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“Hey man, I worked out all the details to fight this Hot Boxer this weekend and when I asked him about sex afterwards he blew me off and won’t respond. What’s the deal?”

“Dude! Just because the two of you share the same kink doesn’t mean you’re getting laid afterward.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sure you might look good in gear and actually give him a decent fight, but that doesn’t mean the two of you will hit it off sexually. He might think your breath stinks or you have ugly feet. Hitting it off in the ring doesn’t mean you’ll hit it off in the sheets. As much as many of us like to fantasize about two boxers getting it on after a match, NOTHING is guaranteed.”


What’s up fellas? I probably ran a few of you off with that convo before my BOXING RANT can even begin, but its WWAAYY more common than you think. What’s the deal? How is this still a thing? Okay, so many of you are young and horny so just the thought of boxing a hot guy gets your cock ROCK hard. And some of you may be older and have a hard time meeting guys so you figure this is the perfect way to meet an athlete and/or sex partner. But it doesn’t mean after you two exchange blows you’ll be swapping spit. MeetFighters and few others sites are a good way to meet guys into your sport/kink, but it’s NOT a Definitive YES when it comes to laying the dude when the leather finally settles. TALK to your opponent FIRST. He might have a partner, be dating someone or just not plain interested in you sexually. He’s an athlete, he can get sex anywhere. There have been a multitude of guys I wanted to fuck after we fought, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. Nor was it agreed upon before our bout began.

Oh and asking if your opponent will fuck you after he knocks you out is Also NOT Guaranteed. It’s like basically luring a guy to the ring so you can take a few punches just to get some dick. YEESH! Dude are you that hard up?

Some guys might be taking this personal, but it’s NOT just about YOU. It’s about YOU and HIM. While you’re working out the details of the fight, work out the details of the aftermath. This is 2022, MAD KUDOS for showing up and actually putting on the gloves to fight, but making it to home base is never promised.

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fightguy (25)

6/08/2022 3:45 PM

Amen brother! Testify!! Too many gents on this site see boxing/wrestling/fighting as simply foreplay for sexual encounters. Not everyone sees it that way!


HollywoodBoxer (0)

6/08/2022 6:17 PM

I 100% agree that shouldn’t be an expectation and it’s gets annoying. Same for the guys asking for videos and gear pictures. I buy my equipment to workout and train, not for your masturbation pleasure. If that’s the case they should be paying for and supplying it, as fighters could always use sponsorship. Plus I’ve turned down pro fighters because they wanted just sex, so don’t assume that’s going to be an outcome if it’s not discussed prior.


midwestboxer (34 )

6/09/2022 11:42 PM

Keep preaching the truth!


KOFistBoxer (1)

6/10/2022 3:27 AM

Totally agree. Too many guys treat the site like they are ordering up from an escort service and they are somehow the victims of discrimination if you don't provide them with sexual gratification on demand OR think if they express interest and you are polite enough to answer a few questions that is the exact same thing as returning their interest and agreeing to meet (one guy from Atl has done that several times to me).

They seem to forget there is an actual human being on the other end with their own desires, preferences and the entire thing is about MUTUAL interest. No one is entitled to someone else's time, attention or the enjoyment of their body without agreement and consent... no matter what kind of fit they throw trying to pressure or coerce you.

Another Reasonable "Rant".