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Progress Update and Heads Up

Been a while since the last journal and a lot has occured. I'll break each down.

1. New Gear: I'm still on the look for a mouthguard, trunks, and shoes, but I now am the proud owner of 4 pairs of gloves. 3 pairs of 14 oz and a pair of 16 oz. Should all go right and I keep progressing in my weight loss at a safe rate (no rapid weight loss is going to happen with me because those can have serious repercussions) there will be one more pair of gloves I will own. I set goals to earn them and I'm sticking to it, which leads to my next topic.

2. The Incentive System: Think of it like earning a sticker for your sticker chart and if you fill your chart, you get a reward. This system has been beneficial to me. It's helped me to progress in my weight loss and as well, learning more on boxing as well! Why it is called boxing, the history of the gloves, the introduction of the rules we follow, and all that jazz.

3. Folks who have been a great help: hookuppercut and Coach Radner have been helping me a bunch with workouts and as well helping me adjust my diet. Seriously it is great that these guys are willing to help me out and get better at not only the sport, but looking better as well. Yes I know there are folks who like bigger guys and all, but I'm tired of feeling insecure about my torso. Which leads to 4.

4. Why i began to learn boxing: I understand people enjoy bigger guys, but for me, it is my biggest insecurity I'm trying to get rid of. The bouncing of my gut while moving makes we feel everyone is staring and it doesn't help people have said it have B cups pretty much. These feelings made me want to lock myself in a room away from people and friends. But that is when I remembered boxing is an excellent way to lose the weight, build endurance, and get more confident. Plus make more friends in the community I can learn a thing or two from. That is why I joined the site in the first place. To learn from others, to help myself feel and look better than I currently am, and create friendships that can hopefully last.

5. Heads Up: Time for a small heads up. Remember people list on their profile their interests and details like what they look for in a match. Reading those will help you make the right choice. I don't care if you think you're the best around and want to just beat others to a pulp, READ THE PROFILE TO KNOW WHAT THE PERSON LIKES! If they are into beat downs, then go for it, but if they want a sane fight and you want to fight them, read their limits and respect them. Fighting, whether on mats, the ring or in the backyard or barn, is about respecting limits and boundaries. If you are unsafe, then let them know you feel worried. If they respond well to it, it will be like this scenario:

A: I'm not going to lie.... I'm kind of nervous

B: Don't worry. I may be a guy who hits hard and all that, but I respect your limits. We'll start light and move up in power when you are ready. And if any point you feel unsafe, let me know.

That is respectful and sets a boundary. It lets the fight be fun, sane, and both fighters get to enjoy some bonding. The other scenario is the guy who is nervous will say it and then the other guy doesn't listen and then cue a fight with him at full power and guy A just trying to survive. Now that isn't fun, sane, or even worth it! So in TL:DR. Read the profiles and set boundaries.

That is all.

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Ironbull (97)

9/18/2022 11:50 AM

An admirable approach to the sport. Good luck.