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  • Uploaded on 10/04/2010
36 Male

5'7" (170 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

  1. USA - Illinois
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Languages spoken:
English, Italian, Spanish


SubmissionSubmission, No holds barredNo holds barred, BoxingBoxing, Kickboxing / Muay thaiKickboxing / Muay thai, JudoJudo

Even match, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, UFC/MMA style matches, I have access to a ring, I have access to mats

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looking for others that are trained and into sparring

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ilboxer is recommended by LehighPA (10/03/2014)

Tough boxer, good man.


ilboxer is recommended by esd (9/26/2014)

One of the best boxers you could face, good guy, great fighter


ilboxer is recommended by Slugger (9/11/2014)

ILBoxer is an awesome boxer. Strong, kind, and hits with the strength of a bull. Taught me a lot of new tricks to use for my future fights (and our rematch soon!). Great coach and opponent and highly recommended.


grapeviner is recommended by ilboxer (6/09/2014)

Fun and competitive guy..super fun and skilled and great time. You'll enjoy him on the mats.

ilboxer is recommended by COACH (6/09/2014)

Frank is tough and competative, fun and handsome as hell!!
Really looking forward to the next time we meet!

COACH is recommended by ilboxer (6/06/2014)

Fun times with Rob on the Mats and the entire crew. Super friendly and competitive matches all around;-)

Can't wait for more

ilboxer is recommended by iwrestle (6/06/2014)

This guy can throw down with the best of them. A lot of fun, very skilled and aggressive...he's the total package fighter.

iwrestle is recommended by ilboxer (6/06/2014)

Great guy. Fun match and very skilled. Worth getting on the mats with this tiny Giant ;-)

ilboxer is recommended by PghBoxerBoy (11/21/2012)

When I saw him in person, I felt the smile cross my face. I knew I was in for a real fight. The details of the match will remain between us, but I can say that a rematch will happen. I can recommend him, because he showed up and his skill set was able to match with mine. This recommendation comes with a smile, and I am happy to write it.

PghBoxerBoy is recommended by ilboxer (11/24/2012)

PghBoxer and I had a great time when we met. Truly trained and serious about the sport...Look forward to round 2... Definitely a fun good fight!

ilboxer is recommended by PHLBoxer (9/29/2012)

This stud is one of the best "natural" boxers I've ever had the pleasure to glove-up with. And a damn nice guy to boot. He knows how to throw – and how to take – a punch.


ilboxer is recommended by coboxerbear (6/29/2012)

Not much I can add other than what has already been said about ilboxer. Great guy, tougher than shit. Intense, but approachable. Even though you can't see his head here, you will like what you see.


ilboxer is recommended by Techboxer (5/30/2012)

IlBoxer is one tough skilled fighter. He'll stand toe to toe with any fighter out here and push them to the edge and beyond. Pack a lunch cause he'll fight you to a standstill!

Keep your guard up and come out punching.

Techboxer is recommended by ilboxer (5/30/2012)

Tech is a lot of fun, skilled and good guy. A fun match guaranteed. Hit him up

ilboxer is recommended by beatdowntime (4/09/2012)

super strong. super tough. super hot. what more can you say. oh yea.. also a good guy

beatdowntime is recommended by ilboxer (4/09/2012)

skilled....good guy and knows how to train and have a good time;-)

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