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31 Male

5'7" (170 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

  1. United Kingdom, London (I'm here from 7/31/2013)
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English, Italian

shorts, speedo, jocks,naked

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, Pro wrestlingPro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestlingMud/oil wrestling, Pool wrestlingPool wrestling

Even match, Give and take, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Looking to coach, Wrestle for top, Rip and strip, Modeling

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beginner wrestler.. wanna meet other guys into sub or pro. Jobber/heel.

Looking for wrestling mates/trainer/ gym friends

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italian fighter is recommended by hardfitsub (1/15/2014)

Fit, strong and determined wrestler. I had a blast and look forward to round 2. Nice friendly guy off the mats too.

hardfitsub is recommended by italian fighter (1/17/2014)

Fit and strong. it was a very good match. really nice guy outside the mats. strongly reccomended

italian fighter is recommended by UKSubsFighter (11/20/2013)

Great guy! Tough, strong and feisty! Keen to wrestle and with more experience will be one helluva contender! Wholeheartedly recommended As other have said if you wanna stand a chance meet now before he gets too experienced!

UKSubsFighter is recommended by italian fighter (11/18/2013)

Very good fighter. Nice person outside the mats. Too strong for me:) but after training, I will meet him again.

italian fighter is recommended by london sub (11/17/2013)

This guy is a natural, so as someone else said - get him while he's fresh! Once he's experienced he'll be trouble, you mark my words!


italian fighter is recommended by Perseus (8/01/2013)

Met Italian fighter and he more than matched my expectations. He is strong and has a powerful physical presence and with a strong will for combat makes it a very enjoyable wrestle. Has huge potential to be great once he picks up more experience so I'm glad I met him now before he gets too good. I will definitely wrestle this lad again,

Perseus is recommended by italian fighter (11/16/2013)

01082013 he is very strong, hot body. during our match i used to a be his jobber and have a lot of fun.

italian fighter is recommended by aton2001 (5/19/2013)

2013-05-18 - Italian_fighter is a wrestler who already only physically makes me the will to fight, when you're on the mat with him the charge of energy for the wrestling becomes maximum. Italian_fighter is strong and determined, challenge him and you will not regret.

aton2001 is recommended by italian fighter (11/16/2013)

a very good wrestler and nice person. wrestle him guys

italian fighter is recommended by barefeetfighter (5/21/2013)

I finally got to wrestle with "Italian fighter". He is very strong, and it is fun to fight with him, but I hope to meet him again to see how it ends! Finalmente sono riuscito a lottare con "Italian fighter". E' molto forte ed è divertente lottare con lui. Spero di incontrarlo di nuovo per vedere stavolta come finisce!


italian fighter is recommended by boy4fight (1/19/2013)

Ho affrontato Italian Fighter la scorsa notte a Milano, nel corso di tre match che ho vinto con bodyscissor due volte e con boston la terza. Avversario deciso e forte, molto leale e con una sleeper davvero efficace.

boy4fight is recommended by italian fighter (1/20/2013)

vero lottatore. deciso e con buona esperienza. da incontrare nuovamente

italian fighter is recommended by LottaLC (9/07/2011)

Ho lottato con italian qualche anno fa a Roma. Lui era già molto forte e mi aveva battuto al termine di un match molto piacevole. Penso che ora sia pure migliorato, ma spero di avere prima o poi la rivincita, anche perché è un ragazzo molto simpatico.


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