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FICTION -- "April's Offer" (Part 7 and FINAL PART)

The week flew by, mostly since I was trying to stay busy to keep my mind off the Friday fight and trying to stay sharp with some short gym sessions. April was at the gym a couple of those times, doing some working out but I think mostly to keep tabs on me … making sure I was ready for Friday. Of course, every time she caught me staring at her, she'd do something to get me hot – rub her crotch, fondle a breast or just toss her hair, it didn't matter because it worked.
By the time we both got back home, it was all I could do not to tackle her before I even said hello. She was either deliberately being more sensual and sexy than normal (a tough task), or I was subconsciously worried that she wasn't going to be around after Friday, but either way I spent the week lusting for her when she wasn't around.
And when she was there, our intimacy was at another level. It wasn't lovemaking … it was screwing, fucking hard, with both of us so intensely wanting to consume the other that neither of us wanted to stop. We pushed ourselves beyond exhaustion, each of us trying to simultaneously please and overwhelm the other.
I knew I shouldn't have been so physical, since I was going to need all my strength and endurance on Friday against a monstrous guy like Duke. But no male could resist April … she was one of those rare women that you wanted to be with – and be inside – more and more the longer you were around her. And, damn, if it was possible she looked even more spectacular as the week went along.
It was the Tuesday night, three days before the fight, when I got home from the gym. April had been there for a while, standing just away from the ring and watching me do some light sparring with a buddy, and was wearing a tight spaghetti-strap white top and the shortest, tightest white shorts ever. She had drawn a crowd when she was working the heavy bag earlier, and it wasn't for her punching prowess.
Between rounds I'd glance over to where she was, and she would reach between her legs and start rubbing herself. I got so hard inside my protector that I was having to constantly readjust the package and was worried it may start poking out the top.
But one time I looked over and she was gone. I was a little concerned until I got home and saw a note taped on the door. It had two words that looked like they were quickly scrawled, "Bedroom. Now!"
When I walked in the bedroom, she was laying on her back, naked on top of the sheets. To say she looked unbelievable was a huge understatement, and I could literally smell her excitement all over the room. She had already brought herself to orgasm – probably several times – and when I got to the foot of the bed I could see small drops of her wetness all around her pussy. Damn ….
"I need you inside me right now," she said, and it took me about five seconds to strip my sweats and climb over the foot of the bed. She grabbed me as quick as I could get to her, pulled me on top of her and hissed, "I want you to fuck me harder than you've ever fucked anything in your life. Pound me over and over, shoot your cum into me and don't you dare stop. I'll get you back hard if you start … losing it."
I didn't need much of an invitation. I was already as excited as I'd ever been, and since she was already so wet and hot I was quickly thrusting hard into her – hard enough that I would have been worried about hurting her had she not given implicit directions. That, and the fact that she kept screaming, "Harder … harder … come on, baby, use that big cock … fuck me MORE!"
It went on for what seemed like hours, both of us cumming several times. Twice I had to stop with exhaustion and a soft cock and rolled on my back, but both times she quickly used her talented hands to work me up again. She then mounted me, and if possible the pounding was even more physical as she rode me hard, and was still screaming, "YES … YES … come on, baby, do me more … punch me hard."
I don't remember passing out, but I woke up during the night and April was still straddling me, also passed out. I didn't wake her, because even in my worn-out shape, having her pressed against me and us chest-to-chest was still one of the most pleasurable things I could imagine. I just laid there and eventually fell back asleep, her body still on top of me, and me knowing that I wouldn't be doing this any more before the fight … or else I would have absolutely no energy come Friday.


As I figured, April had made all the arrangements for Friday night before I even asked about the details. It was going to be another private bout – she, Duke and I – and we'd figured on 9 p.m. after the rest of the gym regulars had left and the manager had locked up. April, of course, had a key, and she had gone to the gym early to set things up.
I had packed my equipment early that afternoon … I didn't need much, just gloves, trunks and shoes, since April insisted that her fighters "man out" again and have nothing under the trunks. She also wanted us to box this time without mouthpieces … almost insuring that there would be blood coming from both of us. I headed over to the gym early, getting there before 8 just when the gym had emptied. I walked in the open side door and immediately headed back to the locker rooms … I didn't want to see Duke until we were both in the ring.
As I expected, the doors had "Champion" and "Challenger" signs, and I stepped inside the "Champion" door. Even though Duke had beaten me – badly – in our last bout, my win over Marco had given me "prize possession" and qualified me for the champ's room.
April could read me like a book, and she knew I'd get there early. I was still naked except for my white boots, and had just fished my regular white trunks out of my bag when he quickly came into the locker room carrying hand wraps and tape.
"Mmmmm … you look good, champ," she said as I stood there holding my trunks, making no effort to hide my nakedness. I watched her smile as she watched my cock slowly rise and get hard … and thought to myself it must be a burden to carry around such a talent, the ability to make men stiffen just from a glance.
She certainly had that effect on me, especially the way she was dressed tonight – the slinkiest black satin dress imaginable, clinging to her skin like it was painted on and making it obvious there was nothing under the dress anywhere except skin. The dress was slit on one side, the slit rising halfway up her hip and showing one lovely leg which she had cocked to the side as she stood, hands on hips and continuing to eye me after putting the wraps on the table.
She looked like something out of a dream … deep red lips, her blonde hair loose and free and bouncing around her face with every movement. Her nails were also bright red, and I could feel them digging into my back as she put her arms around me and held me close for a second.
"Sit here on the table," she said, and as I sat down she grabbed the hand wraps and stood in front of me started to wrap, expertly fitting them not too loose and not too tight. It was a little surreal, me being naked with a hard cock and sitting in front of her as she worked. She taped off each one when finished, and as I reached to the end of the table to grab my gloves and trunks she quickly grabbed my hand.
"Not yet," she said as she pulled my hand to her chest. "I'm going to help you relax first."
She again reached around my back and boosted herself onto the table (now I know why the dress was slit so high), her knees on either side of my hips as she straddled me, putting her arms now around my shoulders so her face was right in front of mine.
"That feel good?," she said.
I could feel her pussy already wet as it rubbed against my throbbing cock. My mind was screaming for me to stop…I was going to need every ounce of strength I had against a giant of a man who was intent on hurting me, and it was going to start in about a half-hour. But I don't know of a heterosexual man alive who could turn down April's charms … especially when she was this close.
All it took was one quick shift from her, and I popped inside her so quickly I almost didn't realize it. My god, she is talented with that thing, I thought.
"I wanted you inside me so bad," she moaned as she squeezed me tight with her arms, and I squeezed just as tight with my hands on her cute butt. "I wanted to fuck you good before the fight."
She started riding me once again, except this time I had the pleasure of her boobs bouncing on either side of my face every time she went up and down – and she knew I was enjoying it because she was half laughing, half screaming as the intensity of her thrusts increased.
"Come on, baby, cum up in me," she said breathlessly before throwing her head back and kicking her hips into high gear.
It took her less than a minute to get me to the point that my cock was pulsing out hot streams of cum … about the time she had a thunderous orgasm. And as quickly as she had mounted me, she hopped off, straightened her dress and quickly laced up and taped my gloves. It was like a whirlwind, and before I knew it she was headed out the door.
"Got to go take care of Duke," she said. "I'll see you in the ring, Champ."
I wasn't sure what she meant by "taking care" of him, but I had more things to worry about right then.


After slipping on my trunks, I decided to walk out to the ring after a few minutes, mostly because staying in the locker room felt too strange after April's abrupt mounting. There was nobody else in the main part of the gym when I climbed through the ropes, but April had already done some setup … there were water bottles, spit buckets and towels in each corner, ready to go.
I moved to one corner and began shadowboxing, punching the corner pad and trying to stay loose, and I had started to wonder if everyone else had left and I'd been stood up when I heard a door slam back in the locker room area, and then saw Duke walking quickly toward the ring.
He looked even bigger than I remembered. Maybe it was the bright red trunks or the red gloves, both of which matched his hair, but he appeared almost larger than life as he leered at me as he quickly slipped through the ropes. He never took his eyes off me and had a malevolent look on his face … an angry look … one that gave the impression that he was ready for a fight.
April was not far behind him, but had a harried look on her face as she climbed up to the ring apron and through the ropes. Duke immediately walked to mid-ring next to her, and I followed suit.
"Okay, boys, you know why we're here," she said to both of us. "Three-minute rounds on the timer and two minutes in between, and no limit to the number of rounds. We go until one of you knocks out the other. Keep it clean… touch gloves and come out fighting."
I put my gloves out…and Duke only turned around and walked back to his corner. When he got there, he turned and fixed his glare back on me, just as I was backing into my own corner and April was following.
"What gives?" I asked her.
"Well, he was eating me out and licking my pussy in the locker room," she said, "… and I told him you had just shot your load up in me and he was probably swallowing your cum. I think he got a little upset."
I was speechless, and barely noticed April quickly slipping out of the ring, the buzzer on the automatic timer going off and Duke two-thirds of the way across the ring, coming at me quickly with gloves high and a murderous look on his face. Oh, shit, I thought …. as I ducked under a wild left hand and tried to step away, only to be grabbed by Duke's big right arm and almost thrown back into my own corner.
It was all I could to fend off the barrage of punches Duke was throwing, most of them wild but all of them hard, and he was almost screaming. "You little fuck," he said, "I'm gonna beat the shit out of you."
I grabbed him around his arms, my head tucked under his chin, and spun around before letting go and backing off quickly, backpedaling and finally getting under control as Duke stalked me across the ring.
At least now I had a fighting chance, and when Duke waded in I started popping out jabs aimed at his face, and most of them got through since he was thinking more about beating me senseless and less about being in an actual boxing match. He was overanxious, and his lack of defense wasn't something I'd expected after his cool and calculating methods in our first fight, and I tried to take advantage of both. I kept peppering his face with jabs and following with quick right hands while I back-pedaled.
I could see he was getting frustrated in not being able to either corner me or take me out quickly, and it was a stark contrast to what I'd expected. In our last bouts, Duke had always been the picture of efficiency, a calculated boxing machine. But now he was swinging wildly, and missing every time, and I was able to counter with a lot of success.
Keep it up, big guy, I thought, and not only will you tire out, I'll box you around and do some damage, especially since we're not wearing mouthpieces. And it hasn't been that long since Marco busted your jaw …
"I'm going to beat your ass," Duke hissed at me as he stepped and leaned forward to throw another big right hand at my head, but I saw it coming from a mile away and ducked my whole body under it. At the same time, I pounded my best left hook under the ribs of his fully-exposed body, and doubled up with right-left-right hands directly on the waistband of his trunks.
If we'd had mouthpieces, Duke's would have flown out. Instead, all I got was an "Uuunnhhh," as he bent over double and brought his gloves down to his body in pain. I whistled another left hook off his chin and my follow right crashed directly into his face, and shockingly Duke went down on his back.
"Yeah!," I yelled while I stood over him, shocked at my success in the very first round. "Get up, you big fuck, so I can hit you some more."
It only took a second for Duke to recover, and just as he got up the timer buzzer went off ending the first round. "You're lucky, big guy," I said as we both went to our corners, "I was just getting ready to punish you."
I was already standing in my corner, leaning on the ropes, when April climbed into the ring and walked my way.
"Oooo, champ, I think I'm cumming already," she said. "I got so wet when you put him down … keep it up and I'll have that big cock in me in a few more rounds."
"Maybe just one more round," I said as she walked toward the other corner. Yes, I was cocky, especially given the result of my last bout with Duke, but he hadn't been close to hitting me with a clean shot except for when I was pinned in the corner early. And he went down so quickly I started wondering what kind of shape he was in as I looked across the ring, where April was toweling him off and talking rapid-fire.
The warning buzzer soon sounded, and both of us were almost at mid-ring by the Round 2 buzzer. I had expected another bull-rush, but this time Duke was more calm and collected … much to my chagrin. If he'd stayed mad and kept missing, I would have taken him out in short order. But this was the Duke I'd expected before the fight began, and the one I knew I'd have trouble with.
Both of us circled and I kept jabbing at his head, but now he was answering with jabs and following right hands, and they had something behind them. I'd forgotten what kind of power he had, and a right hand that crashed into my temple was enough to remind me to stay away from him.
Duke spent the entire second round trying to cut the ring off and hem me in, but I was able to dance out of trouble just about every time and made him pay by cracking his head with lefts or rights, depending on which side I escaped his efforts to corner me.
One of my shots ripped across his nose as I danced away, and I could see drops of blood forming on the end of his nose. That made me even bolder as I stood in front of him and threw another combination that rocked his head from side to side.
"Come on, you big shit," I yelled at him. "At least try to keep up with me."
The bating didn't work. Duke kept his cool and kept constantly stepping forward, trying to pin me in, and late in the round he anticipated me ducking under one of his punches and caught me with his elbow. It prevented me from moving away, and his right cross clipped me across the chin and a follow left upper-cutted behind my gloves and landed flush on my chin.
The force staggered me back into the ropes, and Duke had been waiting for that. He moved in and threw a big combination right at the buzzer ending the round that missed … but as I started to step away a left hand crashed against my temple and I went to the canvas on my side.
The punch came well after the buzzer, but of course I had to referee to voice my objections to, and Duke only smiled as he stood over me for a second before heading to his corner. Since the round was over, I stayed seated on the canvas and rested for several seconds before getting up and going to my corner.
April was in Duke's corner, toweling him again and poking his nostril full of Vaseline, before she came to my side of the ring.
"Thought you told us to keep it clean," I said as she walked up with the towel.
"I also told you to protect yourself at all times," she shot back. "That was a rookie mistake."
I knew she was right, but it didn't take the sting of the blow away.
"Now are you going to cry about it, or are you going to go out and fuck him up for me?" she said. I only looked at her and nodded slightly as the warning buzzer sounded.
The buzzer for Round 3 went off, and this time both of us came out more carefully, guard and gloves high, and spent the first half of the round exchanging jabs and waiting for an opening. But Duke was still moving forward with the same sense of purpose from the preceding round, and it was all I could do to stay away from those gloves that looked small when compared to his massive body.
I was able to split his gloves a couple of times and land jabs on his nose, restarting the blood flow as it began to run down into his mouth, but it didn't appear to bother him much as he relentlessly pursued me and began landing a couple of jabs and one following right hand on my already-sore jaw from his second-round uppercut. Either I was already slowing down or he was starting to find the range, and neither of those were good for me as the third round came to a close. I was already feeling the effects of the bout when I went to my corner, and as I leaned against the ropes I saw Duke smiling at me from his corner before April stepped in between.
"Save your energy," she said as she wiped my face and made a point to lean in close, her breasts rubbing against my chest … I was able to feel how hard her nipples were. "Stay calm and breathe … like this," she said as she breathed deeply, pushing her chest against me even more and leaning her body into me – feeling my cock get hard just from the brief contact.
It was still hard when she walked away, and the sight of her ass moving toward the other corner didn't deflate it one bit. I was still thinking about how good it would be to be inside her right then, when the buzzer jarred me back to reality.
Maybe it was the breathing, or maybe it was a spark from the brief contact with April's stunning body, but I felt better after the break and was on my toes again when the fourth-round buzzer sounded. I was intent on going back to the stick-and-move plan, but I also remembered how much success I'd had with the southpaw stance in our earlier bout and decided it was time for that.
I started pistoning out my right hand, some hard punches that Duke obviously wasn't ready for since more than a few got past his defending left and cracked into his head and face. Blood was quickly gushing from his nose again and he was blinking hard when my right pounded into his temple.
I kept getting my punches off before Duke for the first half of the round, and he had been unable to counter with any effectiveness against my southpaw stance. Emboldened by my success, I followed up one of those rights to his face by stepping in close and pivoting, dipping my shoulder and ripping a left uppercut under his guard that crashed into Duke's chin hard.
I could hear the big man's teeth click together as he staggered two steps backwards, until his back was against his own corner pad, dazed by the uppercut and covering up. I stayed on top of him, throwing hard punches until my arms ached until I got too close and Duke was able to grab my arms and hold on.
We wrestled along the ropes for a long time before I was able to get my right arm free, and I thudded punches into his left side until we broke apart slightly. That's when I ripped another uppercut that snapped Duke's head back again and again backed him into his own corner.
If the ropes hadn't been there, he would have been down again, but as it was he was sitting with all his weight on the middle rope and I was pounding him non-stop, his upper body rocking back and forth from my gloves, until the buzzer sounded.
I stood for several seconds right in front of him, his guard still up and him leaning heavily against the ropes. I noticed that my cock was hard as a brick and my trunks weren't hiding it very much.
"What's wrong, you big pussy," I yelled at Duke. "The little man too much for you? You want to give up now, or you want me to fuck you up some more?"
Duke didn't say anything, and just waited for me to stop and head for my corner.
"Guess you want some more," I said as I walked away. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes to see if you're ready to quit."
I passed April on the way to my corner, stopping for only a second, and she ran her hand across my trunks and winked at me before turning her attentions to Duke. I was glad my white trunks were wet with sweat already, or the cum I was leaking would have been noticeable – not that there was anybody around except the three of us.
April stayed in his corner the entire two minutes trying to piece Duke back together, but that was okay. I figured I was one good punch from putting him down for good, and I didn't want any distractions from thinking about that … even though looking across the ring, her ass pointed back at me in that skin-tight black satin, was plenty distracting.
I was bouncing in the corner, bobbing and weaving, before the buzzer for Round 5 sounded, and when it did I all but sprinted across the ring and trapped Duke again in the corner, raining punches from all angles and hoping that some of them got through to do damage. Duke didn't try to fight back, and only covered up with his gloves and elbows tucked in tight.
It would have been odd if anyone else had been there to see it … a 160-pound guy flailing away on the body of a guy almost a foot taller and almost 100 pounds heavier. And even more oddly, the big guy wasn't fighting back, and it went that way for most of the fifth round … Duke leaning back on the ropes and covering up, and me hitting him with everything I had.
After a couple of minutes of this, my arms felt like lead weights, and I leaned into Duke to catch my breath for a minute. I wasn't worried about retaliation since Duke hadn't even thrown a punch the whole round … and that turned out to be a mistake.
I wasn't paying attention when Duke rolled his shoulders, shifted his weight and …. BAMMMM! An uppercut ripped up through my chin, banging my jawbones together and causing me to see stars. Before I could move my arms, Duke's right hand pounded into my cheek, spinning my head, and a follow-up left caught me in the mouth. I could feel my lip split as I went to my knees and onto one side, dazed and confused.
As I shook my head to clear the cobwebs, I looked up at Duke standing over me, a malicious smile on his face.
"My turn now, punk," he spat at me.
I quickly figured out that The big guy had been "playing possum" with me for the better part of two rounds, covering up so I couldn't really hurt him and waiting until I punched myself out. It was a classic rookie mistake, and I fell for it hard.
I was still shaky when I stood up … which was when I realized I could barely hold my arms up to defend myself, much less throw any hard punches. And even worse, Duke knew that. I started backing up in a hurry, but in my groggy state it didn't take him long to catch up and work me into a corner.
Once he had me there, those massive arms started pistoning out, the gloves on the ends hammering my head as I tried to pull my guard up. When I did that, Duke was ready, and a hard left-right combination sunk deep into my waistband as I crumpled to the mat face-first.
I thought I was about to retch on the canvas when I heard the buzzer sound, but I was able to keep that down while I realized Duke's boots were right in front of my face. He didn't appear to be in a hurry to get to his corner.
"Just stay there and I won't have to hurt you any more," he said. "Not that I don't want to, you little shit … I hope you get up so I can make sure you'll never be sticking your cock into anything that's mine again."
All I could do was lay there, until he finally walked away and April all but dragged me back to my corner. I was sitting on the canvas while she put smelling salts under my nose and used an ice pack to try to stop the bleeding from my mouth.
"Snap out of it," she kept saying, "or he's going to hurt you bad. I'm not kidding."
"I know," I said back, as my head finally began clearing up.
I looked across the ring, past April's shoulders, and saw Duke standing in his corner. This time, he was the one that looked anxious to get back to fighting. He was shadow-boxing and bouncing on his toes, showing me that all my punches over the last two rounds had been wasted and that he was fresh as he could be. In my sitting state on the canvas, I could feel it every time he bounced.
I finally got to my feet just before the warning buzzer sounded, and I felt a little fresher just from standing up. But I knew I needed to stay away from Duke for at least another round to try to recover more, and I started backing away and dancing away from the time the sixth round started. I was in survival mode, but it was working as I was able to either step back from or block most of the big man's punches.
"Come on and fight!" he yelled at me once, but I wasn't biting … it was time to stay away and regroup, not to mention try to stop from bleeding all over the ring. I didn't throw a punch the entire sixth round, but I also didn't get hit by anything but blocked or glancing shots, and I could tell Duke was frustrated when the round ended after he chased me around for most of the three minutes.
But I was still dead tired and laid heavily across the top rope between rounds, my arms draped over the corner ropes to keep me upright, trying to regain some energy, when April came walking from Duke's corner. She saw how I felt.
"He's pretty tired, too," she said as she leaned close into me and I got a view of her breasts inside that black satin. At that point, my brain and my cock were on two different wave lengths, and my trunks were so soaked that they might as well have been invisible since the flesh showed right through. That flesh was hard again, and got harder when she rubbed her body against me … almost straddling me as I stood there, my cock right against her crotch. And then she started moving around against me…
Damn, here I was fighting for my life, and all I could think about was ripping her clothes off and fucking this incredible woman right here in the middle of the ring … and then letting her fuck me when I wore down.
She didn't say a word, even when the warning buzzer went off, and just stepped away and slid through the ropes. I was still trying to figure out what had happened – was she trying to "inspire" me, did she feel sorry for me and wanted to help me … or, in a quick thought, was she trying to wear me down even more and make things even easier for Duke to take me out?
I didn't have time to think any more once the buzzer sounded to start Round 7. I did feel a little refreshed, but it still wasn't time to mix it up with Duke's kind of power. I stayed away, but Duke wasn't doing as much chasing to start the round … he pretty much set up at mid-ring and let me circle around him, popping out his jab and only occasionally stepping forward with a follow-up right, and I was able to block most of those.
Since I hadn't hit him in almost two rounds, I figured it was time to go on the offense at least a little bit, and I threw out a couple of jabs that pushed his gloves back into his face. I followed the second with a right hand that thudded off his temple and a left that dug under his ribs before I quickly backed off. Maybe April was right … maybe he was tired, so I stepped in with a right and pivoted for another uppercut.
But Duke was waiting for that … apparently, he'd been waiting on me to make a move like that for two rounds. He quickly moved close, catching my left under his burly right arm, and bulled me back against the ropes where he started hammering me with his left hand.
He was plenty fresh enough to stay one-half step ahead of me … when I'd raise my guard to stop his lefts aimed at my head, he's pound it into my body, and when I dropped my guard, his left whistled off my jaw. That went on for a while as he used his weight to hold me helpless against the ropes … if we'd had a referee he would have broken us apart, but since there wasn't one of those around, Duke was taking full advantage.
With one hand pinned behind him and the other one not covering fast enough, Duke's one-hand attack was plenty enough to weaken me in a hurry. My stomach was turning into one large bruise, I was having trouble breathing as his glove kept digging under my ribs, and in addition to my mouth running blood one of those lefts had ripped across my eyelid and a cut there was running blood into my eye.
I tried to slip to the canvas to stop Duke's rhythmic punches, but I was trapped by his arm and couldn't move. I slid sideways along the ropes, but slid right into a corner as Duke kept hammering away, rapidly turning me into his personal punching bag.
The buzzer couldn't have sounded quick enough, but it didn't stop Duke's assault. He kept hitting me, bouncing back and forth between my face and my gut, until April pulled his arm away. I saw him look at her and smile before he backed off and walked to his corner, and I could swear she had a quick grin for him as I went to my hands and knees in pain.
I dragged myself up on the ropes and followed them to my corner, where I sat heavily on the middle rope as April worked on me, trying to revive me. I didn't understand much of what she was saying for a long time, until almost time for the warning buzzer.
"You don't have to do this any more," she said, and I'm sure she saw my eyes weren't focused. "Just go down early and it'll be over soon …"
"Not quitting," I managed to stammer.
She didn't respond, and silently slipped through the ropes at the warning buzzer. I pulled myself upright by the ropes just in time for the buzzer to begin Round 8, but I knew I was in no shape to fight. My body was a mass of black and red, and my right eye was almost swollen shut … which was why I didn't notice until I stood up that Duke was right in front of me
I quickly covered up, halfway crouching over as Duke started a two-fisted assault … but it wasn't the all-out assault I had expected. The big man was almost relaxed, taking his time and picking his shots. Either he didn't want to make the mistake I had and punch himself out, or he knew I was all but finished and wanted to stretch the abuse out for a while.
He may not have been raining punches, but they still had plenty on them as his big left and right hands thudded on the sides of my head as I tried to cover with my gloves. A big left hook ripped across my jaw and caused spit to fly out of my mouth, and Duke followed with hard jabs and crosses to my face that split my lip even more, smashed my nose as blood spurted out, and kept pounding into my swollen right eye.
There was a momentary pause, but my head was so low, around the level of Duke's waistband, that I couldn't tell what was coming next. But I soon felt it, as Duke swung his right hand from around canvas level and shot a murderous uppercut behind my guard and under my chin.
My head snapped back and my legs turned to rubber as I flew back against the corner pad, and started to slide to the canvas … before Duke's left arm shot up under my chin. He was literally pinning me to the pad, holding me up like a scarecrow with one of those meaty arms.
"Now we're having fun," I heard him hiss out as his right hand started pounding into my chest and abs. I tried to raise my guard, but my arms were leaden and eventually just hung at my sides as Duke continued to punch my body non-stop.
My eye, mouth and jaw may have looked bad, but before Duke was finished it was my body that was screaming in pain as Duke's right hand dug deep into me. My chest and abs were so sore that I could no longer breathe deep, and air only came in wet chunks through my bloody nose and mouth. Small drops of blood flew out of my mouth every time Duke's glove crashed into my stomach and on the waistband of my formerly-white trunks, and eventually his arm was covered with dried blood.
Just when I was close to passing out from the pain, Duke stopped punching my body … and started using his right hand above his pinning arm, punching my already bloody face. One hard right caught me with my mouth open, dislodging two teeth that I felt fly out, and another caused blood to spurt out from above my eye as I hung helpless against the corner pad.
"Maybe I'll let her come up here and finish punching you out," Duke said as he nodded toward April, who was standing on the ring apron. "But she'd be way too much fighter for you right now."
Another big right spun me around out of the corner and almost sent me through the ropes, which held me up for Duke to pound a left and a right across my face, my head flying back and forth like a rag doll.
"Time for you to go down for good, little man," Duke said as he wound up another uppercut that I was defenseless to stop. I heard my jaw crack and new pain sensations burst out as it ripped under my chin, and I toppled forward face-first into the canvas, out cold.


I don't know how long I was out, but when I started to regain consciousness I noticed two sets of feet next to my head – Duke's red boxing boots and April's black pumps, only inches apart.
As I looked up, I saw that April had shed her black dress and was naked in all her glory in the ring, except for her shoes.
April looking up at Duke, and I saw that she had his red trunks already pulled down around his ankles and was giving him a hard hand job … and that some of the cum he'd already shot out had landed on my prone body. April had a big smile on her face as she continued to jerk Duke off.
"Oooooo, champ, save some of that for me," she laughed.
When she finally ended the hand job – Duke's cock was still raging and dripping cum – she stepped over me, one black pump on either side of my chest. Under other circumstances it would have been a hugely pleasurable view, looking up at her already-excited pussy, the lips protruding and already soaking wet with arousal.
"I think he's starting to come around," I heard her say. "You really knocked him out, champ … but let me show you how easy I can knock him out."
With that, April knelt down, her knees on each side of my head, effectively pinning my shoulders down with her legs – as if I was in any condition to get up anyway. Before I knew it, her pussy was pressing against my nose and mouth and her hips were starting to gyrate.
"Come on, baby, time for another bout," she said. "This time it's my pussy versus your tongue, and it goes until one of us is knocked out. And you better not quit, or I'll get the champ to hang you back up in the corner and give you another beating."
April started grinding on my face harder and harder, and I wasn't anxious to feel Duke's gloves any more, so my tongue went to work as much as it could given my bloody mouth and likely broken jaw. I could taste April's strong juices, and even with my body beaten so badly I could still feel the stirrings in my crotch as my cock got hard and strained against my sweat-soaked trunks.
Duke stepped around, almost straddling April's knees and my head, and even past April's bouncing tits I could see up to where Duke's cock was at full erection, and saw April begin tonguing his shaft while still riding my tongue. Soon she had his cock deep in her mouth, and I could see her head start to go back and forth … and banging in and out even harder when Duke put his gloves behind her head and into her blonde hair and started thrusting himself into her.
But even that distraction didn't stop her from pussy-pounding my face, and even though I was about to pass out again I could feel my cock explode with cum quickly filling my trunks. April felt my body shudder, and for a second her mouth released its hold on Duke's hard member and she looked down at the part of my face that wasn't buried in her pussy.
"Poor baby," she said, "knocked out for the second time tonight. Time for you to go out … again."
That's when her pelvic thrusts hit high gear, and I heard her squeal at Duke just before I passed out again, "I'm warmed up and ready for that big cock now, champ."


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