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  • At my workplace,in Rome... ‒ Uploaded on 2/18/2011
  • In the bathroom of my workplace... ‒ Uploaded on 2/18/2011
  • Photos from the wonderful sea of Taranto district,Apulia,Southern Italy.August 2011 ‒ Uploaded on 2/18/2011
  • At my workplace,in Rome... ‒ Uploaded on 2/18/2011
  • Photos from the wonderful sea of Taranto district,Apulia,Southern Italy.August 2011 ‒ Uploaded on 2/18/2011
  • In the bathroom of my workplace... ‒ Uploaded on 2/18/2011
51 Male

6'1" (186 cm), 190 lbs (86 kg)

  1. Italy, Roma,Lazio,Central Italy.
    Place of residence; Always for work-
  2. Italy, Taranto,Puglia,Southern Italy
    My birthplace.; Frequently,every one or two months.
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Salve a tutti!
Finalmente,grazie ad una preziosa indicazione,sono riuscito a scoprire questo sito dove esistono lottatori italiani,professionisti e non,che vogliono divertirsi e condividere una passione comune.Una ricerca non facile per una disciplina che,pare,conti molti più estimatori all'estero.Vorrei perciò ricredermi,sperando di poter contattare ed essere contattato da qualcuno di voi per sane sessioni di lotta,anche erotica.Non escludo sviluppi di tipo sentimentale ed amicale con le persone giuste o,alle quali,possa risultare io interessante e piacevole.Non c'è cosa più bella fra due uomini se non mostrare dolcezza e virilità nel rapporto reciproco.Che rende, sensazioni ed emozioni, ancora più intense ed appaganti.Oltre a sviluppare un salutare senso di cameratismo...
Aspetto le vostre proposte,un cordale saluto ed un forte "bearhug"a tutti!
Presente anche su Facebook con il profilo Waltyfight Wrestler (e mail:[email protected])

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waltyfight is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder (2/05/2014)

a well manner person, someone who can understand good english but on the mats he is a fighter, a definite meetup that you must have if you are in rome

rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by waltyfight (2/05/2014)

Rassling,a malaysian bodybuilder, has been an authentic surprise yesterday...A strong bodybuilder,so fond of wrestling!I believe he has built a good experience in Italy during his matches with the wrestlers he met.A cheerful and jovial man that,after a balanced beginning in our match, used,in the end,his wonderful biceps and legs.I felt squeezed in several kinds of head and bodyscissor as if I was imprisoned by a pythoon.
I'm sure that when he improves,like me,his skill about different holds,Rassling will turn out to be unbeatable...I guess!
I hope to meet him again on a mat and outside as a friend.He's so far but who never knows?Kuala Lumpur could be much nearer than one can imagines...

Rassling,culturista malese,e' stata un'autentica sorpresa ieri.Un ragazzio dal corpo scolpito,,grande amante della lotta.Credo che nei suoi giorni trascorsi in Italia abbia costruito una buona esperienza con tutti coloro che ha incontrato sulla materassina.Un ragazzo allegro e gioviale che,dopo un inizio di match equilibrato ha poi usato i suoi formidabili bicipiti e cosce.I suoi bodyscissor ed headscissor fortissimi mi hanno imprigionato come fra le spire di un...pitone!
Sono sicuro che Rassling,una volta costruita una valida sperienza tecnica,come il sottoscritto,attraverso la pratica continua,sara' praticamente...imbattibile!
Spero di poterlo reincontrare su una materassina e come amico fuori dai dojo.Peccato viva cosi lontano...Ma,chissa'...Kuala Lumpur potrebbe essere piu' vicina di quanto uno immagini.

waltyfight is recommended by scorpionet (1/25/2014)

Good and aggressive, keen to learn, relaiable and always ready for a good long sweaty fight!

scorpionet is recommended by waltyfight (1/25/2014)

I met Scorpionet yesterday as a surprising,third host of Barefeetfighter for the re-match I had previously scheduled...
Scorpionet is dry and lean but this must not make you think of a weak and unexperienced guy.Conversely he has dominated our match from the beginning with his agility,strenght and experience due to his past as judoka.
I hotly recommend him to anyone would like to face him.It won't be easy to put him on the ground!And I hope to meet him again!
Ho incontrato Scorpionet ieri,quale terzo,inaspettato e graditissimo ospite lottatore di un match di rivincita che,con Barefeetfighter,avevamo deciso da tempo di riorganizzare dopo l'incontro di metà dicembre.Scorpionet ha un fisico asciutto ma questo non deve indurre in un grossolano errore di valutazione.Al contrario,ha dominato sin dall'inizio il nostro match non lasciandomi alcuno spazio per poter ribilanciarne le sorti.Sono stato agevolmente dominato e paralizzato dalle sue prese.Un ragazzo,Scorpionet,che non mi ha lesinato consigli e "segreti"di questa bella disciplina per poter arricchire la mia esperienza.Lo raccomando vivamente a chiunque voglia affrontarlo.Io spero di reincontrarlo di nuovo.Grazie,Scorpionet.

waltyfight is recommended by barefeetfighter (12/19/2013)

Finalmente! Siamo riusciti a fare un incontro tanto atteso. Waltyfight è altamente raccomandato come compagno di lotta innanzitutto perché ama "farsela sul serio". Poi perché non si dà per vinto facilmente e infine perché, come me, si diverte sempre, sia a prevalere che a essere sottomesso!!!
Finally! We were able to make a long-awaited meeting. Waltyfight is highly recommended as a companion to fight first of all because he loves "have it seriously." Then why not give in easily, and finally because, like me, always have fun both to be submissive to dominate that!

barefeetfighter is recommended by waltyfight (12/20/2013)

Barefeetfighter is,since yesterday and finally,a wonderful reality among the wrestlers,here in Rome.The right occasion to meet is arrived and I hope that the friendship which was born after the match,could give me the opportunity to meet him again on tha mat.Alone or in a session with other opponents.
Barefeetfighter is technically well equipped with experience and smartness which,in this discipline,makes the difference with anyone that uses only his strenght.But he's also muscularly well defined and his holds,especially the headscissors,bodyscissors,the four leg locks and the different kinds of bearhugs makes you suffer considerably...
I highly recommend him to anyone is in Rome or comes here.There's no waste of time with him.He's got a good space with mats where fighting.
Surely I will meet him again to improve my experience also with his advice...
Barefeetfighter e',da ieri,una splendida realta'nel panorama dei lottatori romani iscritti su meetfighters.Finalmente l'occasione giusta per incontrarci s'e'materializzata e l'amicizia,che gia' c'era fra noi,spero si sia cementata col nostro match.Per questo motivo immmagino che ci incontreremo sulla materassina di nuovo.Da soli o con altri avversari,se si riuscira'ad organizzare una bella "sessione di lotta".A Roma o altrove.
Tecnicamente barefeetfighter e'parecchio dotato.E questo fa la differenza in una disciplina come questa,dove la forza da sola non basta.Ma e' anche muscolarmente definito e le sue prese,come le headscissors,i bodyscissors,le leve strangolanti fatte con le cosce e i polpacci,fanno soffrire parecchio la...vittima!
Lo raccomando vivamente a chiunque voglia misurarsi con lui;che viva qui o giunga da fuori.Con barefeetfighter non si perde tempo e si arriva subito al sodo.Ha anche uno spazio equipaggiato dove poter lottare liberamente.
Spero vivamente di reincontrarlo.Sicuramente la mia esperienza trarra' beneficio dai suoi consigli.


Alma Latina is recommended by waltyfight (7/16/2013)

I haven't already met Alma Latina on a mat.I'm sure he would overwhelm me.He seems to have a big experience in wrestling.I started to follow this discipline only a couple of years ago.But it would be great to have,in the future,a good occasion to meet and wrestle him.Wherever it is the place.As far as our contacts are concerned,even though we are so far,I daresay he's surely also a very good person to start a great friendship...
Waltyfight from Rome,Italy.

waltyfight is recommended by paul fight (3/04/2013)

04.03.13 - Gran bel match quello con waltyfight, bravo lottatore potente ed energico. Sono molto soddisfatto della mia performance. Se siete di Roma e siete di passaggio, non esitate a contattarlo ne sarete soddisfatti, bellissima persona super raccomandato. Grazie walty per la bellissima giornata e spero di poter lottare nuovamente con te.

paul fight is recommended by waltyfight (3/05/2013)

Milano,5 marzo 2013
Intensa mattinata di allenamento con Paul Fight che m'ha lasciato,sia sulla materassina che fuori,l'impressione di un'ottima persona.Come ne ero sicuro,dati i proficui contatti precedenti.Sincera,leale,disponibile,anche nei fatti,nella condivisione di una nostra comune passione.Paul non va assolutamente sottovalutato nell'ambito della forza e della tecnica sempre suscettibile di miglioramento attraverso sessioni di lotta piu' vicine nel tempo.Ottimi e micidiali i suoi bodyscissors dai quali mi sono sentito letteralmente fasciato e immobilizzato senza via di scampo!
Lo raccomando vivamente,quindi,per chiunque si trovi a passare da Milano o ci viva.Complimenti Paul!

waltyfight is recommended by chesterbloke (11/26/2012)

Had a great match with Walter when he visited the UK. Really looking forward to taking him on again

chesterbloke is recommended by waltyfight (11/20/2012)

Chesterbloke was one of the proud opponents I met with Aton2001 and Nicko during our wrestling full immersion in U.k.last weekend.He told me he made weightlifting and his strong arms and his well built body shown the evidence.I have been beaten during the three matches of five minutes each we disputed.Of course not only his strength but also his experience made the rest.Anyway I really enjoyed to make practice with him since I'm a beginner.He's a loveable boy since after the match,we also had a good time in a pub in High Barnet.I would like to fight against him again if there will be another opportunity,hoping in a longer match...!

waltyfight is recommended by UKrenegade (11/24/2012)

I had the pleasure of wrestling Walter at a group meet in London.He was also a very nice guy to chat too. Looking forward to the next time.

UKrenegade is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Ukrenegade is a gentleman of wrestling.I met him on the mat at High Barnet,during the London Contest of 2012.I enjoyed his way of fighting which made me understand that I had to belong to him after the first minutes of our three part matches.I wish to meet him again,it doesn't matter where...!

waltyfight is recommended by yelp31 (11/21/2012)

i had a great time meeting walty all though a novice he was game and quite resiliant traits i admire allso extremly good company and with traits he has got he can only improve well worth meeting

yelp31 is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Yelp31 was a splendid surprise among all the participants of the London Wrestling Contest we had at London Stratford,at High Barnet and Colchester.I didn't know him and his name wasn't inserted among those of all the others.He's an absolute teacher of life and also of judo and other martial arms as he shown us in his pleasant lessons.There was no story in my matches against him,of course.But I learned something about the lessons and the different,incredible ways to knock down anyone is in front of you and represent a possible threatening.Yelp is slim but his muscles,defined by his manual job,are terribly strong.He could quietly to face up to anyone.But yelp31,our "bambino"(italian word for "child")has already become a really,good friend for all of us which have been lucky to meet.Both on a mat and in front of a good pint of wonderful largest!
I really wish to meet him again one day.For wrestling and sharing our happy time!

waltyfight is recommended by nickfight (11/21/2012)

Waltyfight è stato uno del gruppo italiano di lottatori in trasferta a Londra.
E' stato un piaciere lottare con lui, un buon fisico, alto asciutto, tonico ed agile.
Una bella persona da incontrare anche dopo la lotta, intelligente, sensibile, umano.
A presto ciao Waltygiht!

nickfight is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Nickfight è stato uno degli avversari italiani che hanno partecipato al fine settimana di lotta da incorniciare,a Londra.Ben piazzato e bicipiti ben definiti,pronti a carpire in un "grapevine" assoluto,chiunque non abbia molta esperienza nel liberarsene.Ne sono stato una vittima pur combattendo con tutte le mie forze.Una bella persona,un potenziale buon amico col quale parlare non solo di wrestling ma anche di altro,avendo insieme a lui,opinioni coincidenti su tanti argomenti...Spero di rivederlo presto.Magari con lui,che è italiano,dovrebbe essere piu' facile rispetto ai colleghi inglesi!Ciao Nickfight1

waltyfight is recommended by matworker (11/21/2012)

I really enjoyed wrestling Walt at High Barnet in November 2012.
A very friendly man with good wrestling skills. I hope we get to wrestle again on another of his wrestling trips to the UK.

matworker is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Matworker from Nottingham like Robin Hood!We had a great time in the Wrestling Contest held in London at High Barnet on saturday 17th.Well built and proud wrestler.So I could define him after the wrestling match.But also a person with a deep sense of friendship and cheerfulness.It's what I found of him not only on a mat but also before a good half a pint of beer at a pub.I wouldn't hesitate to meet him again in a next contest in U.k.,wherever it will be held.

waltyfight is recommended by aton2001 (6/05/2012)

2012-06-02 Although novices do not wrong to underestimate the strength of Walty, you might be surprised by his arms and agility. Highly recommended in and out the mat. If you pass in Rome contact him for a sweaty and funny match

aton2001 is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Aton is like a pythoon!I'll never forget his headscissors combined with a tremendous bodyscissor which wrapped up my body completely when we met in Turin.Highly recommandable to everyone who wants to appreciate the fine art of wrestling.Not only strenght but also intelligence.My thanks to him adding to what I could already say about Aton,my congratulations for all the perfect organization of The Wresling London Contest 2012.The meeting has been held in the main city of U.k.from 16th to 19th of November 2012 and we have partecipated together.Great time,great opponents and great Aton!I daresay he's a landmark for me...

waltyfight is recommended by Tyger (11/21/2012)

really enjoyed fighting walty last week! he's tough and sexy - really hope we can lock up again one day!

Tyger is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Tyger is a tiger!Don't be betrayed by the "y" of the word that could change the meaning.At least,this is my consideration.And what I found on the mat,at Barnet,last saturday.Very proud wrestler and a person full of cheerfulness in and out of a gym.As it testifies the good evening we had about the match,in a pub...Hoping to meet him again as soon as possible!

waltyfight is recommended by Peteuk (11/19/2012)

I met Walt on my mats last sunday an equally matched opponent and a great guy. We had a few great matches.

Good man to know and meet you should wrestle him if you get the chance

Peteuk is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Peteuk is already a lovable friend I have in U.k.I can be sure about him because his sense of hospitality and the good time we had together at Colchester,on last sunday.This for the third and last day of Wrestling Contest organized by Aton2001.We had strong and prolonged matches since we had not a refree which took the time as it was in Barnet.So I had also the time to learn more about wrestling from all the participants.And also from Peteuk of course!He was massive and against his prolonged and terrible bodyscissors there was nothing to do for me...I hope to see him again.I'm sure we will still have a great time together.On a mat or before a good pint of largest!Ciao da Roma!


kewrestle is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Kewrestle was,I think,one of the professional wrestlers that participated at the Wrestling Contest at High Barnet,in London,last saturday.I had the pleasure to fight against him, without hope, to get a balance in one of the three matches of five minutes each.But there was not story about it.I then took a look at his profiles and at his photos afterwards.And I understood why this was impossible!I thank him for his availability with a beginner!Hoping to see him on a mat one day...


lightwt4subs is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

Strong and light.There's no a better work to explain the way he his and the tactics he uses to knock you down.I had the pleasure to share the mat with him and I was impressed by the way he faced me.I was beaten but I was pleased to have some pieces of advices from him at the same time.He organized then a special evening for us in a very good pub in Barnet where we had all a great,happy time.I hope to meet him again.It doesn't matter where it will happen.He travels a lot and maybe I could hope to see him again in Italy!Ciao,Strongnlite!


grappleruk is recommended by waltyfight (11/21/2012)

At the London Wrestling Contest in High Barnet this wonderful wrestler has beaten many opponents.Agility,strong muscles well defined and experience,of course,make the difference.I just tried as a beginner to be a discrete opponent trying to leverage on my passive phisycal resistance.But it didn't last long.I still remember his last bodyscissor combined with a headscissor which knocked me out fast quickly.Good boy and good time with him at a pub for a beer after the matches...I wouldn't hesitate to contact him again for another occasion to show me some other secrets of this noble sport...

waltyfight is recommended by Essexwrestler (11/16/2012)

Met Walter today and had a great submission match with him.
We were kinda evenly matched and there was plently of evenly matched holds with plently of give and take throughout the match
Lovely bloke both on and off the mats.
That rematch in Rome is looking good :)

Essexwrestler is recommended by waltyfight (11/20/2012)

I fought against Essexwrestler during the London Wrestling Contest at Travelodge of London Stratford.I found him a very excellent opponent since any of the three matches we disputed,have been really balanced.His agility and the perfect way he used some of his preferite holds,gave me problems to try to control him.I enjoyed so much with him and I appreciated his sense of friendship when we had a pleasant conversation and time to spend together after the match.I wouldn't hesitate to wrestle with him again the next time I come to U.k.

waltyfight is recommended by LottaPalermo (11/19/2012)

I know him by chatting only, but hope to meet him as soon as possible in a ring. Will destroy you!;)

LottaPalermo is recommended by waltyfight (8/14/2012)

I know LottaPalermo only by chatting and I would like to meet him one day.I'm sure it's the right man which doesn't allow you to call for pity whenever you are under him.Reliable,friendly and really fond of boxing and vale tudo.In a word,I recommend him to anyone will meet him.Hoping in my turn,of course!

waltyfight is recommended by ragazzoboyitaly (8/05/2012)

Strong man,he is ready to improve his wrestling. Very nice person. It was very good wrestle against him

ragazzoboyitaly is recommended by waltyfight (8/03/2012)

I'm really glad and honoured to have beeen today another "victim"of this tough wrestler.In Rome,in this period,it's really hot.And it's difficult for anyone also to try to have a match.You really risk an heart attack.But the occasion to meet him after a long time of chat and contact couldn't be lost.We fought in his bed and breakfast's room this morning and,after five minutes we melt.Our three matches didn't last more than five,ten minutes I think with three pauses for any of them.Ragazzoboyitaly is as strong as a bull.His biceps circumference was double than mine.Anyway I tried with all the strenght I had to submit him.Almost impossible.I would have liked to fight with him more but it was too hot.He's a very experienced and talented man for wrestling and all his holds were the result not only of his force but alsop of his intelligence.I recommend hinm to anyone even though I don't think he need this.I have been today one of his regardable number of opponents which has been defeated.We became friends as well and it's my desire to meet him again and again in better weather circumstances to try,with my growing experience,not certainly to beat him, but to make him suffer a little bit more...What else I could say?Ragazzoboyitaly:one of the bests!


James87 is recommended by waltyfight (7/01/2012)

I knew James 87 during a trip to Turin.We didn't wrestle but I can recommend him to everyone.He's a reliable,strong and handsome man.I still remember the surprising "ball grabbing"he gave me when I was waiting for him in a public toilet of a big shop.After he went out of the loo he used his hands like claws!Nobody saw us but what a surprise has been.I hope to find a good occasion to have him as next opponent.

waltyfight is recommended by RomaFighter (7/01/2012)

Thank you walter for the nice words that he used to me. It is always a pleasure to wrestle with him. Has a body beautiful, strong, erotic. It is also a nice person out of the mat. I recommend him to everyone

RomaFighter is recommended by waltyfight (6/25/2012)

From Waltyfight.
After a long time I met Romafighter again this morning,june 23rd.It's always a pleasure to fight against a person which has worked as a "sliding door"to allow me to get into the world of wrestling.I love his very strong body and headscissor not less than his erotic charge when you find yourself immobilized under him.I would surely recommend him to anyone.I uploaded the last four photos we shoot about our meeting in Rome.

waltyfight is recommended by grossartig (6/08/2012)

waltyfight is a very nice and good person and opponent, and not only a motivated and enthusiastic fighter, but also a good teacher, who has shown me techniques to improve my fighting skills. I really recommend him!

grossartig is recommended by waltyfight (6/06/2012)

Grossartig is a real talented wrestler even though is,like me,a beginner.So,don't understimate the ability and,moreover,his hands which work like claws when they hold tight around your body!

waltyfight is recommended by g6fighter (6/05/2012)

I'm the first here :-) and you are my 4th opponent from Italy. Thanks to Aton2001.
It was a great idea from Aton2001 to invite you and to find a special place for wrestling to three:-)

So I could meet you in Turin too. You are a strong, wild, hot and great wrestler, and a nice guy out of mat. I get never forget the great hot fights with you and Aton at my last day in Turin. Highly recommended! Hope to meet you sometime again.

g6fighter is recommended by waltyfight (6/06/2012)

g6fighter has been the surprise of my little wrestling-holyday in Turin this week.I didn't know him and I appreciated his ability to move like a cat.And,like a cat,he knows when he has to grab his prey leaving any escape to it.And I've been his real prey at the end of a terrific wrestling match in Turin.Higly advisable to wrestle with!

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