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My first real fight with muscular stud Brutus

What a match! I'm fighting the way bigger Brutus! In this intens submission wrestling match we are trying to submit the other hunk with scissors, chokes and twisters. We start of with some flexing. Big vs small! Unfortunatly Brutus had to forfeit the match due to an injury...

Check the video here: https://www.watchfighters.com/posts/submission_wrestling_cratos_vs_brutus-hxvflkdr

Cratos: Blue shorts, black mask - 19 yo / 1.85 m / 75 kg
Brutus: Black Shorts, red mask - 25 yo / 1.85 m / 85 kg

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NJWoodbridge (144)

11 days ago

Looks great. Congrats on your first match on MF, Cratos. You took on a great opponent and you both did well. I hope Brutus's injury is not too bad and he's back on the mats soon. Thanks for posting.



11 days ago

I, too, wish to congratulate this new force of deity among us; his skills will undoubtedly become recognized by many as he adds to his collection of past opponents. It takes some considerable effort to execute a video such as he has shared. Well done! And, though we all seek to avoid incurring injuries they do happen, and in the world of martial arts an opponent who becomes injured and must withdraw from the contest is pronounced the loser. So, although I have no doubt this was not the way Cratos would have wanted, congratulations is appropriately bestowed upon him.

If I might insert a humble opinion though, it is this. In Greek mythology, we find that Cratos was both strong and cruel, too. It was he who was the enforcer of a punishment that was reprehensible. Prometheus, who out of compassion, and unafraid of the consequences that might follow, took fire and gave to mankind. For this he was chained to a mountain and harpies came daily to feast on his liver. Of course, being immortal, Prometheus' liver regenerated every night. Nevertheless, the prophecy that Cratos made that his intended victim would suffer this for eternity, proved Cratos to be also a false prophet. Given this, I would have suggested a different "handle" to have been chosen. But, this telling is that of a fairy tale. And, our new member is free to label himself as he chooses.


Takeyoudownto (0)

10 days ago

Your definition of a fight is not correct. Wrestling and fighting are not the same.


JasonAnders (169)

8 days ago

(In reply to this)

Says the dude with zero opponents.