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43 Male

5'10" (179 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg)

  1. Austria, Vienna
  2. Germany, Berlin
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Languages spoken:
English, German, Italian, Russian

wrestling singlet, judogi bjj gi

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, JudoJudo

Even match, Brazilian ju-jitsu, Workout partner, I have access to mats, Friendship, Not interested in cyber

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a -if you come to vienna - i got mats for a good match - just interested into good fights on mats.. n

b - travelling extensively around europe and i m often in new york

c - have clear fotos when you get in touch with me - face should be clear, and btw i m on every foto i have posted here - so please dont ask me if its really me

d - age i dont care, but more for skills and height/weight range

and 4 all those with stupid questions -
A yes i do BJJ at club
B yes i do grappling at club
C yes i m competitive#
D no i m not interested in 6
C much more not into guys with no clear profil, foto

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musclejudo is recommended by jab (8/15/2012)

Needles to say he got strength but add advancing skills in BJJ too and you got some though rounds – a great game... every inch of the fights :0)

jab is recommended by musclejudo (8/11/2012)

very skilled, strong BJJler - powerful, fair, sane - thats rare to find and everyone should be lucky to go with him on the mat if you look for a match on advanced level - but... have some skills and be experienced otherwise he will clean floor with you :)

musclejudo is recommended by jpho227 (5/10/2011)

this guy really knows his stuff
keeps it loose and breezy
he doesnt get tired out
will wear you down, get you exhausted -
knows where he is even flying thru the air
and worse - knows where you are at all times
a great instructor, and does it for fun

jpho227 is recommended by musclejudo (10/01/2011)

he is very powerful, strong, explosive, ambitious and a real muscle-mountain - we had a great time matching up in new york

musclejudo is recommended by muscledfighter (9/30/2010)

One of my first private wrestling partners. Rolled several times and had great fun. Meanwhile he gained muscles and experience. So he is a hard challenge, but such a nice guy. One of the best.

muscledfighter is recommended by musclejudo (7/23/2011)

e.x.c.e.l.l.e.n.t ,ranked as my no 1 of my german wrestling opponents - - we matched up 3 times in berlin, tough, fair, and reliable opponent that makes the mat burning
very recommendable and always ready for a new bout with this nice guy, definetly my best german opponent up to now and i matched up with 15 germans

musclejudo is recommended by GroundFite (7/19/2011)

We fought for over three hours and could have gone longer. His cardio is really impressive and his strength is off the charts: it's hulk like. We fought with a full gi, sambo style with just the gi top and then submission style. What he is missing in technique he more than makes up for in strength. When we took the gi tops off it was really difficult for me to submit him. Strong, smart, aggressive but also really cool off the mats. I highly recommend him. One word of warning, this kid has an impressive motor (cardio), plus strength and technique, bring your 'A' game when you come to grapple with him.

GroundFite is recommended by musclejudo (7/21/2011)

"this is it" - simply G.r.e.a.t :), if you re looking for an excellent trained, skilled, reliable sparingpartner with clear profil, fotos - "this is it" - been meeting for ages guys from sites like this, and got actually more focus on sparing at wrestling/bjj clubs, so after a long time i gave it a new chance - and this was the best of it, had a great 3,5 hour lasting permanent sparing match in 3 different styles - bjj, sambo and wrestling, very recommendable and always again :)

musclejudo is recommended by Wrestlg (5/15/2011)

Had a Good Sweaty, Hour Plus of Hard Wrestling action, BUT only One Tapout!
Looking forward to Another Bout.
Skilled & Put together, BUT not some"good looking" Jerk!

Wrestlg is recommended by musclejudo (4/28/2011)

great guy, reliable, friendly, has mats and skillz , thank for 1 hour power wrestling :) let it roll again, A1 plus recommendation

musclejudo is recommended by 1try2pinme8 (7/10/2010)

as strong as an ox. be prepared to loose ... great good looking guy, fun on and off the mats

1try2pinme8 is recommended by musclejudo (7/10/2010)

great strong big guy, as well equipped with mats - i had a good time with hime, very recommendable

musclejudo is recommended by WrslMscl (7/06/2010)

We wrestled in the Spring of 2009, and we both sprang into action, and did not stop for two days, until we were swimming in pools of sweat.
Tough, relentless, and very strong opponent; I am loooking forwad to our next clash.

WrslMscl is recommended by musclejudo (7/08/2010)

very reliable guy, excellent skilled, tough - fair sane opponent on the mat - very recommendable 4 guys who want to have a good intense long fight - we had a great time

musclejudo is recommended by RingerCGN (5/10/2010)

always good wrestling... very skilled and strong as hell ;-)

RingerCGN is recommended by musclejudo (5/07/2010)

1 a wrestler - reliable, got technique, power, strenght, very skilled - very recommendable 4 everyone who love s the right wrestling on the mat

musclejudo is recommended by fighter1977 (1/28/2010)

this guy is a strong, good, quick and VERY friendly fighter. hope we can fight soon. was fun.

fighter1977 is recommended by musclejudo (1/28/2010)

great nice guy, reliable, quick and highly motivated and talented - very recommendable

musclejudo is recommended by tapout (12/22/2009)

mentally, spritually and physically fit guy with strength and sufficient bjj skills which he still combines with some wrestling and judo techniques. watch out, he copies your moves quickly too! musclejudo has mats and is keen to fight - go for it and enjoy the training session!

tapout is recommended by musclejudo (12/20/2009)

great guy, very recommendable, reliable and skilled - he learns quickly and every round gets tougher - let it rock:)

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