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Central Florida is unwilling or able to engage

Central Florida was a complete bust. I asked and posted requests for matches dozens of requests starting in early January. Such a poor response. Either way over my target weight class of being under 225 lbs. or being healthy and able to respond with a real physical ability. There was a real feeling of negativity. The weather did not help, so that's not ur fault. I came expecting much more openness and willingness to meet. A great disappointment. will rethink about a return trip. take my money, time and abilities somewhere else. New England seem to be more accommodating.

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active (0 platinum) 2/01/2019 6:28 PM

some people have a set physic in mind and that's what they stick to, or a type of profile and age has a lot to do with it also. you just have to except that people have in mind what they want some wait for months to get the type they want, still i'm sure you dust yourself off and then find men else where.


edscissors (25 platinum) 2/02/2019 1:12 AM

I went to Tampa last year but didn't manage to arrange any MF meetings. One particular hoped-for meeting didn't come about but I blame nobody.

I'm an Englishman but love visiting the US. I like to return to places I've enjoyed but in each trip I like to visit somewhere new.

Last year, I visited Tampa, my "new place". I'm sorry but I won't be returning. Bad choice! Exciting things to visit in downtown Tampa can, in my experience, be listed on the fingers of ... one finger or fewer.

ACTIVE is quite right (if I understand him cofrectly): lack of link-ups in any geographical location has no correlation with the MF member or those living in any given region.


Does the job (3) 2/02/2019 1:20 PM

Don’t get your hopes up on New England. Too many flakes/fakes here. Expect to be lead on by many “serious” guys, only to never hear from them again. I think the real guys on here are few and far between, at least in the Boston area. Let’s out it this way, I have been blocked by 3 guys in my area, who never had the respect to tell me why. They lead me on for lengthy periods of time, only to stop replying to my messages. People forget that you can see a message has been read. Don’t use the “I never got your message” excuse. The proof is right there. You aren’t interested? Be an adult and just say so. Stop wasting both your time and mine.


bigchicago (57) 2/03/2019 6:48 PM

It is absolutely hilarious that you blame an entire region for not being "open and willing" to meet, and yet you list restrictive requirements for people you are willing to meet. Wow.