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39 Male

6'0" (184 cm), 179 lbs (81 kg)

  1. France, Paris
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Languages spoken:
English, French

speedo, shorts, whatever

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission

Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Wrestling with body punches, UFC/MMA style matches, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Friendship, Not interested in cyber, Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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hey guys. looking for fun matches in the area.

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lukecage is recommended by epj303 (2/21/2015)

haha, really funny guy :) he is really strong.. too late for you if you are already in his escape.. was a good time, I really enjoyed meeting him. when the next time? ;)

epj303 is recommended by lukecage (2/01/2015)

What a genuinely nice guy! I almost feel bad that I thoroughly dominated him and used him like a toy ha ha. Just kidding. I enjoyed meeting him. Worth your time if you get a chance to take him on

lukecage is recommended by Mirceal (12/18/2014)

Un physique imposant a la hauteur de sa gentillesse et de son accueil chaleureux !
Il a , a mon sens, un arsenal de technique qu'il ne m'a pas totalement dévoilés :)
Moment et échanges très sympa sur et hors du tapis, n'hésitez pas a le rencontrer s'il est dans les parages !

Mirceal is recommended by lukecage (12/17/2014)

a genuinely cool and intelligent guy. i had a great time with him. worth your time on the mat

lukecage is recommended by frenchjobber (11/23/2014)

One of the strongest guy I have ever met! but also smart, funny, technical and amazingly resistant. A real sportive guy, accomplished into judo and grappling.. Thanks for the great afternoon I look forward to fighting him again!

frenchjobber is recommended by lukecage (11/22/2014)

A genuinely cool, fun and easy going guy. I had a great time wrestling him. He's motivated and never gives up. Certainly not to be missed

lukecage is recommended by Flexforme (8/25/2014)

Despite his imposing looking photos and confident trash talk he is just a big pussy cat really :) seriously had a fun roll around with this guy who is strong and skilled. Off the mats he is one of the most interesting guys I have met and am looking forward to round two when he comes to London.

Flexforme is recommended by lukecage (8/25/2014)

In my British voice: what a delightful lovely old bloke lolol
In my New Yorker voice: enjoyed rolling around with him so he could test his skills and I could play nice lol.

A really fun guy. Highly recommended

lukecage is recommended by tapout (8/22/2014)

We go for another match once we have proper mats, no injuries and I have had some intensive training before :-) First real exposure to New Yorker humour at the same time ... that is also what you have to keep in mind when you read the "meeting and beating" part of his recommendation :-)))

tapout is recommended by lukecage (8/22/2014)

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and beating Tapout...even with one arm ha ha lol. He's a nice genuine guy and great to take on. Highly recommended

lukecage is recommended by Pitt (7/17/2014)

Lutteur tout en muscles ! Il a beaucoup de force et aussi de la technique ce qui en fait un très bon lutteur. Il est aussi très sympa. J'ai passé un très bon moment avec lui, on remet ça avec plaisir !

Pitt is recommended by lukecage (7/17/2014)

What a cool wrestler he is. I had an excellent time matching up with him. Certainly one of my favorites. Will be glad to do it again without hésitation

lukecage is recommended by matthias (12/30/2013)

Veni, vidi, vici. ;) He's a fun guy, nice on and off the matt.

matthias is recommended by lukecage (1/01/2014)

very nice guy. had a fun match. looking forward to the next one to exact revenge lol

lukecage is recommended by MMASporty (8/24/2013)

I met him in Lausanne in one of my trips. He is a very nice guy, athletic with strong muscles and a good fight experience. We had hard rounds and good conversations too. I look forward to the next fights when I come back to Lausanne.

MMASporty is recommended by lukecage (8/25/2013)

What a great guy he is. Very funny and polite and equally skilled in bjj. Had an awesome time facing him. Highly recommended

lukecage is recommended by fracle2 (7/28/2013)

Very strong and with a lot of techniques, he does what he wants on a mat...But he adapts to the level of his opponent and is a patient teacher too! Very nice of the mat too, don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him!

fracle2 is recommended by lukecage (7/28/2013)

What a down-to-earth pleasant and very nice guy! Had a great time meeting and wrestling him. He's very eager to learn new techniques and determined to battle through a challenge. Certainly woryh your time if you get a chance to meet him!


almanzor is recommended by lukecage (11/20/2012)

What an awesome guy. I had a great time wrestling him. He learns new techniques and applies them almost immediately. If you get a chance to wrestle him, by all means do it.

lukecage is recommended by MuscChamp (8/11/2012)

We wrestled several times about a decade ago! He is extremely hot, gracious and reliable! We had great competitive matches, talking trash in various languages! Forcing him to submit "en francais" was the high point! :-) We hope to wrestle again in either LA or Paris! Meanwhile, he hopes that he can beat me this time! ;-)

MuscChamp is recommended by lukecage (8/11/2012)

What a great guy he is. We wrestled many years ago when I was but a novice. He was extremely powerful and precise and I stood no chance. Can't wait to take him on again in the present and add him to my list of victims lol

lukecage is recommended by ARGONSA1 (2/25/2012)

GREAT Guy ! watch his drills !

ARGONSA1 is recommended by lukecage (2/25/2012)

had an awesome time wrestling him. good fun

lukecage is recommended by rech plan lutte sur paris (11/18/2011)

lukecage is a nice and kind man, and above all he's very strong with very high level in martial technic..and he's a good teacher..if you want to improve your level and to take a pleasant moment, it's the right wrestler.

rech plan lutte sur paris is recommended by lukecage (11/19/2011)

a really nice guy and gracious host. i had a great time meeting him.


dim127 is recommended by lukecage (11/11/2011)

had a great time wrestling him. nice guy on and off the mat


jhgay88 is recommended by lukecage (11/11/2011)

had a fun time wrestling him. looking forward to beating him again lol

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