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31 Male

5'7" (170 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

  1. United Kingdom, London
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English, Italian

shorts, speedo, jocks,naked

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, Pro wrestlingPro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestlingMud/oil wrestling, Pool wrestlingPool wrestling

Even match, Give and take, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Looking to coach, Wrestle for top, Rip and strip, Modeling

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beginner wrestler.. wanna meet other guys into sub or pro. Jobber/heel.

Looking for wrestling mates/trainer/ gym friends

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italian fighter is recommended by Pirgos (9/15/2014)

I had a really great match. We started competitive and He was very tough and resistant. Strong and solid it wasn't easy to make him tap out. I can imagine if He goes for a propper training. Easygoing when not on the mat and It was big fun to chat. Overall super nice guy and i am looking to another match.

Pirgos is recommended by italian fighter (9/15/2014)

Really nice guy! Good wrestler on the mat and good man outside. Definetely want another match! Very strong and he knows how to be an heel!

italian fighter is recommended by finest (9/11/2014)

Great guy to wrestle; strong tenacious and fit. Recommended!


italian fighter is recommended by UKSubsFighter (11/20/2013)

Great guy!
Tough, strong and feisty! Keen to wrestle and with more experience will be one helluva contender!
Wholeheartedly recommended
As other have said if you wanna stand a chance meet now before he gets too experienced!

UKSubsFighter is recommended by italian fighter (11/18/2013)

Very good fighter. Nice person outside the mats. Too strong for me:) but after training, I will meet him again.

italian fighter is recommended by london sub (11/17/2013)

This guy is a natural, so as someone else said - get him while he's fresh! Once he's experienced he'll be trouble, you mark my words!


italian fighter is recommended by Perseus (8/01/2013)

Met Italian fighter and he more than matched my expectations. He is strong and has a powerful physical presence and with a strong will for combat makes it a very enjoyable wrestle. Has huge potential to be great once he picks up more experience so I'm glad I met him now before he gets too good.
I will definitely wrestle this lad again,

Perseus is recommended by italian fighter (11/16/2013)

01082013 he is very strong, hot body. during our match i used to a be his jobber and have a lot of fun.

italian fighter is recommended by aton2001 (5/19/2013)

2013-05-18 - Italian_fighter is a wrestler who already only physically makes me the will to fight, when you're on the mat with him the charge of energy for the wrestling becomes maximum.
Italian_fighter is strong and determined, challenge him and you will not regret.

aton2001 is recommended by italian fighter (11/16/2013)

a very good wrestler and nice person. wrestle him guys

italian fighter is recommended by barefeetfighter (5/21/2013)

I finally got to wrestle with "Italian fighter". He is very strong, and it is fun to fight with him, but I hope to meet him again to see how it ends!
Finalmente sono riuscito a lottare con "Italian fighter". E' molto forte ed è divertente lottare con lui. Spero di incontrarlo di nuovo per vedere stavolta come finisce!


italian fighter is recommended by LottaLC (9/07/2011)

Ho lottato con italian qualche anno fa a Roma. Lui era già molto forte e mi aveva battuto al termine di un match molto piacevole. Penso che ora sia pure migliorato, ma spero di avere prima o poi la rivincita, anche perché è un ragazzo molto simpatico.


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