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October9th 2021

I have just got back home - he said told me he wanted to dominate me on the email, but as i went to get him in a headlock he had yanked my jeans off and he'd asked me to wear tights and he had his hand down the back and his finger up my a8888hole. That just made me melt and fall to the floor. he got then fully off and was playing with my dick and balls and rolled one leg up for a pin fall.

I did get him in lots of head scissors and he didn't seem to try to escape - loved the feeling of his hands on my thighs, shouting 'no' as I tightened the scissors

I had to punish him for that and got his clothes off. he had a raging boner and asked me to pull him off him - but I teased =hin a lot with that. He got me in a full nelson and I could feel his rod up in between my arse cheeks - he began dry humping me - Id said no penetration and we both respected that. He had a bigger arse than mine - big, wide and very fleshy and liked me slapping it and giving him plenty of dirty trash talk.

Hot match and he wants to meet again in a few weeks.


October 1st

Well we both had solid boners from the start .

he was dressed in joggers when I arrived and his was pushing out the front of them!

I suggested we start off clothed so he had the joggers and a bare chest and I was in tight jeans and t shirt

Then we were down to briefs and there was lots of grabbing and hands down them.

I got him in a scissors and started pulling him off him he said to stop then he asked me again.

We both did ourselves at the end.

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WrestlerUK (13) 6 days ago

My kinda bout no messing around. Good


BigMG (0) 5 days ago

Thanks for your comments -not everyone's style I know, but it's got me lots of private messages ;)