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No Fights = No Injury = No Hospital Visit

I had a realization about the quarantine in relation to fighting sports. Though this was mainly addressed for pro-wrestling shows that are still doing shows despite the risks, I think this is also worth noting for everyone in here.

At this point, we have to postpone (or at least be extra careful with) any type of wrestling matches or fights for the time being.

Of course, we know the direct reason: the possible exposure to the virus, especially if social distancing was not observed.

But there's another reason, and it involves injuries. In pro-wrestling, most especially, injuries can possibly happen, even in a WWE show. Some of these injuries can be even serious, even if you were wrestling in a comedy promotion (such as the case of Yoshihiro Takayama).

The problem comes with dealing with the injuries. Normally, you would go to the hospital to have them treated.

But this is no normal period in history. Hospitals are getting full, and many of them are constantly dealing with the pandemic. As such, how can we be assured that our fight injuries could be treated properly?

Also, by going to the hospital to be treated, you have a greater risk of possibly being exposed to the virus.

The other option may be to just deal with the pain. But nothing is definite with this pandemic, and it might go on for much longer than we would hope for.

In my case, I still need to have dental surgery, and I have a molar that needs filling. But now it's difficult because dental clinics are closed. I also wanted to have my knee checked, but now hospitals are more focused with the pandemic. Imagine a similar scenario in your end in terms of dealing with an injury.

Of course, some of you might be able to do some light sparring, especially if you're skilled enough to avoid such injuries. Anyway, not all fights are going to be as risky as the ones that are done in pro-wrestling shows.

But at this point, anyone who wants to fight needs to have greater caution, and not just for the virus itself.

Think of it as a way to help the frontliners. By not getting injured, you help reduce their heavy workload. And hopefully, this could help us in our greater fight against the pandemic.

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