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  •  ‒ Uploaded on 7/24/2014
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52 Male

5'11" (180 cm), 231 lbs (105 kg)

  1. USA - Florida, Fort Lauderdale (I'm here from 9/23/2014)
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singlets - square cuts - speedo


Play wrestling, Practicing holds, Wrestling with body punches, UFC/MMA style matches, Outdoors fights, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Going to matches, Friendship, Not interested in cyber

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into real beefy wreslters - motivated wreslters - no fake .

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euroman is recommended by gutcheck (9/25/2014)

The epitome of masculinity. Describing time spent with this man as magical is in no way an overstatement.

gutcheck is recommended by euroman (9/03/2014)

He s a wrestling fantasy. And real : Not only very strong but very experienced and entertaining in pro wrestling. And very friendly man

euroman is recommended by Physical (11/20/2012)

What can I say but that this guy is a great sport on the mats, powerful, strong, determined and although he 'claims' to have limited technical expertise - don't be fooled!
Thoroughly recommended and a great, sociable guy off the mats too. Have a roll with him if you get the chance - you won't regret it!

Physical is recommended by euroman (9/03/2014)

strong beefy man very nice friendly guy and really safe ....... i really enjoyed meeting him I must meet him again on mats

euroman is recommended by wrestler tr (8/31/2014)

he is really strong wrestler...I hope we will meet again...

wrestler tr is recommended by euroman (9/02/2014)

very friendly wrestler , strong man and competitive . I really had a great time

euroman is recommended by Lincoln Lad (10/26/2013)

I had the pleasure of wrestling euroman in London recently - and I can't rate him highly enough - A1 recommendation. He's strong and skilled on the mats and a real gent away from them. Totally safe and sane and technically skilled. Great conversation afterwards, too. Can't wait for the rematch!


euroman is recommended by judoka indomable (9/10/2013)

Impressive and unforgettable sometimes life allows you to enjoy the magic that makes a dream a reality...


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