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Fight with AlphaDad

Took on AlphaDad this morning. Was feeling my oats at the beginning of the fight, but by the end I was feeling something else. Enjoy the ride! 👊🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼

<AlphaDad> I hop in the ring, strip off, naked 8” cock raging shadow boxing while I wait yt
<Rex> and I’ll enter from the opposite side, peeling off my shirt and slipping off my shorts, standing naked, thick cock bouncing as I stretch out, watching your form as you wait.. yt
<AlphaDad> My muscled 5’9 190lbs frame sweating from warming up, seeing you, my cock pulses hard as i check you out, thinking of breaking your damn jaw and ripping your ass open to claim you yt
<Rex> can feel the electricity shoot through me as you turn to face me, heart pounding in my hairy chest, want to hit you so badly and make you mine
<AlphaDad> Move in, arms up, guarding my face, searching for an opening as I throw a few jabs at your face
<Rex> I raise my fists and circle out to meet you, my eyes locked on you... I block the jabs you send at me, testing your strength... I swing a right at your side, digging under your ribs.. yt
<AlphaDad> Grunt as you get under my guard and hit my ribs, I slam a wild left hook at your temple while you’re leaning in yt
<Rex> UNGHH!! Fist hits hard and my head snaps to the side... I bounce back a step or two to shake it off.. put up my fists and move back toward you... yt
<AlphaDad> my hit connnects, staggering you, my thick cock throbs as I see you come back at me and I duck low, going for your ribs with three quick punches before I dance back yt
<Rex> UNGH! OMMPH! GNNNH! Each punch hits sharply... I wince from the impact.. as you dance back I come for you, swing a right for your jaw.. yt
<AlphaDad> Shit, trying to get my guard up in time as I come up from hitting your ribs, your fist catches my square jaw sending my head spinning as spit flies from me yt
<Rex> Even as my ribs still smart, I take advantage of the moment and hit with you a left to the jaw as you back center, snapping your head in the other direction, watching your hard cock bounce from the impact. .. yt
<AlphaDad> I come back from that right only to feel your brutal knuckles crack against my jaw again, sending my head spinning the other way.. my legs starting to feel heavy as my thick cock bounces from the impact.. this stud taking it to me.. I send out a massive haymaker at your skull with my left arm as I recenter, trying to take your head clean off your shoulders yt
<Rex> GNNGHHHH!! My head jerks violently to the side in a spray of sweat as your hard fist connects... the blow carries me to the side and I stumble a step or two before regaining my footing... fuckkk!! My cock shuddering and throbbing from the punch... I catch my footing, turning to face you, fists up, sweating running down my back, matting the hair on my chest... yt
<AlphaDad> My fist hits, sending you stumbling... as you catch you footing and turn I knock your guard down with my arm and LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT.. thundering my fists into your jaw..."looks like your ass is going to be mine man" I taunt as my huge 8" pulses pre in anticioption yt
<Rex> GNNGHHH! UNNNGHH! The first left and right hit, snapping my head back and forth like a punching bag, .. before I have a chance to react the second left right hits, your knuckles connecting again with my jaw... GNNGH!!! CCRACKK! A spray of spit and sweat fills the air... I fall back with the punches, standing woozy on my feet, trying to shake off the brutal punches.. my thick cock throbs hard, leaking... I swing out a right, blindly trying to hit you... yt
<AlphaDad> I come in hard, thinking you're fucking done for and your right slams my jaw, cracking it and sending me into a half spin to the ropes.. I shake my head, underestimating you... turn ready to finish you off yt
<Rex> As you turn to face me, I sink a right uppercut into your gut, hooking hard and deep... yt
<AlphaDad> OOMPPH youre on me, slamming my abs... didnt have time to brace them and that fist sinks in blasting the wind outta me in an OOMPPPHH as I double over yt
<Rex> As you double over I put my hands together and being them down like a hammer between your shoulder blades... yt
<AlphaDad> grunt as your hand hammer my shoulders, driving my muscled frame to my knees... coughing from those blows.. reaching out to try and steady myself on your quads yt
<Rex> As you do I grab you by your hair and pull your head back, line you up, and send a short, sharp right to your jaw...CRAACKKK!! Yt
<AlphaDad> feel your fist in my hair, pulling my head up.. my eyes wide then your fist cracks my jaw almost breaking it.. my head ripped from your grip as I spin and slam to the mat, groaning and drooling as I try and focus yt
<Rex> My chest heaves as I look down at you, my cock throbbing and jumping, listening to your groaning... “Get up, punk!” Yt
<AlphaDad> reaching for the ropes.. pull up, testing my tender jaw, clicks but still ok... shaking my head as my naked body shakes while I rise yt
<Rex> As you pull yourself up by the ropes I grab you by the shoulders and push your back against the ropes... my cock brushes against yours... I feel the heft of your meat.. I put one hand on your beefy chest to hold you and then send a straight right into your jaw... yt
<AlphaDad> you spin me, hand on my hairy pecs... my thick 8" grinding your hefty cock.. then BOOM.. that right slams straight to my jaw, snapping my head back... my jaw almost shatters as my head hangs.... drool dripping from my mouth.. my fists send a few shots into your abs in desperation yt
<Rex> I wince as you fists connect with my sore ribs... I hook your gut again with a right.. yt
<AlphaDad> my dazed head drops forward as once more your fist drills my abs... coughing... hands on your hips trying to shove you away yt
<Rex> I punch your gut again, my fist lifting you up a little, hearing the air escape your lungs, watching as your big dick shakes from the force of the hit... yt
<AlphaDad> my breath blasted out as you lift me with that gut punch.. coughing.. my huge cock dripping pre as it bounces... shaking my head.. trying to rise as I throw a desperate uppercut at your jaw yt
<Rex> Seeing your cock dripping precum distracts me slightly... your uppercut connects and knocks my head back... with a grunt I stumble back a step or two.. not expecting the hit.. taking a moment to shake off the punch... shit... yt
<AlphaDad> I rise.. red faced and shaking... come at you, wild swings.. know i dont have much left in the tank.. left right left again at your jaw yt
<Rex> look up at you as you come for me... I throw up my arm and block the left as it comes for my jaw.. can’t move fast enough to block the other two... my head jerks back and forth as your fists hit...GNNGHH!!! BAAMMMM! My guard open as the left hits... I spin to the side slightly before slowly dropping down to all fours... sweat drenching my naked boy, my cock throbbing and jumping uncontrollably ...god damn.... chest heaving as I try to catch my breath... yt
<AlphaDad> I grab your head.. pull it up.. raise my arm and brutally slam it down into your jaw... almost driving your head into the mat in the process yt
<Rex> GGGNNNGGGHH!! My head jerks hard... my knees buckle slightly... I stay on all fours, shaky, trying to get it
<AlphaDad> I lift my heel and CRACK it into your jaw sending you sprawling... eyeing off your fucking hot ass yt
<Rex> FUCK!!! I hit the canvas hard... roll over onto my back... coughing, sputtering... my dick still throbbing... can feel the intense pain in my jaw from your kick... yt
<AlphaDad> as you roll I kneel over your chest, straddling it.. grab your hair in my left hand and SLAM SLAM SLAM my right into your jaw... three hits... 4.....5......6.......7.....8......9.... then the 10th I wind up and hit so hard I'm sure I hear yor jaw break yt
<Rex> Can feel your weight as you straddle my hairy chest, i try to struggle against you, but the combination of your weight and dominant position in my weakened condition work against me and I feel your mounting me, your big dick brushing against me as you do... I wince as you savagely grab my hair... I grab at your wrists, the sweat getting into my eyes... and then the carnage starts... the first three rights jolt my head hard... I grunt with each blow... I try to buck under you... then the other punches rain down on my jaw... by the time the 8th fist hits, my limp body just jerks with each punch like a rag doll... as your tenth right pounds into my jaw, my entire body seizes up for a moment, tensing, shaking, and then goes limp as I black out and go unconscious under you... yt
<AlphaDad> I roar in victory as I literally punch you into unconsciousness.. flip you under me... slap your head until I hear you groaning then slide down your back, push my cock in your sweaty cheeks then RIP my thick 8" deep in your defeated hole yt
<Rex> I come to as you roll me over, my dick sliding against the canvas as you do... I feel your sliding down my body... I wince and moan as your hard meat slides into me in a moment of pleasure and pain... I push back on your dick, allowing it to go in deeper, filling me up ... fuckkkk... yt
<AlphaDad> start fucking you hard.. the heat of the fight and your tight ass makes my balls churn yt
<Rex> Can feel the intense pounding from behind... I moan out as you take me...each thrust of your alpha cock makes me grunt... yt
<AlphaDad> with a brutal roar my cock swells and I EXPLODE a massive load of cum in your defeated ass..... keep pumping you full until I pull out... roll you onto your back... draw back my fist... "goodnight fucker" then SLAM a final right hook into your jaw yt
<Rex> Your alpha roar fills my ears as I feel your cock exploding... I collapse in a heap under you, unable to do anything... you turn me over.... I see your fist high and know what is about to happen... the final slug jerks my head clean to the side... again my body seizes up, then drops spread eagle and limp, completely KOd and dominated under you.

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LeatherWrestlerUS (0) 13 days ago

Too bad Alpha Dad didn't let you shoot your load before putting you out. Good match!