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My take on "trash-talk"

If you want trash-talk, talk to the trash.

(Unless you are objectively in the same category of Muhammad Ali or Conor McGregor, in which case, respect and cool to have you on MeetFighters.)

Disclaimer: I understand that there are people into trash-talk. Good for you, enjoy itand all, just leave it at the door before we meet.)

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FighterGuyy (147 translator) 7 days ago

Also, if you like "talking shit", then you are a piece of talking... (you get the picture, right? :)


redlandguy (189 platinum) 2 days ago

(In reply to this)

I never understood trash talk. I took it literally a few times. It is really easy to type things at someone from far away. When you wrestle, you will win, or not, but the talk has nothing to do with it. I am not offended by trash talk but I don't get it either.


surrey71 (28 gold) 7 days ago

Amen to that Sile!!!!


Boxe (0) 5 days ago

That's right.Respect need to be in the first place


commandertc (23) 3 days ago

Wish more of the muscle heads on this site would have this Outlook