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The Workouts are Getting Intense Again! I'm Back, Brothers!!

Hey brothers, fellow fighters:

I am feeling amazing today. Been working out all week since I moved back into my parents house (shout out to mdbxrwrslr and MoonKnight for helping me set up my workouts) and today was the best workout I've done so far. Intense, plenty of sweat and I just had to post about it haha. I'm coming, fighters and I'm coming hard (giggity). The Bellringer is back in action, and I'm gonna be kicking up dirt on my path to becoming a great man, fighter, and warrior in this war called life. Here's what I did today (my workouts have variations but it's the same core formula every time), let me know what y'all think:

Stretching, put in my mouthpiece, then circuits:
15 push-ups, 15 leg lifts, 15 squats, 2 min plank
30 seconds

15 push-ups, 15 side leg lifts on each side, 15 squats, 2 one minute side planks on each side
Water, 30 seconds

3 two minute rounds of shadowboxing with weights
Water 30 secs

3 two minute rounds of shadowboxing (no weights but with conditions):
1st- jab crosses on left side stance
2nd- jab crosses on right side stance
3rd- head movement and swithcing stances/maneuvering
30 seconds water

Did some supersets! No breaks in between sets.
20 reps of dumbbells
20 reps medicine ball throws
20 reps kettebells overhead (on ground)
Repeated twice more for a total of 60 reps each!
30 secs water

2 min round of sitting on med ball for balance
2 min round of throwing the med ball up and letting it land on my abs

Cool down, water then jogged/walked for 30 minutes to finish. Showered, and enjoying the aches. Besides looking for critique, I want to inspire anyone who is having a hard time. If my skinny, 120 pound ass can do this, so can you. Just breathe, focus on the future, hardened you, and just do it. You got this, and so do I. Keep the gloves up guys!🥊🥊

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