Kingdom, London (I'm here from 12/03/2014)
    Submission or pro wrestling
  2. Hong Kong, Hong Kong (I'm here between 10/28/2015 and 11/01/2015)
    Looking for some fun wrestling in HK
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host.

Speedos, shorts, underwear, what ever you want

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, Pro wrestlingPro wrestling

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Genuine wrestler here. Just loves to wrestle with other guys. Open to any size as long as you are in shape and have the stamina for more than a 30mins roll around the floor. Have wrestled guys from 115lbs up to 300lbs so don't be afraid to ask. Always safe and sane. Open minded about types of matches. Travel extensively to the USA (CA,FL,WA,NY,KY,IL) and can usually choose my route in and out to make sure we can meet up. Well drop me a line and we'll try and hook up real soon.
Will always reply to a message and ask that you do the same even if it is to say no thanks. Wrestle enough not to be offended if I'm not for you.

cheers mark


Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Not interested in fetishes, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Rip and strip

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Mark uk is recommended by GortonBoi

So I met crawley for a private meet and my god was I shocked when I met him the muscle the strength on him is unbelievable and he knows his stuff very safe and very sane guy looking forward for a next bout with him :-)


GortonBoi is recommended by Mark uk

Have met Callum a couple of times. First time in Crawley for a private meet. Second at Johns meet at pippas. A very cool young man that knows his wrestling well. Did pro both times and had a blast. Safe sane and confident.
Look forward to more encounters with him.
Top young gun.


Mark uk is recommended by MississippiJock

Spent two hours wrestling Mark, and both of us could have continued on for a while. Big, Skilled, Strong, Quick, and a blast to wrestle with. What can I say that about him that hasn't already been said? Just a real pleasure to grapple and talk with this fellow. Definitely recommend a bout with him if you get the opportunity!


MississippiJock is recommended by Mark uk

Jan 15. Having missed each other in the USA last time due to business, I had the opportunity to take on the big guy during his UK visit. Wow wow wow and just one more wow! Tall, handsome, fit, strong and damn this guy can wrestle. 2 hours non stop and could have gone for many more with the adrenaline that was pumping.
A fantastic, friendly guy that I would recommend to anyone. For me, it was a match i shall treasure for a long long time.


Mark uk is recommended by BeatYa

The best..........................................................


BeatYa is recommended by Mark uk

So where do I start. I met this stud the first time a few years ago and have gone on to have many awesome matches.
An awesome submission wrestler who also introduced me to my first naked gladiator style match.
Charming, safe, fun, strong, skilled are many of the ways to describe him. Loved every match and pray that our paths will cross again soon for another.
If you get the opportunity then please take it. Absolute best guy.


Mark uk is recommended by RobbieNeill

Mark and I met at various places/meets over the years and most often at Grapple101 when it was going and we always had a great time grappling and mainly sub wrestling on the mats. He's powerful and skilled and I used to love to try and get one over on him and counter his many moves! Didn't always succeed but always good fun and a nice guy to meet and chat with too!


RobbieNeill is recommended by Mark uk

Met Neil a few times at the Eagle in London when they used to hold the wrestling on a Wednesday night. Nice guy and in great shape. Knows his stuff whether it's submission or Pro.



savageskot is recommended by Mark uk

Met Scott a couple of times while on business in Orlando. Great guy both on and off the mats. Safe sane and fun wrestler who I would always jump at the chance to meet again. 10/10



Nhctguy is recommended by Mark uk

Had an awesome pro match with this stud in NYC. Superb hot friendly guy who knows his pro and is safe sane and fun. Top guy with top marks


Mark uk is recommended by conbat

Good wrestler, most strong for me.
Big british gentlemen, good remember.
Sorry for my english sir!


conbat is recommended by Mark uk

Met a couple of years ago while I was in Toulouse on business. A rookie but fun. Nice guy both on and off the mats


Mark uk is recommended by prowrestlefun

Great pro wrestler, knows his stuff as well as anyone and genuinely nice and friendly guy to be around. His profile and recommendations speak for themselves, but definitely worth meeting if you have not already!

Just had a rematch with Mark - unfailingly reliable, friendly and polite, still knows his stuff better than anyone else and looks the business in gear! Looking forward to many future matches!


prowrestlefun is recommended by Mark uk

Dec 15. Hadn't for a couple of years and jesus this guy has spent some time in the gym. Still a super nice guy but now has the body of a real Pro wrestler. Our third pro encounter and a total blast. A back and forth match until I finally dominated him in try heel fashion. A super strong guy who lifted me and broke me over his knee with ease. Now looking to be a heel tag team in our next encounter. Top guy and def recommendation

A super nice guy and awesome at pro. Can take a lot but can also dish it out. Always a great match and look forward to many more.


Mark uk is recommended by tombstoneyou

This is one great guy to wrestle. We have met multiple times and always have a great time trying to heel each other.


tombstoneyou is recommended by Mark uk

Have met Brandon 3 times now and can honestly say I have never been disappointed. One of the best pro wrestlers I have come across. Usually a give and take match until one of us dominates. Lots of awesome pro moves but off course the Piledrivers are delivered time and time again. On and Off the mats Brandon is just one of the nicest guys. Looking forward to the next opportunity in 2015. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by ck63070

Met up with Mark yesterday for a match. Very nice guy, easy to get along with and a good instructor and wrestler. Had a great match and will look forward to meeting again


ck63070 is recommended by Mark uk

Dec 15. Had the pleasure to meet Chris today. A charming, intelligent and handsome young man. On the mats he is fun and a very quick learner. Considering out weight difference he went for 2.5 straight hours and I am sure longer if we had the time. A top guy that I hope to have the pleasure to meet many more times.


Mark uk is recommended by speedowrestle

A genuinely nice guy with incredible strength and many matches under his belt. Because of this, I couldn't get many moves over on him, and he managed to get many on me! Despite that, it was an enjoyable match, and I'm looking forward to another round... Thank you.


speedowrestle is recommended by Mark uk

met Stu this month (oct 09). Had been chatting for a very long time and finally got it together. Had an absolute balst and looking forward to a rematch. mark


Mark uk is recommended by Rutland

i was fortunate to meet mark for a very short wrestle. But boy does he know his stuff!!

Strong, safe,very technical and tough. Really enjoyed the wrestle!

Thank you for also showing me more moves, these will be put into practice for sure.

Looking forward to meeting again in the near future - total recommendation from me!!

Cheers, al


Rutland is recommended by Mark uk

26 Nov 15. Had the opportunity for a quick set of matches in Grantham today starting with Rutland.
Nice guy, strong safe and sane. Great wrestler who gave me a fun challenge. Look forward to meeting him again.


Mark uk is recommended by Lincoln Lad

Great guy to meet - just wish I'd done it sooner! Mark's a genuine friendly guy to talk to off the mats and a real sound and very safe bloke to wrestle on them. Clearly Mark's very skilled (and strong!) , it was just a shame our bout today was cut short due to my work commitments....would love to wrestle for longer next time to see who comes out on top. Should be a great fight! No hesitation in recommending this great guy - bring on the rematch!


Lincoln Lad is recommended by Mark uk

26 Nov 15. Number 2 on today's card in Grantham with the big man himself. He and Borets are great hosts and have a fab Matroom set up.
Although a very sort match due to work calls I had the opportunity to take him on. Great guy and obviously one of Rutlands teachers lol
Very tough safe and sane guy. A pleasure to meet and will have my return bout. Top guy


Mark uk is recommended by Alex G

Had the great pleasure of meeting Mark today. Fit, strong and friendly we had a good chat over a cuppa. I felt like a novice again faced with someone with his experience but he put me completely at ease and showed me some holds and moves. It'll be great to meet up with him again soon.


Alex G is recommended by Mark uk

24 Nov 15. Alex very kindly hosted a meet today and found a guy that talks as much as I do. Lol.
I had that experience but he had as much enthusiasm and wanting to learn. A great guy and very easy to click with. Totally enjoyed the meet and his fab hosting. An def up for further meets as his skills grow.


Mark uk is recommended by Cr-cb

Mark was one of my first matches, and i have to say he set the bar up pretty high. Amazingly strong and experienced, however i tried my best to give him a good fight. He was also really good at showing off some holds after the match. And lastly, really a nice guy off and on the mat. Basically worth every recommendation on his profile.


Cr-cb is recommended by Mark uk

Nov 15. Met a new guy to MF today. Chatted for a couple of weeks before finding a date to get it on. A confident, very intelligent and charming young man. On the mats at Stockwell he was quick, feisty and one of the most determined Rookie I have met for a while. Although I had the weight and experience advantage he still managed to wrestle in excess of 2 hours solid. This guy is genuine and great to spend and afternoon with. Looking forward to meeting him again. Top recommendation.



Rugbyric is not recommended by Mark uk

  • Fake profile


Mark uk is recommended by ProWrslYVR

Wrestled Mark_UK in the 00's. Had now idea he was a rookie at the time. We had a great match despite only having a mattress to wrestle on. He drove all the way up from Seattle to Vancouver, BC to wrestle. That's commitment.


ProWrslYVR is recommended by Mark uk

This guy was my first proper introduction into pro wrestling. I was working in Seattle and was invited up to Vancouver for the day. I may have been a bit of a rookie then but I had an awesome day. Super nice guy and a lot of fun on and off the mats. I have a lot more experience now and am sure I can take that intercontinental belt off him and back to the UK. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by Safari 6969

Met Mark twice in Singapore - really big friendly guy and experienced. He sure knows his moves and how to use them to his advantage. Even though I'm a smaller guy, Mark knows how to accommodate, scale down and keep things competitive. Matches have been super fun, highly recommended!


Safari 6969 is recommended by Mark uk

16 Oct 14. An unscheduled work detour from Ethiopia to Singapore for the day before heading back to the UK. Even at very short notice I bagged a rematch with Dan. He's had a few more matches since our last meet. Great stamina and awesome fun to wrestle. Have improved immensely since our last match as I expected. A real please to spend time with as well as wrestle. Top marks again.

9 Feb 14. Met Dan tonight in Singapore. Was my forth match of the day and the rookie. This guy has awesome stamina and learns very quickly. I may be bigger but with someone equal size he will dominant as his experience grows. Had a really great time and looking forward to meeting him again very soon. Top marks !!



gorion is recommended by Mark uk

Great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle around with. Looking for to match number 3


Mark uk is recommended by Stmuscle

a very strong and very competent wrestler. whilst far too good for me he was a gentleman and wrestled to my ability rather than his, which was much appreciated. a great guy on and off the mats and for those who have not tried this man mountain I suggest you do.


Stmuscle is recommended by Mark uk

Had a very last minute meet with Steve today as he was in my area. He may not be experienced but he learns quickly. In great shape and strong. Built up a great sweat wrestling non-stop for about an hour. Off the mates he is very easy to get on with. Friendly and as chatty as me. Lol. A def recommendation and rematch


Mark uk is recommended by Hotwrestle12

One of my favourites to wrestle. Gent on and off the mats. Can't wait to get sweaty and rough with him again.


Hotwrestle12 is recommended by Mark uk

Met twice before and can't knock the fella. New to wrestling but a great match already. In great shape and a lot of fun both on and off the mats. Always a pleasure to wrestling. Bring on some more.


Mark uk is recommended by balak

Big and strong man with lots of stamina and who is keen to show you his skills and can handle different scenarios. I really enjoy our bout. A very nice guy out of the matts too
I totally recomend Mark if you want to challenge yourself or get some training.

Thanks for your patience


balak is recommended by Mark uk

July 2015, Met Jose today and wasn't disappointed. Very easy on the eye and totally charming which made it easy to chat and connect so quickly. Once in our trunks the young stud looked ready to take me through my paces. We hit the mats standing, 2 hours later and exhausted the battle was over. A young rookie who is learning fast. Fantastic afternoon and look forward to meeting again.


Mark uk is recommended by mustangcowboy

Mark is a great guy who knows his holds. He had me tapping and I would recommend him to anybody who loves to wrestle. Look forward to a rematch someday.


mustangcowboy is recommended by Mark uk

Had the chance towr stoke this guy more than once and loved it every time.
Great guy on and the mats. Hope to meet avai. Someday soon.



MT59801 is recommended by Mark uk

A big guy and super strong. Very friendly, skilled and looks awesome in a pair of speedos. Top guy



aksrjbn is not recommended by Mark uk

  • Unreliable / no show


Mark uk is recommended by razkal

I had the absolute pleasure to meet Mark over the weekend for a little bout. Although the significant difference in weight, Mark was more than happy to introduce me to some holds. He took his time to explain me the idea behind every movement. Lots of info to absorb, but absolutely helpful for a novice like me. Definitely the type of person who is willing to show rookies the ropes. Off the mat, Mark is a very relaxing, chatty character, a real people's person I hope to see in the future again. A+ recommendation!


razkal is recommended by Mark uk

July 2015. Had an opportunity to spend a little time with Luke on a Saturday evening for some training and advise. A fabulous host and all round nice guy. Although I had a big weight advantage this guy packs some serious strength. A ripped runner that with some help and practise will be a challenge for anyone around his size. Had a great time and def recommend him.


Mark uk is recommended by jgrappler

Met Mark a few years ago, and we had a great ruck on my mats. Very fit fella and knows his stuff - a top opponent. And now I notice he's gone barmy and been doing those Tough Mudder things I've seen on TV. Must be a right psycho now. Will this bode well for our next encounter....?


jgrappler is recommended by Mark uk

Met a couple of years back at his place. Cool guy with a very solid wrestler build (woof). Did some pro and had a blast. Must hook up again sometime.



musclneck is recommended by Mark uk

3rd July 15. Has it really been another year since catching up with Bill? Well jay219 and i spent an awesome evening with him. Chatting about his life and stories in wrestling. Having him watch us wrestle and take pix then entertain us over dinner with more stories. The guy is a legend in my book and love spending time with him.

30 July 14. Another awesome day down with the big man at his place. Still big, solid, handsome and a beast on the mats. Such a gent and awesome host. Myself, jay219 and big bad bill just love our days together wrestling.. A massive 20/20 for this guy

29 July 2013. Tonight was a special night as a family reunion took place.. Bill, myself and jay219 got in at bill pad. Just an awesome evening of wrestling, chatting, eating , drinking and more wrestling. The legand that is bill was the perfect host as alway as well as a fun powerhouse to wrestle with. Awesome evening and pleasure to meet the big boss man once again.

Match 28 this year and after 2 years I finally got the opportunity to go down to east sussex and meet with what i like to call The Legend Bill musclneck, Have to say I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. This guy has to be one of the strongest guys i have met in 400+ matches and skilled yet just the nicest and most humble of people. He may not have the speed of a 30yo but trust me you wouldn't disappointed in this guy. outstanding recommendation and i am def planning another trip to meet. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by Jay219

30 June 14. Now despite mark now taking bjj lessons to try and out match me I was still able to keep him down long enough to bring this match to a tie. Just because you know 2 new moves doesn't mean you can beat me with them

15 April 14. Got really lucky with this match, either I was super pumped to fight or mark was tired from work, either way I managed to beat the top dog! I think this is gonna be the start of the end for the old guy! Haha

11 mar 14. Getting spoilt with a jocks and singlet match this time, loser strips challenge, so was a bit in heaven. Our bouts are getting a bit too intense, if that's even possible. Learning a lot from the big man has made me become too stubborn to give in and now it felt like we were trying to break each other, in a good way. Next match will be my closet yet to victory, I can feel it!

28 Feb 14. Another chance get to bills but this time I was greeted by the presence of mark and zz9zza dripping with sweat in speedos, lucky me eh? So Stuart took me to the mats first to show mark how it's done, and to give him more of a break. Surprised the poor guy still had much steam left when he was tagged in by Stuart, but to his credit he managed to hold is own to end with a slippery, sweat cover roll on bills mats, loved it and wanted more when I left.

21 jan 14. Had to take a double look at mark, even though it had been only a few weeks, he looked different. Firmer, leaner and definitely meaner! I was impressed, and slightly intimidated, so we had an actual light match. Fun bit of sub and pro, where I lifted him onto my back! Had such a blast and loved it!

17 dec 13. This was to be our last match of the year, so I lured mark to a 'light' wrestle and then pushed him as far as his body could go! And Christ he just kept pushing back! I had to hand in the towel at a draw as I couldnt give anymore, the room was swimming in our sweat by the end as we lay there on the floor. Freaking awesome and amazing Xmas present, haha

18 Nov 13. So...match 33. I guess it was meant to be a light match, and it was for the most part. Not trying to keep score, but the second mark said it was 7-5 that was it! Couldn't let him get a lead like that on me, so the light wrestling went out of the window. Ended 10-7 but at least I got the satisfaction of catching him in some of my favourite choke holds and making him tap out in panic...priceless and loved every second x

2 Nov 13. My first proper group meet at barnet mat room, and I gotta say I loved it. Started off with a warm up match with Mark, which left a couple of guys surprised that I saw Mark as a ‘warm up’ haha. Having wrestled with the others guys for a while I went back to Mark to test his endurance, and this guy can handle it! Having had 3 straight matches he was still more than a match for another 2 with me, which left me in awe. Ended the meet off with another tag match. An amazing weekend which left me wanting more! Loved it

29 Oct 13. I was looking for a serious match and a serious match is what I got. The second we got on the mats I knew it wasn’t gonna be an easy roll around. The way Mark pushes me in each match is incredible and always guaranteed to be dripping with sweat after the 4th sub. He may have won this time, but I can tell that my victory is soon.

25 Oct 13. Mark invited me down to meet some of his friends that he has trained in the past, which was a blast. A great evening as always, especially meeting some very great people. Cant wait for the next meet up.

28 sep 13. I'd been looking forward to our first tag match all year and finally got the chance this weekend. Mark took the opportunity to teach me alittle pro before hand and simply loved it! Having this beast in my corner was definitely a comfort when it felt like I was out of my depths against rob and huge fan. I'm glad I have done this guy some justice when I hear I have been taught well, cuz this guy is the master. Can't wait for our next tag match

23 sep 13. Trying to lay off any intense activity for a couple weeks due to an old injury, I literally jumped at the chance when mark offered another match. After our last match at his mma club left me tired and battered, I was looking forward to another one on one meet and I was not disappointed. This was an incredible fight, once again neither giving to the other which led to an incredibly tense match that left us both drenched and exhausted, soo much so that I swear we fell asleep for 30 mins afterwards. Simply love meeting mark every time and was a great way to end a birthday, beaten, battered and exhausted. Oh and highly recommended if you couldn't tell by now

6 sep 13. Mark suggested the idea of our next match being at his mma club near where I was working at the time. I honestly wasn't expecting to be put through my paces like that but I was truly punished by these guys. Thoroughly enjoyed having to fight for almost 40 mins straight and some more training, but I swear my body freaking hated me the next day. Still, another great experience and can't wait for the next

10 july 13. I Never really imagined after stumbling on to this website that an entire year later so much in life would have changed. Meeting mark encouraged me to meet others on the site, take up bjj training, get in shape properly and to become open to soo much more in life. I've met a true friend on here, and many others just like him too, and wouldn't trade my experience in the last year for anything.

29 july 13. Now this was a match I've been looking forward to for nearly a year, and it just didnt disappoint. Got the opportunity to head down to bills for the evening with mark for a bit of submission and pro. Gramps put me through a challenging warm up before dad showed up to finally give me a proper submissions match hed been promising the last 8 months, and it was a hell of a match, just check out the pics. Would love to make a day out of it next time for another family reunion

23 July 13. Thought id check up on the beast and was surprised to be offered another match. Considering it was the hottest day of the month, i was glad to get out of my work clothes and have an underwear wrestle match. Was a hell of a long, hot, sweaty match where i finally lost to his impressive rear naked choke hold, which completely took me by surprise! Loved it and cant wait for the next match, which better not be last minute again lol

10 July 13. Was really excited for this match. Got treated to grapple 101 where we finally got the chance to wrestle on mats and even had a crowd to watch. He's a tough old fighter but even more so when there's a crowd watching and he's pumped from the gym, really hope we get another chance to do it again. I found it hard to sleep that night lol

24 June 13. Well now this was a match! I heard it was the old guys birthday, and having been nearly 3 weeks since we last met, I arranged a special night to celebrate. Best way to describe the fight is explosive! It wasn't the longest match we've had but it was the most exhausting, intense and brutal match ive ever experienced. Safe and sane as always, even though I passed out slightly in his hold, lol my bad. Treating the beast to sushi and red bull afterwards was a satisfying treat which I'm glad he enjoyed, hopefully it was a good birthday for him, it was for me.

5 June 13. Surprised to have an actual prearranged match, which was arranged the night before lol. Didn't think we could top the last match but I was wrong. Again just stripping to boxers we scrap for what turned out to be 3 hours straight. I had the big guy locked down on his back the majority of the match having been practicing my favourite lock. Even after drying off, the heat in that room had me sweating for an hour after the match. Loved it and can't wait for the next. I promise more wrestling next time xxx

22 may 13. Well when dad gives me a call and asks if I'm free for a match you can guarantee I'm gonna be free. Lacking time to grab my trunks, I was more than happy to strip to my boxers for him. Surprised to see that we were at it for 3 hours straight! But I think we could have easily gone another 4 given the time. Ill leave the rest to your imagination, but just loved another great evening with the beast in his sexy boxers

15 may 13. Only having 2 days to prepare for another match with Mark, i cant help but feel like i wasn't prepared enough. Our matches are challenging but now they have hit a new level of intense. ive never been soo engrossed by a match that ive lost all expression except a blood lust, but the fear on his face made it worth while. Will always be proud of my opening sub on the big man, but was incredible to just lay there after, exhausted and sweaty from another intense match. love ya dad and cant wait for next time xxxx

30 apr 13. What can I say about this one. After 3 more weeks of intense training, both on the mats and in the gym, I was PUMPED to take on the beast. If we were lesser opponents this match would have easily hit 20 - 30 subs within the first 20 mins, but we just weren't going to give into each other that easily. Having to relinquish at 6 - 10 due to intense physical exhaustion (and the floor becoming too wet with sweat) this was the closest, intense, aggressive and heated match we've had to date! The belt is slowly slipping off the beasts sweaty hips and into my bruised and battered out cuz the next match will have a new champ xx

10 apr 13. Match 13 but this time was different. The beast wanted to do a little pro and I was dying to learn some. So jumping at the opportunity I arranged a night to remember. My days sweating in the gym certainly paid off, and the look on his face as i opened the door was definitely worth the time and effort. Getting on with the lesson, he threw me in an over the knee back breaker and torture racks while I tried to catch him in a couple boston's. loved it and can't wait to get into more pro, especially the gear. Great night and can't wait for the ring!

27 mar 13. I'm not one to pass up the opportunity to meet with this hot beast again, so a cancelled match is their loss and my gain! A new fitness regime and a bulk of new moves to throw at this god, and stayed strong on top for a while, but this guy is just something else. I have an untapped well of determination to take him down, whether it be on mats, mattress, mud or oil I'm gonna topple this champ!!

17 mar 13. after an intense week of matches i found i couldn't say no to ending the week the way it started. a great gym session followed by a hot intense roll around and then waking up to another intense match. i truly was spoilt this week and was quite a memorable moment for me. love this guy!

11 mar 13. The weather doing its best to stop me from getting to this match, I wasn't giving up the evening so easily. The first sub had us both drenched. Each sub getting longer and longer, rolling from hold to bar to locks until one gave in. Both too stubborn to cave, the match took an adrenalin fueled twist where we got more daring and soo much more intense. Beast coming out on top with a 5-10 victory but was one on the most intense and unforgettable matches to date. I guess it was an alright match I the end x

21 feb 13. This match had me crazy pumped rightfully so. Rolling back and forth, trading off subs from the start. neither backing down and admitting defeat to the other. Proud of my early lead once again, but it drove the beast wild and pulled it back for the win. Truly unbelievable the amount of sweat pouring off each other. Really was a match to remember, wish we filmed it.....maybe next time x

23 jan 13. Coming soo close to beating him a few weeks back i was totally up for a rematch this quickly. His determination didn't disappoint and he was prepared for me this time, even though i got a great lead on him he came back strong and evened the score, and through gritted teeth ultimately won.loved every second and cant wait to beat him next time, and he knows its coming!

8 jan 13. This match was definitely one to remember. after getting my arse handed to me last time i was more than determined to prove myself to the beast, and the look on his face with each sub was well worth the time and effort at the gym. not long till i tame the beast!!

11 dec 12. after spending a couple of weeks taunting this puppy into another match, i should have know better than to prod the beast with a stick. after about an hour it felt like i had been steamrolled, i managed to get in one good sub but he just wouldnt let up untill he had me down for 10. i've learnt my lesson and off to the gym for the next month till im bigger than this beast. but he better watch out cuz ill be standing above him victorious soon enough!

21 nov 12. Cant say no when it comes to another match with mark, definitely something about the old guy that keeps me going back for more punishment. i say it was a small victory as i managed to get him with the same sub each time, but admittedly he did win overall, again! love every match ive had with mark and they just keep getting better and better, and i am slowly getting closer to beating him. i would recommend him but i want him all to myself, at least until i win a match against this beast.

7 nov 12. Another month and another match with mark and i have to admit i cant get enough. id like to say it was an even win but i guess he could have sub me a couple more times than i got him. still made him sweat even if he did have me panting like a dog, plus he looks fucking incredible not matter what he wears which is always a plus. oh and i guess it ended well, will have to make the next match even better next month.

5 oct 12. a third match with the old guy and still not good enough to beat him. mark is no jobber, despite what he says, but he sure knows how to make me one. i did get a couple of good subs on him, even if he was distracted. another mind blowing match again and will always drop everything last minute to see his white ass any day of the week.

5 sep 12. Jumped at the chance to meet mark again. Him being quite a big strong guy really pushed me for a challenge. Got a couple of wins but ultimately couldn't beat him, he's too dam good. Once again loved his company, Its always great to have a laugh and chat with a like minded guy. definitely one of my favourites to meet and would drop everything to meet him again, which I hope will be soon as I have got to beat the old man.

3 aug 12. Mark was an incredible first match. He was a great guy to meet and to learn from and made the entire experience fun. He has such a great personality and sense of humour, I don't think I could recommend him enough to anyone. Can't wait to meet up with him again and look forward to future matches, I'm sure I'll learn something new from him every time I see him.


Jay219 is recommended by Mark uk

3rd July 15. Had the chance to spend the night with the stud down at musclneck's (Bill the legends) in hastings. Any time for a good old family reunion is great but tonight was awesome. Jay and I hit the mats in our speedos while pops watch on. I trained him well as he was all over me from the start. It was a battle for supremacy and i was on my back foot as jay took an early lead then a second. We battled on and i gained a sub back then another. Epic battle that left us both exhausted and invigorated. Am sure pops loved every minute too as i know i did.

29 June 15. It's been a long time since I updated Jays recommendation. But I felt compelled following our BJJ class last night. Yeah we train together twice a week and usually get the chance to spar at some point. However, last nights spar became one of those battles we had been getting into last year. Blood pumping we were together for the first spar at the end of training. Wow I mean fucking wow. I have not had such an intense battle in a long long time. Absolutely outstanding battle with no clear winner. Just loved it.

9 Sept 14. So the boy has now working locally to me and joined me at my BJJ club. Both unfamiliar with fighting in a GI made it even more of a challenge. in the 1on1 sparring it was tough and tense as we battled. Our time expired and we almost had to be pulled apart. Great first night of what is going to be a real regular meet.

30 July 14. Had an afternoon with jay down at big bills in hasting. Was ablast to have the three of us on the mats again. Always love a match on mats with Jay. Awesome awesome battle as always except today the older guy was on his game as the younger was pushed to the limit. Outstanding day with the family.

30 June 14. I think we have missed some matches here for a while but had to mention tonight. The student and coach met for another battle. Tonight was most def a draw as the coach failed to dominate his young apprentice. Was intense but fun and with a few battle scares to show. Loved it as always but my days as coach and mentor as almost behind me as a new beast in born.

15 April 14. I still remember the day that rookie kid opened the door to me and a that look of determination to make an impression on me. Nearly 2 years later and what a change in my life he has made. I can't wait to step onto the mats with him again and again. Each time he is bigger, strong, better and my task gets tougher and tougher until today when I have to say I have met my match. We wrestled but there was no clear win by me this time. Dripping with sweat we both eventually called it. Fucking outstanding evening once again.

11 Mar 14. Any great encounter but also a first for me in a jock. Matches always seem to get more and more intense and a battle for supremacy but neither of us will ever want to back down. Hot, tough, fun as always.

28 Feb 14. Jay joined me and zz9zza (stuart) down at bills (pops) late on another cold and wet friday evening. Having been on the mats for 2.5 hours will Stuart, Jay walked in looking confident and began staring a dripping with sweat mark and Stu up and down. He was ready to show his youth and fitness against and challenged not just me but Stuart. Firstly taking Stu to task on the mats before switching to me next. I got to give it to him as he had us both on the run. Outstanding evening yet again and a total blast.

21 Jan 14. Second meet of the New year but first opportunity to wrestle. Well he is bigger and firmer than 2013 and still growing. We attempted a less intense match again and this time we actually managed not to beat the hell out of each other. Was still a blast but with neither of us counting subs. Was awesome fun as always and love it every time. We have our second tag match next month all being good with every ones diaries.

17 Dec 13. Back from another trip and probably the last match of the season. For the latest in the series of battle we try for that old trick again of not getting carried away but failed once again. This was by far our best match yet and was stopped due to complete exhaustion rather than an outright winner. The mat was dripping with the sweat pouring from our bodies. Absolutely intense and hot with it. Awesome just bloody awesome

18 Nov 13. We promised ourselves that match 33 would be a little less intense and more of a practice session and light wrestle. Some how that all when out the window very quickly but I am not sure who started it (probably Jay. LOL). Have to say though I still loved it as always. The boy is becoming a man and a tough one at that. Every meet he is bigger, beefier and tougher, just not tough enough yet but my days are now numbered.

2 Nov 13. Took my Best Friend and wrestling bud to out first meet at Barnet. We had 3 or 4 great matches and as always then got intense as neither wants to tap too the other. My student has learnt well and pushed me to the end. Was also great watching him wrestler other and be able to adapt to different styles and abilities, maybe I have taught him a little too well as I fear I will soon be a victim to his skill and power. To finish the afternoons event we did a tag match against Ukrenegade and Britanicus. Awesome fun as always.

29 Oct 13. Having not had a serious 1on1 with jay for a month, we arrived and wanted to hit the mats straight away. Well, he didn't disappoint as the match became very intense and competitive very quickly. He was really on form and I was behind for most of the match. His strength and skill showing more than ever. Ultimately with the battle came a few knocks and bumps but unfortunately there was a winner at the 30th meet. Such a awesome guy to fight. Both now going to the Barnet meet this weekend to get into practise as a month away is too much. Awesome night as always

25 Oct 13. Introduced Jay to some buddies of mine. Fitted in straight away as I thought he would. As always he was a challenge and pushed me to the end. A fun night that didn't get too serious.

29 Sept 13. Just had my first wrestling weekend and tag match with Jay as my partner again Huge fan (steve) and Robert England. Awesome fun with a bunch of great guys. Jay is def no rookie any more as he kept Robert busy and working hard the whole time. Great time as always and an outstanding fun weekend. will def be doing this again..

22 Sept 13. So Birthday boy coming strutting into town another year older and full of confidence. 27 years old and our 27th Match he says and one thing is about to change. Whats that I say. This time I will be leaving the room champion. never turning down a challenge from the boy or should i say New Man, we went at it. OMG it was intense beyond belief. I have had some good and some great matches in my time but damn this one was awesome. It was so so close but the Man is still a boy!!

6 Sept 2013.I think this is now our 26th Match in 13 months which i suppose is quite a record. This time we had finished some filming earlier in the day but still had the energy to battle so for the first time Jay came to my Submission class. Awesome evening and really put him to the test with a class then 6x 5 minute matches with only 1 minute break between. Love having him come along as always i enjoyed my 1on1 time with this stud,

10 Aug 2013. A year since I first met Jay and boy what a year its been. Match 1 - I met a kid who at the door looked like a rabbit in my headlights, hits the mats and gave it his best. Now at Match 24 - The kid opens the door with confidence and now gives me a intense wrestle every single time. Amazing not only to see how his skill has develop with his BJJ class but also his body with his committed gym routine. I remember my very first match which was with Churd. Although i was 30lbs heavier than him, he had me in knots for a good couple of hours Had an awesome and was a great host but at the end of the day he gave me the confidence to meet others. I know this is probably the longest recommendation on here but I tells a great story of a rookies first year who now is probably one of my toughest opponents. Roll on our second anniversary and me probably telling about the kid kicking my ass. lol

29july, 2013. Had an evening with Jay at Bill's pad in hasting. Posted a couple of pictures from the battle. Awesome match and the boy put up a rave challenge yet again. Did some pro too for the first time with bill. Awesome evening and hot as always.

23 July 13. Was another spare of the moment matches as the kid was in my area and my previous match had cancelled again (and for the last time). So unprepared and no gear meant a strip out of my work suit and an undies match. Hot, sticky, sweaty in a room with crap air con we battled i out once more. I took from from behind and he didn't stand a chance. Awesome battle as always.

10 July 13. Stopped over in london with jay so we could go to grapple101. Was a great event and jay finally got me on the mats. Always tougher when there is a crowd watching but we still didn't give each other a rest bite. Gotta tell you though, the kid at put me through my paces at the hotel before 101 both wrestling and in the gym. Slept well that night lol

24 June 13. What a birthday treat i got today. Our 20th meet and the boy was treating me today. Not only did I get the chance to lock up again but amongst other things I had Sushi and RedBull waiting for me after the battle. So how was the match i hear you ask! Well, this is jay and you know its not gonna be a 20 mins roll around. I may just still hold the Champions belt but damn I hurt today. lol Intense, sweaty, fun and def one of my top meets ever.

5 June 13.. With most guy you can have 20 mins getting through the formalities and usual chitchat. With Jay it is different, he opened the door and I found a room ready to roll in. With out a word he started to strip to underwear. Both in our CK's with locked bodies and battled. Great fun as always and dripping with sweat when it finally all ended. I hurt today but its that hurt that makes you feel good if you know what I mean.

22 May 13. A spontaneous meet as I flow back into Gatwick and jay was working local. Not one to miss an opportunity or waste time we didn't even bother to go home and get some gear. Just booked a room, stripped to underwear and went at it for 3 long hours. I need say no more as you already know how awesome our battles have become. Top marks for the stud once again.

15 may 13. Monday night and i get a txt. hey pops, any chance you are free this wednesday. well son, today is your lucky day as my trip has been moved. We met at the usual place n wednesday. now i have been working hard cos i have Tough Mudder in 4 weeks but this guy just develops more and more everytime we meet. Even more strength but something new in him, a fire i cant say i have felt from any other match in a while. as jay says, this was our most intense match yet and i am loving every meet more and more. that ability to go from general chit chat to an intense battle to just something else is just awesome. I look forward to match 17 with total wonder for what I may face next. .

29 April 13. Opportunity knocked and why not take the chance. Jay and I both had last minute cancellations and rather than waste it we met for match 15. Only 19days and the kid is bulking up nicely however he brought with it a new kick ass attitude. Awesome evening together as always and with no doubt our most intense encounter yet. I may have maintained my winning streak but was my toughest match with him yet. can only say, F*****g OUTSTANDING.

10 Apr 2013. Jay had been telling over the phone about his new gym routine for chest and biceps but when i arrived for match 13 in the series i was greeted by the same serious i am gonna beat you look but in a new body. I new from that point on i was going to have to stay focussed (which i have to say Jay can sometimes be hard, very hard). Although we did some sub it was time to do a bit of pro too. As many of you know, backbreakers are a fav of mine and having him broken over my knee first then racked felt awesome. He serves a mean Camel clutch that showed no mercy for the old guy. lol. Another awesome awesome evening.

27 mar13. Another cold evening and i find myself faced with a cancelled match and my young buddy from kent online. Not being the guys to waste an opportunity we jump into our cars and rendezvous for match 12 in the series. As he opens the door the look of i want you this time is more obvious than ever before. eventually we hit the mats a battle begins. although i remained top man again for this match it was the closest yet, nevertheless it was still another great encounter. I serious recommend you challenge this guy, you will not be disappointed.

17 Mar 13. Match 12 was totally unplanned but found myself having to stay overnight at heathrow. A quick call out to my young opponent and he was over in no time. Well the friend drink and dinner at the hotel turned into an evening and morning battle. Just the perfect meet as always.

11 Mar 13. The boy never fails to impress me. Came to town for our 11th match in the series more determined, stronger and leaner from the last meet. An what an epic match it was as before the first submission had even happened we were already dripping with sweat and the adrenaline just pumping. Jay maintained a lead over me for sometime before the table turned again. The battle finished at 10 subs to me vs 5 to Jay. Just outstanding and our best battle so far. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

20 Feb 13. Match No 10. The kid was pumped and ready to rumble from the minute i walked in the door. Although I got the first sub quickly he came back with one then another. staying one ahead all the time but eventually it was turning in my favour again. Another win for me but was our best battle yet. Dripping with sweat and exhaustion it will be a meet I shall remember for a long long time. Outstanding guy.

23. Jan13. Match #9 in the survivor series and although I was still way ahead the kid came with more fight and determination than ever before. I was 2 subs down quite quickly and trying to adapt to his new skills. Fun as it was I ain't ready to lose to the kid yet and turned the table for another win. Tough fun hot and special as always. Outstanding attempt son but you know dad is still the beast. lol xx

8 Jan 13. i should really move this to a blog but for now i'll update you here. After ending record 2012 with 78 matches under my belt i actually started 2013 with my young friend and trainee Jay. the guy just get better and better everytime we meet. This he met with the intent of making me work for any sub. infact he gained more on my than ever before. got my 2013 off to an awesome start and yet more surprises. Just love the constant challenge.

10 Dec 12. WOW WOW WOW the kid gets cockier, Tougher and hotter with every match. Just outstanding in every way. Match 7 is already on the cards. 21 Nov 12. The opportunity came up, i was free so I jumped at the chance for a 5th match with Jay. Although I got a quick submission on the boy he came back quickly with an equaliser. Back and forth for hours or so until the big man reminded the kid who was boss lol. Just have a great connection with Jay. Love our meets from start to finish and seeing his improvement with every battle. His day will come but til then the beast will rule. Top guy and a MUST meet recommendation.

7 Nov 12. Becoming a standard monthly meet now and i have to admit i ain't complaining. Everytime we have met the matches have gotten better in every way. Jay's BJJ training is really showing now and I am having to work harder and harder each time. Another great match and epic climax. Just oustanding!!!

5 Oct 12. WOW this guy has been training hard since our last meet and his BJJ skills are showing. Everytime is getting better and better. I think he enjoyed making the old man work hard but he ain't beat me yet. Awesome guy both on and off the mats. Good job son.

5 Sept 12. Not often I get to meet a guy twice in a month but i was lucky i suppose. Met Jay again tonight and had a complete blast. This guy remembered what i had taught his last time the learnt some more. A great match, an awesome guy and a real friend. Me is thinking this is gonna be a regular meet until he finally beats the old guy. a must meet recommendation from me again. just loved it.

3 Aug 12. There is a new guy in town and he didn't disappoint. New to.wrestling but a quick learner. jay is a charming guy and fun to be with. If you get the opportunity to meet him then take it. Was a pleasure and I look forward to a rematch and seeing how he progresses. Top guy.


Mark uk is recommended by Gariktan

First guy I wrestled. Readily adapts to different experience levels. Very patient guy who's willing to show the ropes to a complete rookie. Super fun to wrestle, always make time for him whenever he's in town.


Gariktan is recommended by Mark uk

Have met garik on numerous occasions in Singapore and the USA. Awesome guy and a real feisty little guy to wrestle. Absolute top recommendation and I look forward to a 5th match with him in 2013. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by Egyptian

I met Mark during one of my visits to London
He is very strong.. i mean it and highly experianced wrestler.
I have learned a lot from him

Try to meet him anywhere


Egyptian is recommended by Mark uk

Had the pleasure to meet this guy on one of his trips to the UK. Great guy and a good strong wrestle. Catch up with him if your in his area.



slick is recommended by Mark uk

Had the opportunity to meet slick at his place in Salt Lake City. Put me through paces as a pro trainee in the ring. Had to say it was a total blast and an experience I will remember for a long time. A cool guy to hang with and an awesome teacher. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by toughwrestler

Mark is travelling a lot so you will have a chance to meet him once - he is a very good fighter and he totally beated me - strong and very skilled -contact him you will enjoy


toughwrestler is recommended by Mark uk

Hit the wrong button today and removed the original recommendation by mistake however although the match was a few years ago it is one I remember very well.
Met in Paris early one morning. Had an awesome submission match. Super nice guy and in great shape. Def up to meet again


Mark uk is recommended by Ayjay

Lovely fella. Obviously a great wrestler but happy to take it easy on a newbie like me and show me the ropes - looking forward to the next one


Ayjay is recommended by Mark uk

April 15. Had the privilege of being this boys first match. Great guy, keen to learn and fun to be around. Looking forward to many more sessions together.


Mark uk is recommended by Chris in seattle

Our match was a while ago and we've not been able to schedule another one but Mark has long since been on my good past opponent list. He was straight forward, honest and wrestled hard, I couldn't recommend him more.


Chris in seattle is recommended by Mark uk

Chris was one of my first matches when i got into wrestling again about 5 years ago. I still remember that match very well. He is experienced and a great guy. Made contact recently and already planning a return match. Maybe this time I'll have the upper hand. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by qwerasd

met Mark and it was great match, he was easy on me since he knew I don't have much experience on wrestling. He taught me some holds and basic. He is really nice man and looking forward to meet him again when develop my skills on ring


qwerasd is recommended by Mark uk

19 Mar 15. Met with Zaki in Jeddah this week. A rookie and his first meet but keen to learn the ropes. A very nice guy and learnt a few basic skills and submission holds. If your heading to Jeddah then look this guy up. Very honest about his ability but super keen to learn. Was a pleasure to meet him.


Mark uk is recommended by mewrestle

Had a pro match with Mark recently. Nice guy and we had a great time! He makes a great heel!


mewrestle is recommended by Mark uk

15 mar 15. Had a fun old school Brit pro match in Dubai today. Very nice guy and a lot of fun. Knows how to do pro and play the part well. If your in the region and love your pro then look this guy up.


Mark uk is recommended by wrestlerlutteur

I met Mark UK a few years ago.
He was very friendly and manly. Our fight was a lot of fun, as competitive bouts alternated with more relaxed sessions.
I keep very good memories of our encounter and would meet him again without any hesitation.


wrestlerlutteur is recommended by Mark uk

we met in Paris and i have to say was a great match. tough guy and great scissors. hope to meet him again someday soon.


Mark uk is recommended by leofighters

The second meeting with Mark in Feb 15 .Always safe and sane .We had many good and intense rounds n he knows how to stop off his opponent. Really enjoyable .Can't wait for our next bout. LOL......

Mark is a great guy. Strong, safe wrestler with some good moves. we had a great submission match! Cool dude .
Definitely recommend the guy!
Thanks for a great work out and good time!


leofighters is recommended by Mark uk

Feb 15. Had my second meet with Leo. I enjoyed the first but he has learnt a lot since then and was putting some good strong technique into practice. A charming guy and a lot of fun. Looking forward already to further matches with this young buck.

Oct 14. I had the opportunity to finally meet up with young Leo. Firstly, he maybe small but he is fast and strong. Had a great sub match and enjoyed his company immensely. Looking forward to giving him some more tuition and meeting again. Def much meet for me again.


Mark uk is recommended by kreduk

mark is always a fun guy to wrestle in pro. well experienced and strong skillful wrestler


kreduk is recommended by Mark uk

Dylan and I gave had several matches now. Always fun but tough with it. Great body and real nice guy. Top recommendation


Mark uk is recommended by daniellibra1986

Is good that finally get to meet Mark after so many near miss in the past, we have a very control and technical roll, Mark is very safe and control in despite the size and strength his posses, and my god, Mark can put a damn good scissor but atleast I didnt submit! And this strong OX are not just muscles but also good in Cardio are decent as well we on the mats for ages without stop in between.

Overall rolling with Mark is very safe and also a good work session as well and cant wait to meet the gentle giant again!


daniellibra1986 is recommended by Mark uk

12 Jan 14. Enroute to London Heathrow I stopped off to meet Daniel at a mates place. Firstly, this guy was more than i expected and didn't disappoint. His trained showed as we rolled back and forth with the determination on his face that he was going to get at least 1 submission, However, that didn't happen. Daniel is a gentle soft spoken guy that knows his stuff. Was an absolute pleasure to finally meet him and i look forward to another match. Top recommendation.



Xaos is recommended by Mark uk

Met chris a while back but still remember the match so well. Firstly he is a very fit and powerful guy yet charming to hang with both before and after the match.
As a wrestler he is awesome. Knows his stuff yet is fast, fun, safe and sane. Top guy and hope to see him back on the mats very soon.


Mark uk is recommended by leanmuscles

A pleasure to meet with Mark again. He wrestles to my level (despite the size difference) but at the same time brings out my competitive instincts.


leanmuscles is recommended by Mark uk

Dec 14. Had my second meet with Dave recently. Real gentlemen and great host. Had a blast of a wrestle again. I may be much bigger but he put up a great challenge with the use of some great arm bars. Looking forward to match number 3.
Match 1Finally hooked up with Dave after chatting on and off for way too long. Great guy and good wrestler. Will plan a remath for certain.


Mark uk is recommended by garrietate

Mark is a great guy, reliable, sane and very skilled. We had a tough close match. Highly recommended.


garrietate is recommended by Mark uk

Met Garrie a couple of years back but still remember the match well. Great wrestler and strings. On the mats he a fighter and off the mats he is a gent. Had a great time and hope to meet again in the future. Top guy


Mark uk is recommended by dazzlo

I had a great experience wrestling this muscle-bound heel. Mark is strong, skilled and really knows how to work those holds! It was one of my favourite matches, and I recommend him for anyone who likes a tough, hot, fun match. And a nice guy to top it off! A+


dazzlo is recommended by Mark uk

Had our first meet in sydney last year. Great fun to wrestle with and real nice guy to hang out with. Looking forward to our second match now he's on my turf. A top recommendation. mark


Mark uk is recommended by BY85

Great guy. Had a very good match with Mark. He was very cool with me still being a new guy and a beginner. Hope I can lock up with him again soon.


BY85 is recommended by Mark uk

30 Nov 14. There is a new kid on the block in Orlando and he is a blast. My first match back after my operation and this new young stud wanted to take me on. Real nice guy and clicked straight away. New to wrestling but he is learning quickly. Safe sane and a lot of fun. Looking forward to further encounters. Top Guy.


Mark uk is recommended by wrestleinsocks

Mark_UK and I have wrestled a couple of times when he was in Chicago. He is a lot of fun on the mats and a great guy off the mats. If he is in your area and you have a chance to meet you will not be disappointed.


wrestleinsocks is recommended by Mark uk

Met on 3 occasions in Chicago. Very good wrestler with plenty of skill and power. Off the mats he's a superb nice guy who's very easy to get along with. Top guy and top recommendation if your in his area.



browrest is recommended by Mark uk

Great guy and good wrestler. In awesome shape with very good stamina. Was a pleasure to meet him and hope I gert that chance again some day


Mark uk is recommended by SeattleFight

At long last met up with this Brit Beefalo. Great wrestler, strong and fun on the mats. And a great bloke too ;- I suspect there will be many more matches to come as we sort it out between us.


SeattleFight is recommended by Mark uk

26 sept 14. Finally got to lock up with seattlefight and have to say I loved it. Firstly I have to point out that this guy has a rock hard body pumped biceps. A strong fella an a lot of fun. A truly great meet and all round nice guy. Looking forward to meeting again and your in the area he is def a Do Not Miss guy.


Mark uk is recommended by buck214

What can I say that has not already been said? There is a reason Mark is the #1 recommended fighter. Great guy. Goes at your pace. Very safe. Lots of fun. I highly recommend!


buck214 is recommended by Mark uk

20 sept 14. Met Buck today at his place in Dallas. Just some light submission wrestling with body strikes. Well this guy can take a pounding but cab also deliver it. Had a great time with a very friendly guy. Great job and hope to meet again.


Mark uk is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

Had a great match with Mark_uk. He is incredibly strong and really knows his moves and holds. He is also respectful of limits and a genuinely nice guy (until he has you locked up and begging for I would recommend him to anyone and would gladly wrestle him again. Bring it on, mate!


HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by Mark uk

18 Sept 14. Today I had the pleasure of a safe and sane roll with this guy. A big fella and for 65 he has awesome stamina. We wrestled none stop for over an hour before I had to get back to work. Fantastic guy and great to chat with. If I am back in the area I will meet again.


Mark uk is recommended by sub-aqua

(13/9/14) Met Mark again today in Barnet. Felt like I did better but he was definitely dumbing himself down to my level! Still a brill match though - almost 3hrs!

(10/5/14) Finally got down to meeting Mark at Pippa's yesterday. Had an even match there, and again at his hotel afterwards, with the scales tipped a tad more on his side.

Had a very enjoyable match(es) overall, very tough and technical, and likes keeping the upper hand. Off the mats, he's very down to earth - had a good time.

Certainly up for regular meets. Definite recommendation - well worth meeting.


sub-aqua is recommended by Mark uk

13 Sept 14. Had the pleasure of meeting Dan again now he has before a southern boy. We wrestled at Barnet non stop for over 3 hours without even thinking about a break. He's a nimble, flexible guy thats keen to learn. Don't be fooled thinking he's just a rookie. This guy is learning fast and made me work for every sub. Totally enjoyed the morning and looking forward to many more matches. 10/10

10 May 14. Dan and I had tried to meet before without success due to our schedules but today it was all perfect.
Our first battle was at Pippa's during John meet 8. Dan is a great wrestler, happy to accept tips and learns quickly. Thoroughly enjoyed our match.
After the meet Dan joined me at my hotel for more wrestling even though we were both hurting from the day.
Dinner after gave me time to know Dan even better. A charming lad and enjoyed his company as much as I did wrestling him.
Looking forward to meeting him again and again. Really great guy. 10/10



novice is not recommended by Mark uk

  • Unreliable / no show


Mark uk is recommended by nwgamuscle

Second meeting with the big masculine Brit was just as awesome as the first. Always up for a good wrestling match, any style. Great guys as well and I enjoy hanging out afterwards over a drink as much as the wrestling.

Finally met and wrestled Mark. I was not disappointed. He is a true grappler and a gentle man. Tough on the mats and a great guy off. I look forward to meeting him again and giving him the beating he deserves!


nwgamuscle is recommended by Mark uk

4 Aug 14. It's a hot steaming day in Atlanta and I get the opportunity to meet the big man a second time. Even though I have a slight height advantage, Bruce has the weight. He's a solid piece of US prime beef. As I expected we had a hard but fun battle. Bruce is strong and lifts me like a toy yet always safe and sane. He knows his stuff on the mats too. After the war was over we retreated to a local pub for food and beer. Had a total blast and would recommend his to anyone regardless of size. Absolute top recommendation.

2 Feb 14. I had spoken to Bruce a few times over the last couple of years but today finally got back to Atlanta and had the pleasure of hitting the mats. Well he didn't disappoint in the slightest. The Yankee boy did good against the British empires return to take charge, lol. Awesome guy, awesome match and a great evening out chatting after. Sincerely hope I get the chance to meet and wrestle the guy many more times.


Mark uk is recommended by bristolskin68

Met markuk 30th july2014 with jay219, and musclneck, at bills fantastic gym , mark is an extremely fantastic guy to wrestle , he certainly knows his sport , he took me to a new level with the submission wrestling but what a level, it was fast furious and action packed, Im very inexperienced up to marks level but hey i learnt alot, and i would meet again , highly recommended ,


bristolskin68 is recommended by Mark uk

30 July 14 met Ben at Bill in Hastings along with jay219 and muscleneck (Bill)
Ben is a real nice guy and tough wrestle. We all switch in and out and although he was the inexperienced guy in the bunch he def put up a great fight. Off the mats he's very chatty and easy to get on with.


Mark uk is recommended by fightwell

I've only been putting off writing a recommendation for Mark as I am terrible a writing them! What can I say, he introduced me into the wrestling world back when I was nervous and unsure of myself. I have met him several times and he is a all round good guy who is definitely into the sport for the fun of it and will respect whatever limits you may have. He definitely wrestles for enjoyment and definitely likes to make a bout last, even if he is winning.


fightwell is recommended by Mark uk

Have wrestled Adrian several times now and gets better and better everytime we meet. Met for a 3 way last week and have a 1on1 match this week, can't wait. Definently a absolute must as a recommendation from me. mark


Mark uk is recommended by InkedRican

Met Mark in San Francisco, USA. He is a big strong guy. Had a blast wrestling with him. Would gladly welcome another wrestling session with this classy strong man. If you ever get a chance to wrestle him, just do it.


InkedRican is recommended by Mark uk

Wrestling Raphael in San Fran a year or so back. He is one feisty and fast wrestler. Had a great match and hope to get the opportunity to catch up again real soon. 10/10 top guy on and off the mats


Mark uk is recommended by Mister80

Finally get to meet this guy after a long time. Worth the wait and one of my most enjoyable. Great give and take, even though he was easy on me. Great time. ;)


Mister80 is recommended by Mark uk

14 July14. This guy has been so patient in waiting to meet inbetween all my travelling. I have to say I was not disappointed. Very cool guy and great wrestler. Over a beer he is charming and very easy to get on with. A must meet in my book and I hope I get that chance again.


Mark uk is recommended by Wrester1

Great time wrestling Mark...skilled and fun guy.


Wrester1 is recommended by Mark uk

We hit the mats in Manhattan a while ago. Glad he's in the uk as I get the chance of a second meet. Very cool guy and great wrestler. Bring on match 2.



frprowrestling is recommended by Mark uk

A have wrestled a couple of times and always a great match. Def up for more matches with this guy when I am back in paris


Mark uk is recommended by little Tony

Finally met up with Mark - and what a great experience - he's an amazing wrestler. Took it down to my level (very much appreciated) and had a great give n take session. Alot of fun had and hope to get the chance to meet again :)


little Tony is recommended by Mark uk

July 14. Finally got the opportunity to meet up with Tony. A small guy but feisty and.a huge amount of fun. We mixed up some give and take sub. Really enjoyed the meet a look forward to more in the future.


Mark uk is recommended by mr marcus

Love wrestling Mark. It's true we first met during his rookie era but he has way surpassed me in skill, experience and gona up a couple of weight classes (all solid muscle!). But look forward to our enjoyable clashes!


mr marcus is recommended by Mark uk

Marcus and I have met on several occasions and very match has been fun. From my first days as a rookie to today I have love our meets. A sweet guy and a great wrestler. A must meet in my book.


Mark uk is recommended by jobberboy99

Great heel, strong as an ox, and a great guy off the mats. Very good at modifying up or down intensity to make it fun for both. Top guy to meet for any wrestler.


jobberboy99 is recommended by Mark uk

6 Mar 14. Well, there are some guys that are jobbers and there are some guys that like to job but if they choose could be great heels. Today I met that guy. Probably one of the strongest jobbers I have faced and made me work for every sub. Great guy on and off the mats and def a guy I will rematch. Top guy and top recommendation.



maucast is recommended by Mark uk

20 May 14. WOW this guy is better in the flesh than his profile shows. Ripped abs, a handsome chiseled face and was mad to wear Aussiebum trunks. We hit it off straight away before hitting the mats. Did a give and take pro match. Super cool guy and a lot of fun. Def up for a return match when i head back to Mexico City. Top recommendation.



JackintheRing is recommended by Mark uk

10 May 14. This was actually my second encounter at pippa's with Jack. Firstly, I have to say this guy is bloody strong and in great shape. We had a great match both times and i wouldn't hesitate for a 3rd anytime. Real nice guy to chat too as well. Highly recommendated.


Mark uk is recommended by BRITANNICUS

02:11:13 I had the pleasure of meeting Mark at a Barnet group meet for the first but hopefully not the last time. Mark really doesn't need any more recommendations, least of all from me. If you are an experienced UK wrestler you'll probably already be familiar with Mark but if you are new to the site or inexperienced don't let his formidable appearance and experience deter you from wrestling this guy. Like all the very best wrestlers he can (and does) modify his style and intensity to give you a break. Five star recommendation from me and a wrestler not to be missed, whatever your level of experience.


BRITANNICUS is recommended by Mark uk

10 May 14.Had my second match with Nick at pippa's on Saturday. Always a great wrestle and enjoyed the session with him yet again. Charming guy of the mats too. Looking forward to match 3.

2 Nov 13. Met Nick for the first time at the barnet meet. Real nice guy and good wrestler. Yeah I had size on him but he made me work hard for any type of submission. Looking forward to the next time.


Mark uk is recommended by Mike1122

10/05/2014 had the pleasure of meeting Mark again at one of the organised meets up in Manchester. It's always a pleasure and a good learning curve to wrestle this guy. Just goes to show that skill and technique will always get the better of brute strength. Mark definitely has plenty of skill, technique and strength. He has no hesitation about passing on his skills to others. Really friendly guy and has one of those personalities that brightens any occasion. Can't wait for our next bout.

10/11/2012 Had an excellent bout with Mark. Very skilled wrestler, got the better of me no problem. Nice personality and really down to earth. Hope to meet up with him again very soon.


Mike1122 is recommended by Mark uk

10 may 14. This was in fact my third meet with mike and I was lucky to have him first on my card for the meet at pippa. Still at strong as hell and a fun friendly guy. Off the mats we get on like a house on fire. Easy going guy and a good recommendation. Thanks mike

10 nov 12. Met mike for the first time and had a great match. Real powerlifter build and strength to go with it. nice guy and def worth a meet. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by MMTwister

It was a long time coming but was a pleasure hitting the mats with Mark! A great guy on and off the mats. A very strong wrestler who takes into account his size and wrestles accordingly, it was a great match, very enjoyable! Thank you mate! Highly recommended.


MMTwister is recommended by Mark uk

10 May 14. Matt and I had chatted a few times and i finally got the opportunity to hit the mats with him in Manchester at John's meet 8 I knew he could wrestle but was unsure how he would handle the big weight difference.
Well, I can't say i was surprised about his skill but i was on how much this guy had me defending myself. Not only is he lightening fast but has a hidden strength. All this coupled with a great body, good looks and a charming manner if mad for an epic battle.
We wrestle for 40mins solid and with the adrenaline running i think we could both had just carried on.
Really loved and hope to get lots more opportunities to battle with him.
Can't recommend high enough so if the opportunity comes, don't be a fool. Take it!!


Mark uk is recommended by hedloker uk

What a great guy to roll with. Despite the difference in size he made sure it was a lot of fun, and the way he wrestled meant that I had no idea just how much of a difference there was until afterwards! Hugely enjoyable. Thanks Mark


hedloker uk is recommended by Mark uk

9 may 14. Had the opportunity to roll with he'd locker uk after missing out last time I was at a john's meet. A fun guy and great wrestler that had no problem taking on a bigger guy.


Mark uk is recommended by ImtiazAli

Oh! I finally got to meet Mark_uk on Friday 9th May 2014, after about nearly 10 months of contact.

I walked into the lair of the beast, and found out it was the wrong Hilton hotel! I got to DoubleTree by Hilton and met him outside then.

A real charming guy, on and off the mattress. Extremely strong, and skillful wrestler, who enjoy dominating in a friendly manner. A very good solid build and knows how to use it. We wrestled for 1 hour and a half. I had a lot of fun and a good workout. Thanks for the meal and cannot wait for round two at The Wrestling Factory.


ImtiazAli is recommended by Mark uk

9 May 14. So my expectation was that this thin kid was abs of steel was gonna be a scrappy fighter. He stood opposite me at 10st and not an ounce of fear on his face.
Now I had spoken to Imran a lot over the last 10months and already liked his attitude but at 20yo he also came with some of the best recommendation on meetfighters. I was going to be fun.
We locked up for a good 1.5 hours and him making work had for ever tap (and I didn't get many). He is a very focussed fighter and working to counter each other was just awesome.
So did he get me to tap. YES and I have to say it was an excellent move of lightening speed.
It's now Saturday morning and I am already excited about meeting him again at pippa's for John meet #8.
I can't recommend Imran enough. If your looking for a gentle roll then he is not your guy. If you want to wrestle and trust me it don't matter how big you are this kid is gonna make you work hard.
Just outstanding


Mark uk is recommended by jake325

I was Mark's third match the day we met, although anybody watching would swear it was my third and his first. He's a big guy with a great body and a very generous opponent. Cool dude off the mats too-very interesting. Would certainly recommend him as either jobber or heel. Hope to meet again when I'm more experienced and markedly fitter!


jake325 is recommended by Mark uk

30 April 14. Third match of the day and I was still hurting from the first two. However, had the pleasure to meet will for a pro match. Great host and all round nice guy although he is a mean heel on the mats.


Mark uk is recommended by brazilwrestler86

Wow! Great fighter great match and a gentkan! We had a great sweaty competitive match! He won but it sure was a combat! Looking forward tower you withore te and in a decent wrestling space! Surly reccomend him to all!


brazilwrestler86 is recommended by Mark uk

30 April 14. The Brazilian boy came to town and met his match. Ricardo is a big strong and skilled wrestler. Put the old dog through his paces but in the end England scored the victory. So glad I had the opportunity to meet Ricardo, other than a great wrestler he is charming, Funny and a pleasure to spend time and a drink with. I look forward to his return to the UK. Let's hope we get the same result in the World Cup in Rio. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by DenverWrestler

There is really little I can add to the many excellent recommendations for Mark. He is a true gentlemen, as reliable as the day is long, and a strong solid tough opponent. I'm just unlucky that his work no longer brings him to Denver! But if he comes to your home town, do whatever it takes to get on his schedule!


DenverWrestler is recommended by Mark uk

Had the opportunity to be hosted by Alan in denver a while back and have met at the eagle in London on wrestle nights a couple of times. Real nice guy and great wrestler. Very fit and has awesome stamina.


Mark uk is recommended by HARU

It was a great fight. He was cool, greater tough, and gently, wrestling skill was amazing too. I hope rematch and have great time with him.


HARU is recommended by Mark uk

9 Apr 14.Back in Tokyo and had another chance to meet Haru. Well he didn't disappoint me the second time either. Really nice guy, Fun to wrestle and also punctual. Another 10/10

4Dec 13. Got a message from Haru on my last day in tokyo and wanted to hook up. Never being a guy to turn down a match if I can do it so I agreed. The guy is young, fit and handsome. We had an awesome back and forth match. Loved meeting him and breaking him in to the world of wrestling. Def look up if your in town. Can't wait for the rematch already.


Mark uk is recommended by Orlandoscissors

Great guy and awesome wrestler, had a blast, tried to submit him but he's got the skill and power to own his opponent, can't wait for the next match!!!


Orlandoscissors is recommended by Mark uk

1 April 14. Had the opportunity to lock up with the Orlando scissor man again. Other great battle and a lot of fun. Really enjoyed the match and catching up. Looking forward to hooking up again.
April 12
Met this guy in Orlando in 2012. Great guy to wrestle and have great scissors. Be careful guys he will trap you lol. Good guy and good recommendation from me


Mark uk is recommended by SammyUSA

Mark was nice and reliable; it was pretty easy to set it up. Despite the size differential and being dominated the whole time, I did get my "gotcha" moment. It was a lot of fun.


SammyUSA is recommended by Mark uk

8 March 14. After missing Sam in LOndon last year we finally caught up in DC. Very nice guy and a lot of fun to wrestle around wish. Takes a lot of punishment but watch for his head scissor too. lol. Great guy and look forward to another meet.


Mark uk is recommended by Roughmatch

Mark UK is a tough aggressive opponent well worth meeting. We've tangled a number of times and he is very strong and skilled. Plan to wrestle stripped to the waist because he will make you sweat. Good workout, good times, highly recommended.


Roughmatch is recommended by Mark uk

Met rough match a few times in Seattle. Great guy and tough as nails yet safe and sane. If your in the area I would def recommend you look him up.


Mark uk is recommended by zz9zza

It seems redundant to add another recommendation to this profile, but I really enjoyed this match. He's a tough, strong and competitive opponent, and we had an excellent session.


zz9zza is recommended by Mark uk

28 March 14. After having spoken sometime last year when he was planning his trip I finally had the privilege to lock up with zz9zzat at Bill's in hastings. zz9zza has now become The Sydney Skull Crusher in my book. He's a big guy with great skill and agility. We locked up for 2.5hours and had a blast. I have to say, I met my match and a bit more but loved every minute. Off the mat he's a great guy and real easy to get on with. 10/10 from me and sincerely hope i get the opportunity again.


Mark uk is recommended by treetop

I had a great time wrestling Mark. He's very skilled, but was cool enough to teach me a couple of things. He's got a lot of strength, especially in his core. He's great to talk to and was a gracious host. I definitely recommend.


treetop is recommended by Mark uk

7 March 14. previously recommendations warn of his scissors and trust me they are all true. So to start this guy is truly great company, easy to get on with and a great little wrestler. We did Sub with a mix of str8 fighting and some tuition. Boy he learns quick and i had to stay on my guard. Just had an awesome evening and so glad i had the opportunity to meet him. A truly great recommendation from me guys. If your coming to the DC then don't miss your chance. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by mattderris

Mark is simply one of the best guys on these sites hes nice guy really strong and an awesome wrestler. If you get a chance to meet up with him take it .


mattderris is recommended by Mark uk

6 Mar 14. Met matt this afternoon. Firstly, his pix do not do the real thing any justice. Is in good shape and great stamina. Quiet at first in the car but soon opened up and was chatted before becoming a little more confident on the mats. Great guy and so please I finally met him. If your coming to DC the make sure you look him up.


Mark uk is recommended by dfwguy77

Just read (and believe) every one of his recommendations. This guy is a beast while wrestling – extremely skilled and a lot of fun. Highly recommend – it’s no wonder why he’s the top rated guy on here.


dfwguy77 is recommended by Mark uk

3 Mar 14. What a charming guy. Got the opportunity to hook up on my first day in Dallas. Real easy to get on with and feel comfortable with straight away. A strong guy and did his best to pin me down. Def worth a meet.


Mark uk is recommended by growin dude

**Updated - Feb 2014

REMATCH woohoo with the big man! Had a great time with Mark, real easy going. His experience makes it fun to do the power moves for pro, but switch it up and he'll show you who's the boss in a submission. Looking forward to our next big rematch!

Good fun on the mat! Very accommodating towards my n00b skills, yet didn't fail to bring on some sheer power to take the match up to the next notch. Definitely going to meet the next round!

Round 2 :
Woohoo ! Pretty sure the big fella was going easy on me! Had a good grapple and loads more fun with pro moves! Even got an opp to Powerslam 200lbs of british BEEF! Though get this straight , this man ain't no jobber!


growin dude is recommended by Mark uk

9 Feb 14. Our forth meeting and just as awesome as always. Tough little powerhouse was slamming and racking me with ease. Always a favourite of mine both on and off the mats. For you US guys, pete will be heading to the east coast ( Boston, NYC and DC ) later this year. If your wise then you will get your request in early. AWESOME guy !!!!


Mark uk is recommended by lanefour66

Great fellow and had a pleasure!
Would meet up again.


lanefour66 is recommended by Mark uk

2 Feb 14. Had a great match in Atlanta. Nice guy and good fun.


Mark uk is recommended by fitspeedo

Add me to the list of fans of Mark UK. A great match with the three of us. Good mix of pro and sub. Mark is strong and I ended up across his shoulders a few times. He's a talented wrestler. Def will meet up with him again. Maybe a 2 on 2 with one of his Brit side kicks.


fitspeedo is recommended by Mark uk

9 Feb 14. Singapore and first meet of the day. I have to say right now that Chuck and Carlos are to nicest hosts you could hope to meet. I would describe this match as almost a 2vs1 tag match. Both great wrestler and fun with a mix of sub and pro. A def 10 out of 10 for these guys. Will def be staying in touch for a return bout. X



Stuart7638 is recommended by Mark uk

Met Stuart in Dallas. Good friend and a blast to wrestle. If your in the area the look him up.


Mark uk is recommended by beatdowntime

fun. strong. good guy, He's a big boy!


beatdowntime is recommended by Mark uk

Damn he is tall and in great shape. Great wrestler, strong as hell but the nicest guy. Rematch has to be on the cards.


Mark uk is recommended by Wrestlecub

Loved every minute of my pro match with Mark! He is even bigger and stronger than he looks in his pics and plays the part of the mean heel perfectly! He takes punishment almost as well as he dishes it out too. Off the mats Mark is a lovely guy, very friendly and easy to get along with. Can't wait for the rematch!


Wrestlecub is recommended by Mark uk

22 Jan 14. Its not often you can say wow but WOW what a guy. Met Nick last night at Stockwell and had an awesome Pro match. He is tough and can take as much punishment as he can give. Can also say one of the rare guys that can Torture rack me easily. A real power house of a guy yet charming to sit and chat too. Really can't wait for another encounter.



Lightweight21 is recommended by Mark uk

Met back a year or so ago in Seattle. Awesome guy and very accommodating. Did a mix of sub and pro erotic. Loved it and would meet again any time. 10/10



asianwrestlersf is recommended by Mark uk

Had a match back in a while back and still remember it very well. Very nice guy, friendly and accommodating. As a wrestler, well we had a blast and i would do it all again. If your in the San Fran area then please look him up.


Mark uk is recommended by Superfly

What can I say... This guy was a joy to wrestle, plenty of subs, sweat and fighting for dominance. In terms of the latter, he won that battle and in terms of the former, he won that battle too.. Lol. This wrestler, has great experience and it showed, he was fast, agile and strong (I thought I was)..However, a safe and sane match which was easy to arrange, he was reliable and very easy to get on with. Very much recommended and I would def meet again. Waiting for round two!


Superfly is recommended by Mark uk

9 Jan 14. It truly was my pleasure to finally meet Rob on the mats. How would I describe him. Well its like you have known him forever even though this is your first meet. A gentlemen, great wrestler and very strong, knows his stuff and is very safe. In fab shape and has a wicked sense of humour. Was an awesome match and the sweat was pouring from both of us as we battled for each submission. An absolute top guy and a must meet again very soon. Outstanding!!!


Mark uk is recommended by FlDean2012

Mark was fun to wrestle and I am looking forward to wrestling him again. He can wrestle at your speed, so go have a good time and enjoy your match. Dean


FlDean2012 is recommended by Mark uk

Met Dean last in 2010 at wrestlefest in NYC. A crazy weekend trying to schedule everyones matches but we made it happen.Is in great shape and a real nice guy. A good recommendation.


Mark uk is recommended by buchi

It was the first time for wrestling with not Japanese. His attack was very powerful. I felt it is far beyond my power to defeat him. But I want to retry to wrestle with him again. In the time, I want defeat him at wrestling and erotic...


buchi is recommended by Mark uk

1st Dec 13. My third meet with my young friend in Tokyo and yet again it was a blast. Not only is he a great wrestler and a lot of fun but he is also a charming handsome young fella. Top guy and always at the top of my list in Japan.

1st feb 13. Had the chance to meet buchi for the second time in tokyo and again i wasn't disappointed, great young guy and a lot of fun. he runs in duracell batteries and just keep coming back. a 10 out of 10 again. cheers fella. Met Buchi on 5 Oct in tokyo. Wasn't really sure at first it was gonna happen but the kid never let me down. He arrived bang on time and full of enthusiasm. we wrestled back and forth for a good couple of hours and his energy never stopped. If your going to the Tokyo area give him a shout. A great match and def a good recommendation. Will def meet again when I return later this year.


Mark uk is recommended by CRedfield

This guy is an absolute gentleman and one hell of a wrestler. Would highly recommend this stud to anyone.


CRedfield is recommended by Mark uk

although we met a few years back I remember this match like it was yesterday. I got a message from this kid that wanted to meet and was willing to drive 4 hours to meet me. I have to say I was not disappointed one little bit. This guy is a tough Fukker that can wrestle and has outstanding stamina. We wrestled for hours as I battled against his speed and agility. Would love to meet him again although we do still stay in touch. If you get the chance then go for it. Outstanding recommendation



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Mark uk

I didn't realize that I had never given the guy that introduced me to Submission wrestling a recommendation, so for which I apologize now. I wrestled at John's place. He has a great set up, it was like having your own private lesson. showing me holds and the wrestling and putting them into practice. The guy is patient, skilled and well worth the meet. Been around 7 years and a lot more matches have passed. I have to wonder how I would fair now against him. Top guy.


Mark uk is recommended by SPWrestler

Always great to meet up and wrestle with Mark. Very strong, skilled guy. Def a man to meet if you can. Great to meet up with Mark. Had a great wrestle. He's a great guy, very strong and skilled wrestled. Definitely recommend him.


SPWrestler is recommended by Mark uk

16 Nov 13. Last minute meet and as always he never disappoints. One of the best around to fight and just a perfect host. Loved it again and look forward to the next already. Outstanding...

6 Oct 12. My 3rd meet with Gary today and yet again it was hot, sweaty and outstanding. Always a must on anyones London roster. 16 July. Just another awesome meet. 31 Jan. Was in the area and took my chance that Gary and I could meet. Was my lucky day and we finally fit the mats. Great wrestle and matched each other well. Great body and strong guy. Looking forward to a rematch very soon. mark


Mark uk is recommended by UKrenegade

It was excellent to meet up with Mark at a Barnet group. Mark is a great wrestler and a really sociable bloke. We did some rounds of 1:1 and also a really entertaining tag which included Jay 219 and Britannicus. Very much looking forward to meeting for more.


UKrenegade is recommended by Mark uk

2 Nov 13. Had my first group meet with the renegade. Very nice guy and great wrestler. Managed to lock up twice 1on1 and then in a tag match. Ukrenegade/ britannicus vs Mark_uk / Jay219. Awesome fun and looking forward to more encounters. Top guy(s).


Mark uk is recommended by subwrestling

Met Mark a few moons ago. plz refer to other recommendations with respect to wrestling. I have to mention his great personality; back then I was a bit nervous about meeting for wrestling, but he made me feel comfortable. Great man to meet.


subwrestling is recommended by Mark uk

Had two awesome matches with this guy in Beijing. Outstanding guy and great wrestler. If you ever get the chance then make sure this guy is on your must meet list. Real top guy. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by matworker

02 Nov 2013 - Had a great match with Mark at the Grapevine Event in High Barnet. The big guy is fun to wrestle, being safe and sane for a small guy like me. I look forward to the next time :-)


matworker is recommended by Mark uk

2 Nov 13. Met David at the meet he organised at Barnet. A fun guy with a deadly headlock. great job Dave. thanks


Mark uk is recommended by hugefan

Having spoken to Mark about having a meet it was a stroke of luck then when he happened to be in the same neck of the woods as me and I had the pleasure of having a tag team match with Mark & Jay vs myself and Robert England. Having spent the morning being coached (aka battered) by Robert and only succeeding in getting some revenge by tormenting his nipples I did wonder how I could deal with Mark without having that option open. As it turned out Mark was very much a gent and took it easy with me. Great strong guy, fab body, charming and careful with someone who does not know their arse from their elbow. I t certainly was a case of 'Who is the Weakest Link' but rather than saying goodbye to me Mark and Jay both lowered their level for me and I had great fun watching the other three doing the proper stuff. Hope I get the chance to wrestle Mark again, I will keep practicing.


hugefan is recommended by Mark uk

29 Sept 13. Jay219 and I made a trip up north and get the chance to squeeze in a tag match with Steve and Robert England. Steve is a great guy and far strong than he looks. had fun with the guys and would def do it again. a top guy


Mark uk is recommended by wolfman

Meet Mark last night for the first time. A really lovely guy, very skilled and knowledgeable with no attitude. Hard match, great fun, great guy. Would like to meet again.


wolfman is recommended by Mark uk

25 sept 13. Met Tom at his place tonight and Put his new mats to good use. A big guy and fun. Had a great match and he never gave up fighting back. Had a great time and look forward to another meet.


Mark uk is recommended by flipkick07

Long time coming but finally made it with some gentle pushing last minute. Glad you pushed. Only managed an hour due to other commitments but can confirm as those before me, really lovely guy, strong, determined, skilled, knowledgeable and f***ing hard work. Really enjoyable hour though and would definitely recommend for a meet., but clearly everyone already knows this...
Thank you


flipkick07 is recommended by Mark uk

20 Sept 13. Been chatting with Giles on and off for over a year but although close in location work and life always made it difficult to meet. Today it happened and like Giles say, it was an hour but I have to say it was f**king awesome. He is a very cool guy, great host, great set-up (I'm very jealous) and most of all a tough, strong fighter. Had an absolute ball and really look forward to being on the mats again. Top recommendation all round.


Mark uk is recommended by readyforit

Met Mark uk almost a year after we contacted each other and I must say the long wait was well worth it. A hunky, sexy, knowledgeable wrestler, mindful of our weight difference, generously attuned to his opponent's needs he made sure the bout was brilliant for us both. He can slam me into the mats again and again anytime he desires.


readyforit is recommended by Mark uk

4 Sept 13. tonight I got the opportunity to meet this lovely Frenchman. In great shape and superb stamina he came at me time and time again. A real pleasure on and off the mats and def a guy i plan to meet again. 10/10 in my book.


Mark uk is recommended by bearany

Mark has been on my list for a long time and we finally got the chance to meet for an excellent tough pro match. He looks exactly like his pics..ok, maybe a little better. A strong man, able to scoop pick me up with no problem. He is a gentleman on and off the mats. Fantastic time.


bearany is recommended by Mark uk

14 Aug 13. Tom and I have been chatting on and off for a couple of years as i became a regular to Orlando but unfortunately rarely getting to West Palm Beach. Today that opportunity came as i was in Miami on business and went to WPB to meet a friend.
Can't say enough about this guy. Yes he is as big as he looks and in awesome shape. Hosted me at his house and had an awesome pro match. A great back and forth match. Tough guy, fantastic host and now a great friend. If you get the chance i recommend him whole heartedly. love it !!


Mark uk is recommended by dadwrestle

Its quite hard to find the superlatives to use to describe this wrestler! We have waited quite some time before we have been able to fix a meet. Mark was reliable, safe and sane. But that's only the start. He is skilled, strong and great fun to wrestle. He adjusts to your level to make the bout enjoyable for both. He looks great in gear, and the pics do not lie! he has a hard, muscled wrestlers physique. All in all one of the best encounters I have ever had!! Thank you! Good conversation, too, after the bout.


dadwrestle is recommended by Mark uk

18 July 13. Met Paul at his place tonight and wasn't sure what to expect. Well i was pleasantly surprised, not only is he a great wrestler and tough but he made me work hard for every sub. Now for those guys that don't want to wrestle older guys then your missing out. If i can still wrestle like Paul at when I am 61 then i will be a happy man. Was a great evening both wrestling and chatting. Nice one Paul, thank you


Mark uk is recommended by frenchprowrestler

real good wrestler and moreover in pro style. We met on the pro ring here and it was a very good match with such a wrestler. Definitely I want another match next time you are in Paris. On ring or on mats.
Très bon catcheur à ne pas manquer ! sur ring ou sur matelas il est vraiment très bon! Je veux le rencontrer absolument lors de sa prochaine visite !
Si puedes, encontra este luchador muy bueno tan en lucha libre pro que en sumision. Es muy fuerte asi que vas a tener que saber luchar...aunque se va poner a tu nivel !


frenchprowrestler is recommended by Mark uk

16 June 13..So this was actually our second meet in 4 years. Love wrestling Pascal but this time he treated me to a match in a local ring. Was a match worthy of WWE as it went backwards and forwards for the best part of 1.5hours. I have to say it was a total blast And better than I could have asked for. A super cool guy, fun, great wrestler and as much fun off the mats as on. Top recommendation


Mark uk is recommended by Muscle67

20.6.13 - Well all I can say is that 3 years on Mark is as strong and as skilled as I remember and more so. But this time with a bit more experience under my belt I felt more capable of taking him on. What a bloody GREAT match it was. I had an absolute ball and really enjoyed it. Challenging, competitive, tough...but loads of fun. I really enjoy wrestling Mark. He is also such a genuine and friendly guy. I'm really looking forward to our next fight.

22.4.10 - I had a really great wrestle with Mark. He is very powerful, strong, rock solid and has a great physique. He is 'never beaten' so an excellent challenge :-) He had me working like a beast and remained cool and in total control the whole match. He's a very genuine and friendly guy and some one to learn a lot from especially if you're new to this sport. He's very easy to chat to and we got on really well. Thanks buddy for a really great time and looking forward to the rematch soon :-).


Muscle67 is recommended by Mark uk

20 June 13. First met john 3 years ago and loved the match then. Now he has 3 years experience behind him and is even more powerful. a 10st powerhouse that made for an intense battle. gotta say i love every bloody minute of the meet again. just an awesome guy and gentlemen. I cant wait for another encounter. awesome just awesome. xx

22 April 10.Met John for the first time 22/4. I can only say I was not disappointed in the least. This guy is ripped and fights a hard match. I really had to work for any sort of submission on him. Was a great pleasure to spend the evening with him. I strong recommend a match with him on the days I don't wanna wrestle. I cannot wait to get back from my next US trip and lock up with him again. A real cool guy. thxs for the meet john


Mark uk is recommended by jeunelutteurparis

meet him when he was in Paris. Nice, and sexy he is a very strong wrestler and I spend really good time with him! You should meet Mark!


jeunelutteurparis is recommended by Mark uk

19 june 13. After a great match earlier in the evening I had the opportunity to meet Clement again.. Still a great little guy and a lot of fun..

Dec 2009 Met clement for the first time. Real nice guy and alot of fun to be around. Give him a shot you'll have a great time. mark


Mark uk is recommended by Mirceal

Finalement, j'ai rencontré la légende de la lutte outre manche ...
Entraîné , costaud, technique , et sachant divinement bien s'adapter et écouter les possibilités de son adversaire , même en mauvaise posture contre lui , on en redemande !
Voyageant beaucoup , s'il passe a côté de chez vous, ne manquez pas une occasion de le rencontrer !

Finally, I met the legend of wrestling in the UK ...
Trained, strong, technique, and knowing how to adapt himself and listen to the possibilities of his opponent, even in a sub hold , we want more!
Traveling a lot, if he passes beside you, do not miss an opportunity to meet him!

Highly And definitely recommanded ... He is as nice as good at wrestling :)


Mirceal is recommended by Mark uk

19 June 13. Olivier and I have been chatting for a long time in the hope of a meet when I returned to Paris. Well I got my wish and match number 3 this week was with the stud himself. A very cool guy, funny, great wrestler, stronger than you expect and has some good skill. I enjoyed this match immensely and look forward to my return. Getting to love paris, its sites and great wrestlers. Top mark for him


Mark uk is recommended by macuilxochitl

Had a great match with Mark. Really powerful and skilled yet always safe & sane. He can adapt to all levels, I really enjoyed every moment. Glad to have met him! Needless to say, definitely, highly, seriously recommended !!


macuilxochitl is recommended by Mark uk

16 jun 13. So right of the back of a pro match with frenchprowrestler pascal i had agreed to a submission match with the new kid in paris. Julian is a charming, intelligent and not to be fooled by young wrestler studying in paris. He is a rookie but learning fast. Countered a number of my attempts to sub him. Eventually I got my way but have to say i enjoyed every minute with him. We went for a solid 2 hours and eventually exhausted we quit. Outstanding young guy and one that will be a pleasure to meet again. Excellent is all i can say.


Mark uk is recommended by PacNWBulldog

Mark is an incredibly fit and skilled wrestler. He would kill me all the time if I did not have a weight advantage. We had a great sweaty workout when he came to Seattle. He has endurance and can go for hours. I would welcome a rematch the next time he is passing through on business. As much as he gets to wrestle I am sure he has improved his skills, though they were great 4-5 years ago. Love to wrestle again anytime.


PacNWBulldog is recommended by Mark uk

Met during my many trips to Seattle. Super nice guy, great host and fun wrestler. Will def like to meet again. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by tomtl

Nous avons passé un tres bon moment à lutter , Mark est un adversaire avec une grande force physique , et des bras super puissant! Mais comme tout bon combatant il n'abuse pas de sa force et te laisse essayer de passer quelques techniques.Il est vraiement sympathique , je vous le recommande vivement. Marck sorry for my english.C'est quand tu veux quand tu es dans la région.


tomtl is recommended by Mark uk

21 may 13. Met Raymond tonight and have to say I was not disappointed at all. Although his English wasn't great it was 100% better than my French but as too fighters do we still understood enough to battle. A great wrestler and super nice guy. Enjoyed every minute and only wish we could have wrestle for even longer. If you come to Toulouse then I recommend you look him up, I will be every time.



Lights Out is recommended by Mark uk

Cool guy, great wrestler and good recommendation.



subsmuscleboy is not recommended by Mark uk

  • Fake profile


Mark uk is recommended by Cirrolis

Great guy. Tones it down to your level so even with a big weight difference is still safe but still makes it tough to make it a fun match.


Cirrolis is recommended by Mark uk

19 April 2013. Met Ryan today and had a blast. Tough little guy who keeps coming back for more. Don't let his size fool you as this guy has awesome scissors. Surprisingly he stayed on the mats with me for 4 hours. Impressive guy and learns quickly. Great guy, friendly on and off the mats. Def a few return matches coming up. 10/10



billydoll is not recommended by Mark uk

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Mark uk is recommended by sydneyheel

A big, sexy and tough wrestler. He knows how to pro-wrestle.


sydneyheel is recommended by Mark uk

Excellent excellent fun. This little can really heel. Even us big guys. Def recommendation



Spotland Scrapper is recommended by Mark uk

March 13. had my second opprtunity tô do some sub and pro with these guy and can only say oustanding. friendly and so much fun to spent time with. 10/ 10 Had a meet in Manchester and met a few of the spotland guys. Ady, Callum, Damien, Sammy etc etc. Was awesome to meet and do some real tag team wrestling with them. Thanks guys it was a total blast and look forward to our first WWE show. lol
On another note, for the guys into submission wrestling. Well i had bouts with Ady and Damien. Both great fighters and fun.



Mark uk is recommended by Versus

22 mar 13 After long planing we finally could meet.
Mark is a very nice guy on and off the mat. We fought for about 2 hours and he definitley showed me the ropes.
Look forward for a revanche;-)


Versus is recommended by Mark uk

22 mar 13. Being the wrestling whore i can be i met up with cyril during his weekend in the UK after getting of a 12hour flight from tokyo. Great guy and as strong as he looks. Had a good time and glad we both found the time to battle. Ace guy and easy to get on with on and off the mats.


Mark uk is recommended by Vanman81

Fought MarkUK briefly in a tag at Pippa's - he is really good. All the recommends agree.

Can wait to meet him 1 on 1.


Vanman81 is recommended by Mark uk

9/3/13 had a great tag match in manchester at John meet. Nice guy and took the beating with mike1122 against me and prowrestle1 really well . Good guy all round.



fig4man is recommended by Mark uk

Hit the Maz at his place a couple of years ago now and glad to see him here on meetfighters.
Wrestled at his place in LA and had a blast. Great wrestler and super nice guy. If your in the area pls look him up. Looking forward to a rematch soon.


Mark uk is recommended by Celticmuscle

After a couple of years of communicating I had an opportunity to meet and fight this great guy recently. What a great experience. Strong, skilled and determined on the mats....his incredible reputation is well deserved...coupled with a wonderful personality off the mats too. A must meet if the opportunity arises. Would relish more chances to fight this legend!


Celticmuscle is recommended by Mark uk

Well this match took some time to happen and then just by chance the man was in my neck of the woods. WOW this guy in immensely strong and built like a brick wall. underneath is a total gentlemen. Its was a battle i won't forget and look forward to another. A top guy, great wrestler and mate. if he shows up near you then meet him.



dereko is recommended by Mark uk

Met Derek in San Fran the first time and had a mamouth 5 hour match. Really cool guy and enjoyed him company enormously. The second battle came in DC when he made a huge effort to drive over to hook up. Even better than the first time we met. Awesome guy and really friendly/ easy to get on wish. Top recoemmendation in my book.


Mark uk is recommended by lightwt4subs

It took many months to fix a time to meet, but it was worth the wait! Even though Mark could throw me like a baton, I felt (and was) totally safe with him. What a blast! Off the mats, we had a great time, too. Sign me up for another match! 10 Nov: had our third match, great fun again!


lightwt4subs is recommended by Mark uk

10 Sept 12. just had a second meet with david and enjoyed it as much as the first. although much lighter than my he gives it everything whilst keeping it fun. awesome guy.. 18 June 12. Met David whilst he was down in Brighton. A tough little cookie who didn't disappoint. Yeah i had a bit of a size advantage but we adapted ourselves and had a blast. A real nice guy both on and off the mat and well worth a meet. If you get the opportunity hook up with him, I plan to again. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by chesterbloke

Had a tag match with Mark at Pippas over the weekend. Hes a great wrestle and a nice guy to boot. Hope we can meet up again soon


chesterbloke is recommended by Mark uk

10 Nov 12. Did a Pro tag match in the ring with this guy. Great wrestler, a lot of fun and genuine real nice guy. Very reliable and worth a meet.


Mark uk is recommended by 1try2pinme8

I met Mark for the second time today. I had ALMOST forgotten what a great guy he is. Since we met a few years ago he turned from an enthusiastic rookie into a fighting beast - in the best possible way.

Challenging yet safe and controlled. And great fun. Fantastic guy who I have a lot of time for.

Rematch asap please.


1try2pinme8 is recommended by Mark uk

3 Nov 12. Met Achim again today after too lon a break. A charming guy and easy to connect with. On the mats he didn't fail to impress me again and make me work for every minute. Lovely guy, great opponent for anyone and a friend. 10/10 again. 1997... wrestled achim a while ago and had a blast. good looking and great wrestler. I def plan to meet him again now that I am bigger and more skilled. Top guy!!



bunnyman is recommended by Mark uk

April 12. Met Rob a few months ago and wasn't disappointed. Great wrestler and powerful on the mats. charming and gentle off the mats. We did an awesome give and take match and look forward to meeting him again. Oh and he has an outstanding body.Mark


Mark uk is recommended by hotprofanmuscle

if Mark is ever in your city, which chances are he will - book a match.
BANKABLE MAN, sexy, good fun sane strong wrestler - good company after the match, a real pleasure to be in his company


hotprofanmuscle is recommended by Mark uk

Have met Dean 3x. Orlando, Miami then in NYC. every match has been fantastic. Don't be fooled by his size. This guy is a power house and is one of the few guys I have met that can lift me like as if I was a lightweight. Great wrestler, great fun and fabulous company for dinner and drinks.


Mark uk is recommended by GrappleVA

I met mark a year ago, and he's been itching for a chance to vindicate his defeat ever since. He's a great guy who travels all over. No doubt he'll be in your neck of the woods soon, and you should look him up.


GrappleVA is recommended by Mark uk

Have had 2 matches with Justin in the last 12 months and can only say great things about him. Outstanding guy, great wrestler and easy to get on with both on and off the mats. Tested each other all the way to the end with neither being an outright winner. If your in the NYC area you must look this guy up. 10/10 mark


Mark uk is recommended by Dungeon Master

Have had the honor of meeting Mark twice. Have totally enjoyed his company and looking forward to much more time both off and ON the mats. One of the few men i've met from any site and found to be intelligent, fun, and a wicked playful sense of humor.... doesn't hurt that he is sexy as hell ..... just sayin.


Dungeon Master is recommended by Mark uk

Have met Alex twice and can only say the guy is a bloody legend.


Mark uk is recommended by DKnight

What a man! Mark is an awesome guy and was fun to wrestle. Even though he could sub me in about 5 seconds, he made it a great time,let me sub him once LOL and I cant wait to meet him again. If he is in your city, reach out to him!


DKnight is recommended by Mark uk

Great wrestler, great guy and a great friend. If your in the Orlando area look this guy up. well worth the meet.



Ruff4older is recommended by Mark uk

Jason and I have wrestled 3x i believe and always a awesome time. Skilled wrestler and ready for a long tough match. Awesome host off the mats as well. Looking forward to match 4 very soon. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by Matt73

Mark is a friendly guy and was happy to accommodate the difference in our size and skill level. Definitely recommend if you are smaller and inexperienced.


Matt73 is recommended by Mark uk

Met mike in the USA. real nice guy and good wrestler. if your in his area look him up. mark


Mark uk is recommended by joewrestler

Be sure to meet with Mark if he comes your way! Great guy, great attitude, no ego – all about a good workout for both. Fun, fit, and friendly, you won't be disappointed.


joewrestler is recommended by Mark uk

Wrestled Joe a couple of times now. I always say to guys I don't underestimate any opponent regardless of size and this guy one of those reasons why. Great wrestler and fast. About to adapt to each other well and ensure the match was tough and a blast. An absolutely gentlemen and pleasure to be with as well. Top guy for a top match.


Mark uk is recommended by Wrestlefarfaraway

He is incredible strong and very hard to make him tap! I enjoyed our long fight from begin to end. Hope there will be another fight with him in the future!


Wrestlefarfaraway is recommended by Mark uk

9 July 12. Dennis and I have been chatting for sometime and finally got the opportunity to hit the mats while he was in london. WOW, this guy didn't disappoint at all. We wrestled to multiple submission for just over 3 hours non-stop. The adrenaline could have kept us both going for another 3. This young man is going to be a great great wrestler as he gains more experience and strength. An absolute must meet if you get the chance. Can't for this return match. OUTSTANDING!!!!


Mark uk is recommended by ChiWrestler

Great guy, fun, strong and lots of fun!


ChiWrestler is recommended by Mark uk

Met mike a few times now. Always a great match and tough guy. Def recommend a meet if your in the chicago area. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by muscldfighter

Mark is a great guy in fantastic shape (and getting bigger, stronger all the time). Skilled fighter too (AND also getting more skilled and experienced). Keen grappler, sensible and sane, intelligent and very reliable. Travels widely. Would be a sin to miss him if he's your vicinity! I would not miss my opportunity to get him on the mats again!

Update May 2012: Mark_uk has gotten huge.. thicker, solid abs and he's been training at a club.. Good to catch up again and had a good roll.. he is always a good challenge- skill and strength wise!
Always a good meet with Mark...


muscldfighter is recommended by Mark uk

May 12. Met up again with the legend that is Joe. A gentleman on and off the mats but he knows his stuff. Great wrestler and always the best of challenges. Outstanding recommendation.
Feb 12. Got the opportunity to meet this guy for a second time after a couple of years. Very skilled and methodical wrestler. After my beating a couple of years age this one was a very even match. Always a great guy to meet both on and off the mats. Offers some fantastic advice on technique too. Looking forward to another battle as soon as I can. Absolute Top recommendation. mark


Mark uk is recommended by grapplemedown

Had a great time wrestling Mark. Strong, safe wrestler with some good moves. Friendly guy and one of the better matches that I've had in quite awhile.
Hoping to meet up again while I'm traveling this summer. Definitely recommend the guy!
Thanks for a great work out and good time!


grapplemedown is recommended by Mark uk

14th May 12. Met Kurt in Taipei. Got to say i was not disappointed in the least with almost 4 solid hours wrestling. He already had a good recommendation from a mate of mine (mattz4fun)and i can only endorse that even further. Great wrestler, strong and determined. Awesome guys of the mats too. Fun guy and wish I could have spent more time with him. If i am not back here soon then I def plan to track him down when he is touring the US this summer. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by Jefary

Met Mark in Singapore for a rematch. what can I add that isn't already said? Nothing. He's just fun and nice to meet up


Jefary is recommended by Mark uk

15 Feb 12. After having our first meet in the UK our second was on Jefary's home turf. Nice guy and knows how to wrestle. Fun and friendly guy both on and off the mats. Always a great time and will always be on my list of guys to meet. look him up if your coming this way.


Mark uk is recommended by Kubo

Had great match. He knows pro-wrestling techniques well. Looking forward the next match with him.


Kubo is recommended by Mark uk

2 may 12. Met Kubo tonight for a pro match. I gotta say, this guy doesn't disappoint. Great shape, strong and know how to do and sell a pro match. can't wait for the return match. Top recommendation


Mark uk is recommended by Jesse123

I met Mark for a second match, and once again, it was fantastic. As I've said before, he's unbelievably strong, and just wonderful to be around. Great person. I highly recommend him.

I met Mark last Friday night, and I had a blast wrestling him. He's freakishly strong, and put me in holds I couldn't get out of to save my life. LOL! But he's totally respectful of limits, and will adapt to your particular style. He has an awesome personality, and getting along with him was effortless. If he's ever in your area, or vice versa, I'd recommend that you wrestle him. I had thee best experience with him. Jesse


Jesse123 is recommended by Mark uk

21 April.2012. Had my second meet with Jesse and was as great as the first. He's getting pretty ripped at the gym and being it to the mats. A good challenge and a great friend. Top guy and good recommendation
24 feb 2012. Met this guy after having to bail on him earlier in the week in LA due to work. Finally met on the friday evening and WOW it was worth the experience. We wrestled, eat, wrestled, drank, wrestled slept and wrestled again in the morning. Has a great body and tremendous stamina. Was awesome guy and had so much fun together. If your in the LA area look this guy up. Recommendation with Top marks. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by Irishfighter

We had a wrestle about five years ago, so I don't recall specifics at this stage, but I remember Mark was well-built and strong on the mats. And he's a reliable, genuine and friendly guy too.


Irishfighter is recommended by Mark uk

wrestled this fella a few years ago in Paris. Great wrestler and real nice guy to be around. If your in the area I recommend you look him up. mark


Mark uk is recommended by ulx1

Enjoyed the match with him a lot, strong and skilled wrestler as you can see on his other recommandations yet. Looking forward the next match with him.


ulx1 is recommended by Mark uk

Met Thomas in London tonight. Nice guy and real powerhouse at times. Easy guy to get on with and very genuine. Watch out for when he wraps those big arms of his round your head. A great recommendation



tasci is recommended by Mark uk

Great guy and a great wrestler. Real easy to get on with both on and off the mats. Would recommend him anytime and looking forward to our next encounter.


Mark uk is recommended by DANBUSTER

I was Mark's 23rd opponent (this year!). He was every bit the badass I expected him to be, and can lift a near 200lb guy in a rack and do squats without much trouble. Great wrestler, top bloke who I am happy to write a recommendation for :)


DANBUSTER is recommended by Mark uk

Met Dan tonight after a year or so of promising to have a match. Nice guy, strong and easy to get on with. Had a great match but off course the rack was the ultimate finish for the boy. Great recommendation and hope to meet again.


Mark uk is recommended by billy

I met Mark a couple of years back. He's a really nice guy and very skilled wrestler. It was a good experience, and I recommend him to anybody.


billy is recommended by Mark uk

Met Billy a while ago and enjoyed every minute. A real nice guy and great all round wrestler. A strong lad and pretty quick too. If your in the area look him up. Top recommendation from me. Mark



sublondonsw4 is not recommended by Mark uk

  • Unreliable / no show


Mark uk is recommended by Alan2005sg

17 Feb 2012.
We have missed few chances to meet over the past few years when he visited Singapore. Finally we managed to meet. Mark is very well known of his nice character & good personality, & it proves again this time.
One of the best things about Mark is that he can always adjust his style to accommodate your skills. Despite a big difference in weight & height, he has never used these as his advantage to fight me & we basically competed more on the skills.
Moreover, although I was down with flu yesterday & has not fully recovered, he has been so kind of giving me enough rest on every round. Of course it is no doubt that I enjoyed very, very much on the match with him.
Off the mat, he shows his nice character as well.
I highly recommend meeting Mark when he visits your place. Don't miss it & you won't regret.

Finally, thanks Mark for giving me such a good "practicing" time.


Alan2005sg is recommended by Mark uk

Finally met Alan today. Although he wasn't in 100% health he is still a very strong guy for his size. Nice friendly guy and very easy to get on with. If your in the area then look him up. mark


Mark uk is recommended by PROMISSION

I finally hooked up with Mark_UK. We'd first traded messages back in 2006, so the bout was long over due - but well worth waiting for. We had a tough, sweaty, promission scrap. Great give/take heel tactics. Spot on. Off the mats Mark is very chilled, confident and amiable. I can tell that our next bout will be even better. Bring it on big guy.


PROMISSION is recommended by Mark uk

28 Jan. Met up with Brion today after a long long time chatting. A hansome guy and good shape. Had a pro match which was awesome. Give and take to start but the big heel eventually dominated him. A good rough pro fun match from the old World of Sport days. Def a recommendation from me a rematch is already on the cards.


Mark uk is recommended by subprosea

had some great matches, good attitude, nice bod,
you'll have a nice sub or pro matches with this guy!


subprosea is recommended by Mark uk

If your heading to Seattle then here is a guy I just love to meet. We switch from intense submission to a bit of fun pro give and take. He's a great guy, strong, awesome wrestler. Have wrestled 6x and looking forward to the 7th match. A top recommendation. mark


Mark uk is recommended by scrapper midlands

Top guy, great match up. If you are after a competitive match, MSG this guy.


scrapper midlands is recommended by Mark uk

Had this guy on my my meet list for a long time and finally get the opportunity to meet on 16 Jan. He was everything I was expecting. Tough rough and just an awesome challenge. I certainly met my match as we really scrapped to see who was the tough guy. Outstanding match and if your looking for a tough challenge this guy is #1 in my book. A second scrap is already on the cards and the northern boy is gonna pay. recommended 100%. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

Had a good fun tag bout against mark and his side kick . Having taken him by surprise and got the first sub , he them got his revenge! All safe and sane though and he works to any level. Good for a beer after and a good mate. Very recommended .


GEOFFESSEX is recommended by Mark uk

Had another match with Geoff last week. He tagged theblondwrestler against me and young Ben for the first match then with me for the second. Always great to be around with and on the mats with him.
He's keen, learns fast and is so much fun to be around both on and off the mats. For an essex guy his is very cool and a real friend. 10/10 mark


Mark uk is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

I have only met Mark once for a brief match at the Eagle. Was enough, however, to discover that he is a good wrestler. Strong and skilled. Off the mats he is very friendly and good to chat to.
I am hoping that we manage a long, hard-fought match during 2012


ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Mark uk

Met marcus before at the eagle and have every intention of meeting him again very soon. very nice guy, great wrestler and fun to be around. good recommendation to anyone. mark


Mark uk is recommended by Jake Zane

Met Mark for a weekend back in October '11 and had a fuckin blast. I srongly recommend him for anybody who wants to have a challenge, good workout/wrestle, and just a good time all around. An amazing wrestler on the mats, and an honest, genuine lad off the mats. Our first round went bout 4-5 hours, nonstop. He knows how to keep up with the fast ones. Definitely not a let down in any way possible. WRESTLE him when you can. Lookin forward to our next match, already.


Jake Zane is recommended by Mark uk

I couldn't be more honoured than to be the first to post a recommendation about Jay. We met in NYC over the weekend of 8/9/10th Oct. the first day was just us and WOW, talk about hungry to learn and a complete machine. His energy and enthusiasm never failed in our 4+ hour match. Sunday we met up for an all day meet. Me, Jay, plus Philliborn, newhavenguy, subguy21 and a pal called jason. Jay held his own in both sub and his first pro tag match. After 10 hours together eating, drinking and wrestling the Machine (jay) was still ready on the mat. I can't recommend to you more highly this kid. Super nice kid and great opponent. Can't wait to meet him again in the future.


Mark uk is recommended by robrslr

Mark is a great guy very skilled and willing to teach. Tough match but always safe and sane, If you can take him on,


robrslr is recommended by Mark uk

Met rob for the first recently in Orlando. Can't recommend this guy enough. He tough on the mats and learn quickly but is also a real nice off the mats too. If your in the Olando and Tampa area i def recommend you meet him. mark


Mark uk is recommended by subguy21

Great guy and a great wrestler...look him up if he is in your area.


subguy21 is recommended by Mark uk

Larry and I have been trying to hook up for sometime and finally did 9 Oct. An impressive individual in both physique and skill. This guy is fast and determined. Is strong and I advise staying out of the clutches of his scissors as his legs are powerful. Real nice guy and looking forward to an opportunity to met again.


Mark uk is recommended by Pitt

Very good heel and very strong! I like his bear hugs.
He is friendly. I would wrestle him again !


Pitt is recommended by Mark uk

Pierre and I had our second match and still he doesn't disappoint. Good little wrestler and has the best smile in the business. Just loved it and looking forward to yet another meet. Look him up if your in Paris. hoping for a rematch before I leave. 10/10 mark


Mark uk is recommended by oriental4fun

Great guy! To be hoenst, i was very nervous before hand, first time wrestling and with a guy much bigger!
Mark was understanding and a great first wrestle! Will wrestle again!


oriental4fun is recommended by Mark uk

Met Joe for the first time this week. A new guy to the wrestling scene but a very willing learner and bundles of confidence. Lean but strong and a real charmer off the mats. Was a pleasure to be he first match and now his mentor. I expect him to become a great little wrestler very quickly. Looking for to another long training session very very soon.



Mark uk is recommended by musclebear2b

Had a great match with Mark today! He taught me a few things, which is always a good thing. Fun guy to wrestle, very fit and strong. Looking forward to meeting him on the mats again - just as soon as I've out on a bit more muscle, ;-)


musclebear2b is recommended by Mark uk

Had my first meet with Richard. Wasn't sure about taking on such a big guy but i had nothing to worry about. A strong guy and a good match. Exchanged a few tips and moves. Great match and will def have another match real soon. Good recommendation and don't be afraid of the weight difference. he's safe and know how to adapt. mark


Mark uk is recommended by fantasyfeak

Mark is nice guy and is always fun to wrestle. He has some good skills and is a strong, so if you're looking for a challenge, look no further.


fantasyfeak is recommended by Mark uk

Aug 2011. Match number 8 of the week and another old friend and BGeast star with the great ass for those that has seen the global profile shot. This was your 3rd encounter and as i expected, a total blast. Tim is a good wrestler and fun to be with. A definite recommendation from me still. mark


Mark uk is recommended by mattz4fun

After a bit of trash talk before meeting, Mark and I had the chance to put ourselves out there on the mats. Mark is a tough and fun opponent, good skills to keep me on my toes, and a good sport. Looking forward to the next round!


mattz4fun is recommended by Mark uk

What do you think the chances of both chris and I being in the same hotel in NYC at the same time. Well aug 11 and we have both been bringing them in and wrestling a bunch of new yorkers. Had our first meet for about a year and still loved it. He is awesome to wrestle, strong as hell and an all round cool guy. fingers crossed we'll squeeze one more in before we both leave for the airport. absolute top recommendation from me as always. mark


Mark uk is recommended by NYwrestlerman

I've met up with Mark for a rematch and it was a blast. The man's just as strong as ever if not a little stronger. He's really hard to get a submission from and very talented at pro wrestling. Anyone living or visiting the UK or he visits your area should definitely look him up. You will not regret meeting him.


NYwrestlerman is recommended by Mark uk

6 Aug 2011. Had my third match with young jason and still a blast to be with. Respectful and polite this guy is a dream to meet.... looking forward to the 4th match. Gets better every time i meet him. If your local or in the area give him a shot. cheers mark


Mark uk is recommended by Wrestlg

We Had Kept Missing each other here in NYC. BUT when we Finally Met up, We Hit It off & Had two Great Fun Bouts!
I didn't know Pins Counted! lol
Can't wait to Wrestle him again!


Wrestlg is recommended by Mark uk

Finally got the opportunity to take down Glenn again in NYC. Ok, he took me down again. Just! A very skilled wrestler and cool guy. If you coming to NYC look him up. Up for a rematch when I return to nyc anytime.



nymuscguy8 is recommended by Mark uk

Had our first match and was great. This guy is strong and tough. Super guy off the mats too. A good sub fighter and well worth a meet.


Mark uk is recommended by tap out tyler

Had a match with Mark back in Feb 2011. Honestly, I was intimidated going into it given my size, but it was an awesome experience. The match was great, he sure knows his moves. Had a lot of fun, would do it again. I tend to be kind of picky over who I wrestle with, and Mark exceeded every expectation. He also happens to be a great masseuse, heh. Great guy, fun wrestler, all-in-all awesome dude. 11/10.


tap out tyler is recommended by Mark uk

Have been chatting to Tyler for a few months now and finally we managed to be in the same place the same time. WOW there is a huge weight difference i hear you say. Well yeah, but i can adapt and he isn't a bad little fighter. We had an great match on the friday night, slept it off and did it all again in the morning. This guy is fun to be around and is as charming in real life as he is to chat too online. If your going to the san fran look him up. He may not be available first time but trust me he is real. 10/10 recommendation


Mark uk is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

a good and strong fighter, would love to have a chance to rematch with him


rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by Mark uk

We met in singapore this summ (2010). Just a very nice but very strong guy. 3 awesome matches infact. 1 in the evening then he started another at 3am while resting so i got my revenge and started another at 8am. Fantastic shape and great to be around. I look forward to a return set of matches.


Mark uk is recommended by tigered

Great genuiner guy who i'm looking forward to wrestling again with and maybe again :-)
strong, solid and a great smile


tigered is recommended by Mark uk

met for the first time at grapple101 in the Eagle. Real nice guy and tough fighter. Looking forward to having more time for a longer session and staminer test. A recommendation for all levels and so easy to relax around him. mark


Mark uk is recommended by Blitzkrieg

It finally happened, after numerous attempts over the last few years and frenetic schedules. Some things are well worth waiting for and this grapple was one. With a lot of strength and determination, coupled with a knowledge of how to adjust to skill level, Mark was a terrific grappler and just fantastic to get to know. Hats off to Mark and to hopefully another grapple.


Blitzkrieg is recommended by Mark uk

June 2011, Finally met Corey for the first time when both of our schedules worked. was a epic match and a real blast. aprt from being obviously fit, he was just the nicest guy to sit and chat with. Could have wrestled for hours more. A great recommendation all round. mark



ArabianGuy is recommended by Mark uk

Had my second meet with this guy last week (may 9, 11). I enjoyed our first match two yrs ago but this was even better. The guy is a complete gent, after taking time out to pick me up from the airport we got straight on with a awesome match. Def much improved since our first encounter and i look forward to meeting again in the UK in July. mark


Mark uk is recommended by viper

very strong lad and has good skills. He knows how to move. more importantly he will still buy you a beer even if you choke him, great guy.


viper is recommended by Mark uk

Met john at grapple101 and met my match. Supper nice guy and very skilled wrestle. Controls the match and then goes for the kill when he is ready. Really hope I get the opportunity to meet and learn from him again. mark


Mark uk is recommended by Mike86

Mark is a good wrestler, nice guy, and fun to toss around.


Mike86 is recommended by Mark uk

just an outstanding match and all round nice guy. Guys, don't be fooled by his cute grin on the mats, this guy is a born wrestler.


Mark uk is recommended by grappleruk

Great guy with some decent submission skills. Safe and sane. Very friendly and enjoyed chatting with him about wrestling experiences.


grappleruk is recommended by Mark uk

Had my first and long overdue match with Matt for the start of the New Year. Well I can confirm he is an awesome guy and great wrestler. Had a superb match and i long for a return. An absolute recommendation 10/10 mark


Mark uk is recommended by Rough Edge

Mark is a Fun guy, we had a great time, I would totally recommend!!!!!


Rough Edge is recommended by Mark uk

When Anthony agreed to meet me I wasn't sure if I had just made a huge mistake challenging him. Well, I was completely wrong. Don't be fooled by a pix. This guy is a complete gentlemen and around awesome submission wrestler. He went out of his way to meet me and show me some stuff i hadn't tried before. Looking forward to showing him what I have now learnt at my club to try on him. 10/10 mark


Mark uk is recommended by Rodman

Mark and I wrestled for 2 hours in a hotel room until I was exhausted (much to his disappointment I'm sure). I was back again 3 days later for another go. Great fighter, great coach, lovely guy, no BS, limits respected. Will lock up next time without a doubt.


Rodman is recommended by Mark uk

I met Rod twice during my trip to Sydney in Oct 2010. Firstly he is a great wrestler, strong and full of determination. Would have wrestled him more if I had had the time and strength. Has been spending some serious time in the gym and damn does it show. Off the mats he is also one of the nicest guys i have met. A real gem of a guy and I look forward to finding my way back under soon. 10/10 mark



madzer is recommended by Mark uk

Sept 2010, Met Zane for the first time and had a great match. He's a strong guy and alot of fun. IF your in the south coast area give him a shout. Rematch is def on the cards. cheers mark


Mark uk is recommended by ARGONSA1

this guy has an awesome torture rack !
test it and him !



Mark uk is recommended by ocmuscle

Mark is a great guy. I had a great time wrestling him. We definitely had a hot sweaty submission match! Cool dude.


ocmuscle is recommended by Mark uk

I met Nick in LA. In great shape, tough but fun wrestler. Don't be fooled by his size as he is strong. We wrestled solid for 2.5hrs and i enjoyed every minute of it. An absolute genuine guy and easy to get on with. look him up if your in town. Im def booking a return match. 10/10


Mark uk is recommended by ajstyles clash

Mark is a top guy and he knows how to wrestle, had a great match and look forward to learning more in the near future. Cocky guy too, but in a good way!


ajstyles clash is recommended by Mark uk

Finally met young Piers after a while trying to arrange the match. Young keen and a nice guy. Had a great match and enjoyed his company. Not skilled but keen and willing to learn. I'll meet him again and soon. mark


Mark uk is recommended by flexiwrestler

Met Mark this week, fantastic wrestler, knows his stuff and moves well but at the same time, genuine, relaxed and really good guy to wrestle with - cant wait for our next bout!


flexiwrestler is recommended by Mark uk

met adrian for the first time today and had a blast. Such a nice guy and great fun to be around. One of those guys you chat too before the meet and just know you will like in the flesh. Definently up for a rematch and soon. Mark


Mark uk is recommended by Londonmeet111

Great wrestler!!


Londonmeet111 is recommended by Mark uk

Finally met rob after a longtime trying sort the same dates. This guy is alot of fun, easy to get on with and a good wrestler. Pretty strong and determined. Looking forward to a rematch soon. mark


Mark uk is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a fun match! Mark is big and strong, but completely safe. Shows years of experience and great enthusiasm.


FighterGuyy is recommended by Mark uk

Sile and I have been chatting for ages but when he said he was coming over I couldn@t miss the opportunity to hook up. Well, I was not disappointed and loved every minute ofour match. Great wrestler and a lovely guy. Looking forward to the rematch very soon. Thanks Sile. Mark



Churd is recommended by Mark uk

What can i say. Richard was my very first match when i was a virgin wrestler (well after a 20 year break). I goota say I had a great time and he made me feel very comfortable. Will def meet him again and maybe oneday they have an open house for us hunks over 160lbs. Cheers Mark


Mark uk is recommended by philliwrestler

Mark is an awesome OLD MAN. Do not let his age fool you - because he is extremely fit and can def move around on the mat better than most people half of his age. We had a great match and really look forward to meeting up with him again. If he is in your town and area and you can set-up a match with him - I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


philliwrestler is recommended by Mark uk

I met this cocky stud on a trip to the east coast. Had chatted for a longtime and finally got to meet. By no means was I disappointed either. We had an awesome match together and I am pleased to say have become close friends. He also found out the hard way the Old guys can be as good as young guys. Sometimes better.
If your in the philli area or just visiting then make the time to meet him. He's a cool guy and i'd recommend him anytime.


Mark uk is recommended by yim

Defiantly a fun roll if you get a chance to meet this bloke I guarantee you wont be disappointed don’t let his age fool you he is a feisty wrestler and I cant wait to take him on again when he gets around my way


yim is recommended by Mark uk

Hey, If you get the chance to lock up with yim then please take the opportunity. I had a great time with him and hope to meet again when I am back on the west coast. Cheers Mark_uk



Andy15 is recommended by Mark uk

Had a match with Andy last year. Although I am much bigger he put up a great fight. Match was over 2 hours and boy can he take some punishment. Real nice guy and reliable.


Mark uk is recommended by PrimalChaos

Got to have a wrestling meet with Mark at last after a few weeks of message exchange, and I wasn't disappointed. A great wrestler, fantastic physique and very friendly and sorted guy.
Thoroughly recommended...


PrimalChaos is recommended by Mark uk

Sam is a must meet if you get the opportunity. Yeah, he's claims to be a bit of a jobber but he can def wrestle. Bulking up since his profile pix done and trust me, you'll have nothing to complain about. Great wrestler, great fun and cool guy.
cheers Mark_uk


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