I often wonder what criteria some wrestlers use when choosing opponents. Is it age? Is it weight? Is it physique? Perhaps its the absence or presence of body hair. Or possibly experience comes into it. And lets not forget sexual interest.
I have come to the conclusion that none of these are particularly important on their own. Yes, everyone has preferences but should they stand in the way of a match? As a member who has come into wrestling late in life in order to improve my general fitness, I am as happy to learn from older, experienced wrestlers as I am to be run rings around by younger, much fitter guys. It all adds to the wrestling experience.
I wonder how others feel about this...

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hugefan (98 platinum) 5/06/2018 1:52 AM

Well I must admit i tend to ask wrestlers who have something about them I like physically whether it's muscle, face or whatever, not that I am looking for anything sexual but I appreciate a nice view. Having said that, I have often met guys who don't tick my boxes physically but if someone can string a sentence together and sound like they might be interesting or at least sane I think you can have surprisingly fun matches. So although I am shallow I end up going more on words than photos.


osakarob (10 gold) 5/06/2018 2:40 AM

There are a number of participants on this site who will argue quite strongly (and with great verbosity) that looks, age, attractiveness, or other physical characteristics have no bearing on their agreeing to meet up for a match. Several of these gentlemen are like you - embraced wrestling at an older age and now are irritated that they can't find enough opponents to satisfy their desired amount of action. (My apologies if that isn't the case. I may have gotten a sense you were irritated by the tone of your post when in fact you were just asking.)

Anyway, it seems to me that anyone who wants a purely athletic fight can certainly find opponents with similar expectations on this excellent site.

Prospective opponents may not be just down the street from you, but they exist. You might have to work a little bit, travel some distance or host, and be patient in your search, because they exist.

I'll freely admit that I'm not one those people. There was a time in my 20s when I took on pretty much all comers, but these days I have a particular set of criteria that I'm looking for in a match. I'll happily connect with the same regulars two or three times a year because we've established expectations, limits and trust. I don't feel particularly apologetic in letting a guy know that "We aren't a good fit". In fact, my profile explains that I'll use those exact words when I'm not interested.

Can I offer a piece of unsolicited advice? Your profile might possibly contradict slightly your stated desire to improve your general fitness. You've expressed a preference(?) for a nude match and a couple of your gallery photos appear to focus more on body parts than just a clear pic of yourself. Could it be that when guys see your profile they sense you are looking for something far more sexual than just a match?


yonkerswrangler (137 platinum) 5/06/2018 2:50 AM

we are all different and have different expectations people need to be honest with themselves first and foremost figure out what they want like the guys who post don't want sex but wrestle for top still trying to figure that one out.some guys just want to wrestle and will wrestle anyone some are very particular too old too young no experience etc just wrestle as much as possible i have learned more from wrestling guys that i really didn't want to wrestle but it forces one to get better


hardonthemat (41) 5/06/2018 4:48 PM

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Yonkerswrangler brings up a VERY good point. I too do NOT understand what guys mean when the write in their profile the do NOT want sex - but yet the want to wrestle for top. Can someone explain?


Merseywrestle (69 platinum) 5/06/2018 4:52 PM

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Think what they mean is wrestle to see who is top dog - alpha male.


Merseywrestle (69 platinum) 5/06/2018 7:29 AM

I suppose for me its all about the wrestling, will we be a good match, will we both enjoy it as that's important. Sometimes age, looks, sexuality does play a part as does fitness as these factors can affect the above. Respect is also crucial for me, if the other guy says no then it's no and move on and I expect the same.


cuthbert44 (1) 5/07/2018 4:36 PM

I look for members who are roughly the same size, age and experience as myself, that is quite a small number and then I like to exchange messages to see if we are looking for the same type of match. I have had 7 matches with members and ex members of this site 3 matches were great and the rest not so. My profile only shows 1 match as I left the site and came back at a later date.


Just Dan (9) 5/13/2018 1:59 PM

These are all very well written questions and responses. I find that alone to be attractive.

Claw, I tend towards being open to most potential real candidates. However a nude pic generally tells me that he's not my type. You are far to articulate and intelligent to have to present yourself that way.