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Gay Wrestling Championship - Part 2 - The story begins!

Picture of all the guys competing:

GROUP A: Round #1

Adrian Owens vs. Damien Schneider

Two pretty young guys where going to start the whole competition off. Adrian wearing his assigned yellow speedos, against Damien in cyan. The other guys watching were extatic, finally seeing everything start off and with two young fighters, both hungry of winning. The match started off with both guys locking up, trying to use their strength to take the other down. It is Damien that eventually takes the blond boy under his long arms and lifted him up into a bearhug. Adrian were squirming, trying to get free from Damiens grip who just laughed straight into the boys face Eventually managed Adrian to get an arm free and punched Damien in the face, forcing him to let go. Adrian kept going and gut punched the slightly taller guy a few times and when Damien hit the ropes, Adrian grabbed his balls, making Damien scream out in pain. When releasing the grip, Damien fell to his knees, grabbing the balls while Adrian grabbed Damien from behind in a rear naked choke. The guys watching could now see how Damien were now in big trouble, and it has only gone a few minutes. Maybe the inexperienced fighter maybe needed a bit more time. Damien struggled and gasped for air as Adrian just smiled and told him to give up already. Damien managed though to smash his elbow into Adrians ribcage, which forced him to let go. Damien quickly turned around and pulled down his opponent to the mat, and they both rolled around, trying to get on top.

Damien managed after a bit to stay on top, sitting on Adrians chest in a schoolboy pin and put his big hard bulge infront of the blong boys nose. ”Smell's like a champion huh?” Damien said, but his cockiness takes the better of him, as Adrians legs lay around his waist and pull him down. Suddenly Adrian was on top, keeping his legs around Damiens waist, squeezing it while grabbing his arm into an armlock Damien screamed out in frustration, didn't want to lose like this, but the more he struggled, the more he seemed to lose in energy. The boy knew he got him good, just a hold or two more and he was the winner. Damien used all his strength and managed to get his arm free again and tried to get back by grabbing Adrians balls. Adrian gave a frustreated groan and was forced to let him go again, as both guys quickly head up to their feet. They circled each other for a bit, both starting to get pretty tired as the heat was pretty intense during the middle of the day. Adrian grabbed Damiens leg which forced him to fall down on his face. This gave the oppurtunity for Adrian to grab both legs and put him into a boston crab, pulling every bit he had into the former swimmer. Damien yelled out in pain ”You bastard!” but he had no power left and the back was now burning in pain. Adrian growled and shouted ”Give up” again, grinning all over his face. Damien looked desperate, but he knew he couldn't take it anymore and tapped his hand into the mat three times. Adrian let go and took the crowds cheer by putting a foot on Damiens back and flex his big muscles to the crowd.

He wasted no time into it and pulled the losers hair to his knees and pulled out his hard uncut 7 inch cock. Damien looked up in despair before putting it in his mouth. Adrian smiled as he looked down at his prize and knew he would enjoy this a lot. ”Deeper” he demanded Damien who followed his lead and took the whole cock down to his throat, making him gag on it. The crowd cheered and Adrian patted the loser on his head for a good try. After a bit he lifted Damien up to standing and told him to hold his hands behind his neck. Damien kept following the lead, but wasn't ready to Adrian slapping his cute ass over and over. Damien yelled out in pain for each slap, but Adrian kept going, until both cheeks began to glow red. Then he stood right behind Damien, putting him into a full nelson. Then Damien moaned loudly as Adrian inserted his hard cock inside. The crowd cheered him on as he pounded harder and faster, and for every thrust would Damien moan louder and louder. It didn't take long until Damiens cock became rock hard, loving to be dominated like this, especially from someone he didn't expect to be beaten by. Adrian grinned and wanted to get even deeper inside than it was possible but it didn't take long until he roared out ”Fuck, I'm gonna cum!” and shot his load straight into Damiens hole. Damien moaned with Adrian and dropped to his knees when he let him go from the hold. Adrian turned around and grabbed Damiens hair and look into his eyes. ”I am not going to let you'll need the energy to even have a chance against the other two” he said and with a smirk threw his head to the side. Adrian thanked the audience with a few more flexes before he left the stage.

WINNER: Adrian Owens

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