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Gay Wrestling Championship - Part 3 - Can favorites fall?

Picture of all the guys competing:

GROUP A: Round #1

Frank Simpson vs. Zachary Bowman

Everyone cheered seeing Frank enter the ring in his black speedos. He looked like the real deal, a guy that should go all the way to the finals. He had some big biceps, nice abs and also being 6'2 made him one of the tallest guys in the bunch too. And when Zachary took the stage in his orange speedos, with his 5'9 in height, then most people started to believe that this match was going to be over rather fast. The started to walk around each other, Frank smirking over this handsome boy who challenged him. ”I think I am gonna enjoy taking that ass of yours” he smiled and rubbed his hands in anticipation. Zachary didn't say a word, he just tried to wait out his opponent, full focused, knowint that this probably was the toughest match in the group for him. Then Frank went on the attack and lifted Zach up over his shoulders. Frank laughed as he started to bend the boy, applying some early pressure into his back, making him groan loudly. Zachary even started to scream out in pain as Frank kept a firm hand over his bulge, squeezing it tight and laughed, enjoying to be toying with this boy. He threw the kid down who landed on his back in the mat with a big bang. Frank circled through his victim, enjoying the view of Zachary squirming in pain. He pulled the boys up to his knees, whispering in his ear ”I knew you were a pussyboy” and grinned as he slammed his fist in Zachs gut. Surprised by Zachs lack of a big response, he did it again, and felt the strength in his abs. Zach just smiled and surprised the big guy by grabbing his leg, making him lose his balance and land on his back. Zach was quickly on top of Frank, ”I know how to handle a gutpunch, let's see if you can” and he started hammer fist after fist in Franks stomach. The older guy grinned and tried to stay tough, but in the end a few of the hits completly emptied him out of air for a moment.

Zach saw his chance and turned around to sit on his face, lift his legs up and bend the body so that he could take the black speedos off and smacking the big muscular ass. Frank was gasping for air and could feel the sweat from Zachs ass, as he could feel how a finger inserted into his hole. ”You like that, don't ya Frank?” Zach shouted and flexed with one arm as he fingered the tight manhole for a few seconds. Frank became furious and used all his strength to push the boy of him and now both of them stood up again. Frank looked like a maniac, he was really pissed and wanted to show the boy not the mess up with him. Zach was calmer, even smiled as they started to lock up again. Frank went for an attack, but got trapped into Zachs head lock. He could smell the sweaty pit as Zach just laughed and put several punches to Franks gut. Frank shouted for each hit, the crowd cheered for the same and Zach, enjoyed everything until he after almost a minute let him go. Frank fell to his stomach and struggled to get back up, as Zach went over and went on top of his back. He grabbed both arms and turned over into a double chicken wing. With the furious Frank getting even more frustated. He tried to buck the young one over, but it was impossible, the grip were too good to get out of. ”Fuck you dude” he yelled between to groans. Zach didn't answer him back, fully focused on this being the final move of the match. When Zachary even applied more pressure towards him, Frank had no choice than to scream ”Fuck, I give man!”. Zach let the man go and stood up. A big surprise this early in the competition, Zachary Bowman has taken down one of the big favorites in the tournament. He waved to the other guys, showed off his muscles, and then got ready to take this fucker down.

Frank laid there on the mat, more disappointed than tired to be fair. He had underestimated Zachary and he knew he would take the prize for it. ”It was a good fight man, but, better luck next time.” Zach said as he took his speedos off and sat on Franks face. ”Lick my balls loser” he told Frank, who struggled first but gave in eventually, felt the taste of the musky sweaty balls. Zach moaned in pleasure while jerking his thick 8 inch cock. A minute later, he pushed it inside Franks mouth, who felt more of the young taste of sweat and precum. Zach went deeper and deeper, holding Franks nose while he kept fucking the mouth. Frank teared up a bit as it hit the back of his throat which only kept Zach going into it harder. In a matter of moments, Zach burst out in a loud moan and shot his seed down the daddys throat, who had no other choice than to swallow it. Zach wasn't done there though and put his legs over Franks neck and started jerking the big cut cock of him. Frank moaned loudly and felt he was slightly choking, making him feel even more horny. Zachary kept going and in a matter of minutes, Frank moaned out and a big load landed all over his chest. Zachary stood up, grabbed Franks speedos and whiped the cum off and pushed the speedos in his mouth. Zach smiled and smacked lightly on Franks cheek and left the ring.

Winner: Zachary Bowman

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