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NYC WrestleFest Live

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’ll be attending my 6th WrestleFest in New York City in a couple of weeks. And I’d love to share the experience with all of you!! 🗽🤼‍♂️💪

With the guys that aren’t too camera shy, I’ll be shooting a few live matches on Instagram for your viewing pleasure. As usual, the cameras will turn off for any full frontal nudity/sex acts since cameras tend to ruin the mood. 🎥

If you’d like to tune in, my IG handle is BoyToy_Wunderkind; I’m a bit apprehensive with new requests so it might be best to also send me a message with the code: MEETFIGHTERS, so I know you’re a genuine member of the community who won’t report me for anything risqué that may or may not happen during my live beatdowns. 😈

Hope to hear from you and hope you’re all having excellent action-packed matches of your own!! 🤼‍♂️

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In Every Language, “No” Means “No”

SO. This is always a difficult story to tell and experience to relive, but it’s important to share. A few of you have heard this one before.

Back in 2013, I went to my first WrestleFest event in NYC. Unfortunately, in one of my early matches I inadvertently cracked two of my ribs and was in constant pain for my entire stay. One day later, I had a match with a NYC penpal from GlobalFight/MeetFighters. He decided to invite a friend from Kahzakstan over to my hotel suite for some tag team action...

My friend’s friend shows up, and he & I hit it off immediately. In my injured state, we’re quite evenly matched and the attraction is undeniable. After the sweaty battle’s over, the 3 of us make our way to the bedroom to kiss and make up. 😈 Picking up on the intense chemistry between me and this stranger, my friend makes a hasty exit to give us some alone time. I wish he hadn’t left.

The minute my friend leaves, this guy does a complete 180 and becomes super aggressive, and starts begging me to have anal sex. I told him from the beginning that I was already in extreme pain and my body couldn’t handle anything too rough, certainly not my first bottoming experience ever! After pushing him away and doubling over in pain, he kept pleading with me, while I just apologized and said No repeatedly.

I know there was a bit of a language barrier but NO means NO in every language. He ignores my pleas, pins me to the bed, and starts ramming his dick into me. I can hear the sound of my bones rattling with every breath, I’m literally crying in agony. Thankfully, he stops since I’m obviously not enjoying myself. I tell him to just get it over with and begrudgingly let him finish on my face, just so he’ll get the hell out of my room.

I’ve never felt so POWERLESS in my life and it was a horrible feeling. Had I not been injured at the time, I EASILY could’ve fought off his sexual advances. But the complicated thing is that, under different circumstances, I honestly would’ve had consensual sex with this super hot guy in a heartbeat. So of course, I’ll always partially blame myself and that’s one of my own personal demons to deal with.

Moral of the Story: When arranging any private matches, especially out-of-state/away from home, stick to the guys who have past opponents who can vouch for them (unless you’ve been chatting up a rookie for months and feel that they’re legit). That’s why MeetFighters, GlobalFight, and Bearhugger are all excellent resources for arranging matches. You’ve gotta look out for your own safety. Never let an opponent force you to do something you don’t want to do.

That being said, I think the wrestling events are AMAZING and the organizers aren’t to blame at all for what happened. And I look forward to seeing a lot of you at the NYC WrestleFest in February! 🗽🤼‍♂️👊

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