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52 Male

5'11" (180 cm), 231 lbs (105 kg)

  1. France, Nice (I'm here from 9/23/2014)
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singlets - square cuts - speedo


Play wrestling, Practicing holds, Wrestling with body punches, UFC/MMA style matches, Outdoors fights, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Going to matches, Friendship, Not interested in cyber

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After serious health problems i need to test myself on mats and see how tough i can be , how competitive i can be . ..Mostly into submission wrestling with strong beefy guys ..... look for real motivated guys into wrestling ... i wil l consider any serious challenge .....

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euroman is recommended by muscu83 (11/19/2014)

Après plusieurs années de discussion et d'échange, j'ai enfin eu le plaisir de rencontrer Patrice et j'en suis vraiment heureux. Je suis considéré comme quelqu'un de costaud et de puissant mais je me suis senti vraiment bien faible en comparaison de lui sur les tapis. Patrice est un lutteur puissant et musclé, avec des bras et des jambes impressionnants de force pure. Je me suis vite retrouvé bloqué dans son dévastateur head-lock et bloqué par toute sa force musculaire. Obligé de taper pour lui faire desserrer son étau. En dehors des tapis, Patrice est un homme respectueux, sympathique et aimable. Très recommandable. A bientôt pour la revanche.
After several years of discussion and exchange, I finally had the pleasure to meet Patrice and I am really happy. I am considered as someone tough and strong but I really felt very weak compared to him on the carpet. Patrice is a powerful and muscular wrestler with arms and legs of impressive pure strength. I quickly got blocked in his devastating head-lock and overpowered by his muscular strength. Obliged to say "I give" to make it loosen his grip. Apart from mats, Patrice is a respectful man, friendly and kind. Highly recommended. Stay tuned for revenge.

muscu83 is recommended by euroman (11/21/2014)

Marc est un chic type très accueillant costaud et solide ... et agressif au tapis. Il se sous estime,attention!! il est plus costaud que ce qu il vous dit . il est motivé et c est un vrai plaisir que de le revoir a nouveau pour une revanche.
fin de citation.

euroman is recommended by judoka indomable (9/10/2013)

Impressive and unforgettable sometimes life allows you to enjoy the magic that makes a dream a reality...

judoka indomable is recommended by euroman (11/19/2014)

great guy that i can't wait to meet again , he s big strong .. i love his crazyness about wreslting and we compete well on mats .. we must meet again for some tougher wrestling

euroman is recommended by Lincoln Lad (10/26/2013)

I had the pleasure of wrestling euroman in London recently - and I can't rate him highly enough - A1 recommendation. He's strong and skilled on the mats and a real gent away from them. Totally safe and sane and technically skilled. Great conversation afterwards, too. Can't wait for the rematch!

Lincoln Lad is recommended by euroman (11/19/2014)

very pleasant man and powerful
i wish i could meet him again on large wrestling mats or on a ring and see how tough we can be .....

euroman is recommended by frank83 (11/07/2014)

105 kgs, une force et une puissance rare et une technique de lutte imparable, ce gars est une machine de guerre en lutte. Heureusement pour moi il sait s'adapter à son adversaire et je suis pret à l'affronter à nouveau. Hightly recommended


euroman is recommended by gutcheck (9/25/2014)

The epitome of masculinity. Describing time spent with this man as magical is in no way an overstatement.

gutcheck is recommended by euroman (9/03/2014)

He s a wrestling fantasy. And real : Not only very strong but very experienced and entertaining in pro wrestling. And very friendly man

euroman is recommended by Physical (11/20/2012)

What can I say but that this guy is a great sport on the mats, powerful, strong, determined and although he 'claims' to have limited technical expertise - don't be fooled!
Thoroughly recommended and a great, sociable guy off the mats too. Have a roll with him if you get the chance - you won't regret it!

Physical is recommended by euroman (9/03/2014)

strong beefy man very nice friendly guy and really safe ....... i really enjoyed meeting him I must meet him again on mats

euroman is recommended by wrestler tr (8/31/2014)

he is really strong wrestler...I hope we will meet again...

wrestler tr is recommended by euroman (9/02/2014)

very friendly wrestler , strong man and competitive . I really had a great time

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