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Continuing from my previous blog.

Funny enough I get messages from guys saying my previous blog post is fake, or I’m making things up. The best I could say is: ask the guys I’ve wrestled with. I’ve been on here and global since I was 18…I’m 34 now. Back then I was looking for super competitive matches like the ones I had in school, and there were a few dudes that I had brawls with, however these days I just like to have fun. Throwing on some gear, working up a sweat, testing strength, and seeing where it goes from there. That meant switching from trying to outlast and submitting guys in chokes/joint locks to trying something new. I wanted to be able to submit guys in things like bearhugs, scissors, and other clinches. I also wanted to be able to lift the 300lb guys that haven’t been lifted off the ground before. That meant, trimming some belly, building a stronger back, chest, arms, and I needed stronger legs so I could to lift the big boys…then keep them pinned down when I’m ready to plow.

RE: Bearhugs working - its possible. There are a few ways to make a bearhug effective. If the guy is around 220lbs or smaller, sometimes the traditional standing squeeze works. If he has a weak chest, I can squeeze up high and get a submission. However some of these guys bench in the same neighborhood as I do and you have to go a bit lower to either cause some discomfort or squeeze around his belly button to constrict his deep breaths. With the bigger guys, its gotta be angles. Try different clinches from his side, the front, the back, also with different grips. Don’t get me wrong, its not easy and everyone won’t tap in a hug…especially if I can’t wrap my arms around them. However, I’m a pretty strong guy. My bench/squat/deadlift are all well over 400-450lbs. I can create enough force to make men submit.

RE: Stamina - I wrestle, power lift, play rugby, bike, and lightly body build. You don’t get abs north of 260lbs easy. I work hard, and I love showing off my strength and build with other men.

So long story short, my goal on the site is to wrestle as many dudes as I can, make some friends, and have fun. I can get as competitive as you want.

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A bit about wrestling me

Where I’ll say I differ from most is: Wrestling is an experience for me. I get off on making men tap out and submit, especially in a bearhug or full nelson. Whether it’s standing chest to chest, or my chest on their back down on the mat. After many matches I’ve learned proper placement, pressure, and some stamina exercises to make my 2 major moves effective. These things are in my mind as I’m training. When I’m benching heavy, I’m thinking about how I can use my strength on the mats. When I’m rowing or deadlifting, I’m thinking about how my bearhug benefits from a stronger and tighter back. When I’m doing overhead presses or cable crosses, I treat it as lifting an opponent in a nelson. Everyday I’m working on my grip strength and my core stability. I want you to feel the early mornings, late nights, and the miles I’ve ran as I test my mass against your body.

I’ve made most of the guys I’ve wrestled here tap in some sort of clinch. In my last freestyle wrestling tournament I felt the guy slapping my bicep as I rolled him 5 times for the tech fall. It’s my favorite thing. In a battle a simple clinch squeeze shouldn’t be soo effective, but mine is. I’ve been focusing on it for the last couple years. Testing it on friends, teammates, and lately I’ve won a few beer bets with bar doormen and bouncers. Although I must admit, my favorite hug is when I’m topping a guy, and squeezing his chest from the back. The level of control I’m in while penetrating his hole yet inflicting pain on his chest gives me a huge rush! For the guys that I haven’t brought to submission in previous matches, I can’t wait to show my improvements. If this intimidates you, it should 😂. Most of my previous matches will comment that I was nice and respectful…they will also privately tell you that my hug was a new experience for them. I’m a large dude and I’m only getting stronger. I’ll upload some blog posts about previous matches soon.

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