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Gay Wrestling Championship - Part 1 - Introduction!

On a beautiful tropical island, 16 guys are coming to compete in a wrestling competition to become the Gay Wrestling Champion. They all come from different paths and experiences, but they all are ready to bring out the A-game for grabbing the championship belt.

The rules are simple, submission matches where the winner gets to do what he wants with the loser afterwards. All 16 guys has been put into four groups with four guys in each, where the two with the best results goes through to the next round. In case of three guys having a tie, a sudden death match will be held, determining the final placements in the group. The then eight guys will be put into a play-off with head-to-head matches until we got a winner. (All matches are going to be totally randomized, but with a slight advantage to taller and heavier of the two competing. This is to make everything exciting and unpredictable, both for you as readers and me as a writer)

Here is a short introduction to all the 16 guys. I got pictures as well of them, which you can see here on imgur, using this link:


Adrian Owens, 20, 5'7, 165lbs, 7”
The youngest guy in the league, only 20 years, but still a beast on the mats. Wrestled since he was a young kid but found the erotic side of the sport when he and a buddy of his started doing hot things with each other. After becoming a lot stronger than his friend, beating him over and over, he got a bit tired and went out on the search for stronger opposition and find the information about the league, which he quickly applied and got signed up. Favorite hold: Full Nelson.

Damien Schneider, 25, 5'8, 160lbs 7”
Damien is a rather inexperienced wrestler, only been doing it for about 5 years, but has improved lots over the years. After being a good swimmer and baseball player in his youth, he found wrestling after getting to try it out a bit at a club, and he fell in love with it. Got to try the erotic matches after getting to know a few of the guys there and totally dominated them, which earned him a spot in this league. Favorite hold: Leg lock.

Frank Simpson, 32, 6'2, 220lbs 8,5”
Frank is one of the big favorites for the upcoming tournament and it is no surprise when you go head to head with him. This massive dude can make you wish for a quick ending if you aren't ready for his fury. Is normally a pretty nice guy outside the mats, but when the match starts, you can see in his gray eyes a fury like no other. Has a reputation to tie up his victims after beating them. Question remains if he gets to do that in the championship. Favorite hold: Crossface

Zachary Bowman, 24, 5'9, 190lbs 8”
Zachary is never leaving a match without going all out. He doesn't tap easily, and if he does, he will be on the verge of fainting. After playing football for a few years he went over to start wrestling, and has never gone back since. His abs are rock hard and is not afraid to go into a gutpunchingfest, if it comes up for it. Favorite hold: Headlock


Brett Kozlowski, 26, 5'7, 180lbs 6”
With a father from Ukraine and a mother from USA, has Brett got the best of both worlds. He might be on the short side, only 5'7, but he makes it up with being a great talent. When he moved to study abroad in Kiev, Ukraine, he got to challenge some of the big ukrainian bears, which in the end got wrecked by this half-american who banged them hard afterwards. He might not have the biggest cock, the shortest in the tournament actually, but his dirty mind have other tricks to show dominance over his opponents. Favorite hold: Rear naked choke

Jake Linford, 38, 6'2, 210lbs 8”
Jake is one of the two Linford brothers. Martin and Jake Linford grew up on a farm and quickly find joy to wrestle each other. One thing led to the other and it wasn't long until the two kids put more exciting things on the line when they wrestled. Jake was the one that struggled, after all were his brother six years older and had a lot more experience, but Jake grew up to be a monster in the end, especially when their friends were involved. Jake likes the trash talk and isn't afraid to show his challengers no mercy. Favorite hold: Boston crab

Max Emery, 28, 5'10, 170lbs 7”
Max is usually working as a firefighter, and had no fighting background before he started his job. But when he came in contact with some collegues who did some wrestling in the basement while waiting for an alarm, he jumped in. He enjoyed the fun of it, lost quite a lot of matches first, but got in to it quickly and has now been unbeaten at work for over a year. Lots of loads have ended up down the throats and asses of his collegues who told him to sign up for the competition. An offer he couldn't refuse. Favorite hold: Arm Wrench

Spencer Smith, 33, 5'8, 155lbs 8”
Spencer is practicing MMA and has done so for all his adult life. Being one of the strongest in the gym, he often wished that his win were more than just glory. During a trip to Brazil, he got to know a local, teaching him the ways of erotic submission wrestling, and he was trapped. Sure, he got fucked a lot of times by the dude and his adepts, but eventually the student became the master. The feeling of being able to fuck his teacher after the win was unreal and since then never stopped fucking after a match. Favorite hold: Hammerlock


Abdul Farroukh, 23, 5'6, 135lbs, 6,5”
Born in America by parents from Lebanon, he started wrestling at a young age being coached by his father. The father drilled him hard, wanting him to become as good as his father was in his home country and took all kinds of ways to make him better. In the end, at 18 years old, Abdul decided to challenge his own father, a fight which would settle who was the strongest. The kid won and took advantage of his fathers weakness. After that he has a speciality to go up against older men who thinks they got it in the bag to break them down and make them serve him. Favorite hold: Side headlock

Amir Guzman, 23, 5'7, 170lbs 8”
It may seem like Amir Guzman just talks a lot of trash and doesn't really have anything to show for. Just when you think that, he proves you wrong. This brutal wrestler doesn't stop until you very clearly tap out or go to sleep. He likes to play dirty with you and make you suffer during the match. He'll make you eat up your words and make you wish you shouldn't have challenged him. Growing up an orphan, he knew from an early stage that he had to fight his way to get what he wants. And he knows now how to get it as well. Favorite hold: Dragon Sleeper

Edward Sadler, 26, 6'0, 190lbs 8”
Edward Sadler is personal trainer who also is a member of a underground sexwrestling group. They are a number of guys who meet up two times a month and wrestle each other out for dominance. ”Eddie” is the current champ among the group and when he got to hear about the tournament he didn't hesitate to apply. Two championship belts are better than one, right? Favorite Hold: Cloverleaf

Martin Linford, 44, 5'9, 210lbs 8”
Martin is the 2nd, but oldest of the two Linford brothers. Working on the Linford farm made him strong early and everytime he came into a fight with a classmate, he punched them down easily. When his brother Jake became older, the two fought each other more and more, with Martin being the winner often. But as older as Jake became, the stakes became higher and the two teenagers went full out war on each other, trying to show who was the bigger man. The fighting made them stronger and now being in his 40s he enjoys to take down cocky boys, just the way he did to his own brother back in the day. Favorite hold: Camel clutch


Alex Kostas, 25, 6'1, 180lbs, 8”
Alex has greek heritage and does often show how proud he is of it. He loved the stories of the ancient greeks fighting, naked and filled with passion and it inspired him enough to become a strong fighter today as well. With his all round strength, he is seen as someone who is impossible to beat and he knows it. He has been unbeaten among his wrestling buddies for almost two years, making him a force to be reckon with in the competition. Favorite hold: Guillotine choke

Austin Bennett, 23, 5'5, 140lbs 7”
Little Austin, shortest guy in the tournament by just being over 5'5, is a guy that by the looks of it got nothing here to do over guys that are up to over 10 inch taller than he is. But don't get fooled by the boy, he can give anyone a match. After he got bullied in school a lot he find his calling in wrestling and his confidence grew a lot. His muscular body became a threat, despite still being quite little in his teens. He manage to fight his bullies and when one of them turned out to get horny by getting kicked in the ass by Austin, he took advantage of the situation. As an adult he has worked out his legs to be his speciality, something his opponents have trouble handling. Favorite hold: Head scissors

Benjamin James, 36, 6'1, 165lbs 9”
The guy with the biggest cock is Benjamin James, and the guys might need to do everything to win, cause he shows no mercy when he gets to put it in his opponents ass. Starting off in a poor family, he got away from the world of crime starting to box, which led him to MMA and wrestling eventually. And he didn't disappoint in any decipline, he excelled at it. And when he got into a erotic fight, he started winning most of those matches as well. Now all in his neighbourhood fears to challenge him, knowing that they will have to work hard to not get laid out on the mat by this guy.
Favorite hold: Cobra clutch

Javier Bravo, 25, 6'3 225 8”
The tall Venezuelan guy, Javier Bravo, is hard man to beat. Being the tallest and heavyest is sure an advantage and he knows how to handle smaller dudes. After being a body builder for a few years he got invited to start wrestling, where he noticed his love to dominate small guys. He likes to play with them a bit, think they got the upper hand, but in the end, he just lift them up, squeeze their bodies and them throw them back in the mat. And that is just the beginning. Favorite hold: Bearhug

That is all the 16 guys! I will upload a blog post for the matches every now and then, telling you how the tournament shakes out. Hope that you are interested in reading it. ;)

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