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My Plan for Adulthood and Retirement

Hey Fighters and Friends,

So as some of you know, I've been going through a significant amount of Life Changes. I had a partner for a while, and a house to share with him, but that time is over and it's time for me to move on and continue with my life. I spent most of my life just doing whatever I wanted, but I realize that it's more about realizing needs so that wants can be taken care of along the way. So, I'll be moving back in with my parents and focusing on getting my degree. A good friend of mine on here told me that accountability is one of the ways to realize success: to ensure that I have more and more reason to fulfill my goals, and less reasons not to. So, in order to achieve said accountability, I have created a plan for myself to achieve success. I call it the "Perfect Plan: Draft One-A," since any good plan has room for error and adjustment. It's relatively simple and here it is:

1. Gain an associates degree in Accounting.
2. Get accounting experience (probably as an entry level clerk) while earning a second associate's, this one in Business Operations.
3. Move to a new home location after getting a vehicle, paying off my credit card balance, and saving up at least 4 to 5 grand.
4. In aforementioned new home location, gain my bachelor's degree in Accounting.
5. Gain experience as a legitimate accountant while earning my Master's degree.
6. After my Master's has been achieved, I should be at 150 credit hours of school, and my experience in accounting should be at least 4 years. Time to take the CPA exam to become a certified public accountant. *That's my main goal.
7. Enjoy the actual career. And probably take a road trip around the US to celebrate (if I can afford it).

So there you all have it. That's my plan and I intend to stick with it. That being said, I will be in North Carolina for a while. I am sure there will be times I can travel and (more often than not) host, but first I need to get my life together and become the functioning adult we all deserve. 😉

Thanks everyone for your support, and I appreciate you for reading this. I love to keep everyone informed if I can.

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