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38 Male

6'0" (184 cm), 179 lbs (81 kg)

  1. Switzerland, Lausanne
  2. United Kingdom, London (I'm here between 9/08/2013 and 10/06/2013)
  3. USA - North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  4. Russia, Moscow (I'm here between 3/13/2014 and 3/17/2014)
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Languages spoken:
English, French

speedo, shorts

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission

Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Wrestling with body punches, UFC/MMA style matches, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Not interested in cyber, Don't want sex

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hey guys. looking for fun matches in the area.

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lukecage is recommended by matthias (12/30/2013)

Veni, vidi, vici. ;) He's a fun guy, nice on and off the matt.

matthias is recommended by lukecage (1/01/2014)

very nice guy. had a fun match. looking forward to the next one to exact revenge lol

lukecage is recommended by MMASporty (8/24/2013)

I met him in Lausanne in one of my trips. He is a very nice guy, athletic with strong muscles and a good fight experience. We had hard rounds and good conversations too. I look forward to the next fights when I come back to Lausanne.

MMASporty is recommended by lukecage (8/25/2013)

What a great guy he is. Very funny and polite and equally skilled in bjj. Had an awesome time facing him. Highly recommended

lukecage is recommended by fracle2 (7/28/2013)

Very strong and with a lot of techniques, he does what he wants on a mat...But he adapts to the level of his opponent and is a patient teacher too! Very nice of the mat too, don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him!

fracle2 is recommended by lukecage (7/28/2013)

What a down-to-earth pleasant and very nice guy! Had a great time meeting and wrestling him. He's very eager to learn new techniques and determined to battle through a challenge. Certainly woryh your time if you get a chance to meet him!


almanzor is recommended by lukecage (11/20/2012)

What an awesome guy. I had a great time wrestling him. He learns new techniques and applies them almost immediately. If you get a chance to wrestle him, by all means do it.

lukecage is recommended by wrestlerdude2009 (9/08/2012)

Very nice guy that has a ton of skill and strength. It was nice to meet him when visiting NC. Educated, interesting to have a conversation, and very professional. Highly recommended not only for a nice match but also for interesting conversation.

wrestlerdude2009 is recommended by lukecage (9/09/2012)

Had a superb time wrestling wrestlerdude. Friendly and enthusiastic about wrestling. Certainly worth your time if you are ever in his neck of the woods.

lukecage is recommended by MuscChamp (8/11/2012)

We wrestled several times about a decade ago! He is extremely hot, gracious and reliable! We had great competitive matches, talking trash in various languages! Forcing him to submit "en francais" was the high point! :-) We hope to wrestle again in either LA or Paris! Meanwhile, he hopes that he can beat me this time! ;-)

MuscChamp is recommended by lukecage (8/11/2012)

What a great guy he is. We wrestled many years ago when I was but a novice. He was extremely powerful and precise and I stood no chance. Can't wait to take him on again in the present and add him to my list of victims lol

lukecage is recommended by bad attitude25 (7/24/2012)

Great wrestler and really knows his stuff.


lukecage is recommended by ARGONSA1 (2/25/2012)

GREAT Guy ! watch his drills !

ARGONSA1 is recommended by lukecage (2/25/2012)

had an awesome time wrestling him. good fun

lukecage is recommended by rech plan lutte sur paris (11/18/2011)

lukecage is a nice and kind man, and above all he's very strong with very high level in martial technic..and he's a good teacher..if you want to improve your level and to take a pleasant moment, it's the right wrestler.

rech plan lutte sur paris is recommended by lukecage (11/19/2011)

a really nice guy and gracious host. i had a great time meeting him.


dim127 is recommended by lukecage (11/11/2011)

had a great time wrestling him. nice guy on and off the mat


jhgay88 is recommended by lukecage (11/11/2011)

had a fun time wrestling him. looking forward to beating him again lol

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