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My first exprience with fighting for fun

My first experience fighting for fun was in 1985 ,
I was 16yr old Basement Team vs Team wrestling evening with my older brother Leon and his friends.

The wrestling evening had been planned at length. The boys would have met at our place, already divided in two teams of three people each, and would have wrestled in the basement, which was large enough. However, they didn't expect Andrew to injury his leg skiing three days before the planned date.
My brother Leon had asked some of his friends who were into wrestling, but none of them could. What was worse, Andrew was in MyBrother's team and, if they hadn't managed to find out a third guy, the victory would have gone to the other team. So, as the boys got to the basement, there were only five of them.
"You found nobody?" asked Michael while stretching. "Nobody" answered My Brother Leon "Everyone's already busy or out of town." "That sucks" commented James "I mean, there must be somebody we can ask to..." That moment, I opened the basement door, bringing the boys something to drink. "Thanks, Henk" said James, opening a can. Suddenly, he had an idea. "Hey" said to My brother Leon with  a low voice "Do you think Henk could be our third man?" Leon wasn't sure. "I don't know" he said "I don't know how much he's into sports, actually. We haven't spent much time together, lately. But we can ask, don't we?" "Sure. Hey Henk , would you like to take part to our wrestling match?" Me Henk looked a bit uncertain. "I don't know" I said "Are all you guys ok with it?" The other team didn't take much time to agree. I was only 16 while they were all in their twenties and was smaller than them. It would have been an easy match for anyone of them. "That's ok for us" said Lewis, the biggest of the three. The guys proceeded to write their names and stats on pieces of papers, which were then folded and placed in two small boxes. I drew one piece from the box on the left and read it.
"James, 6' 175 lbs." James got up and took off his T-shirt, stepping on the mats barefoot, wearing red shorts. "Michael, 5'9'' 160 lbs." read my name from the piece took from the other box. Michael, already shirtless and wearing blue shorts, got on the mat. The match was rather quick. Michael at first seemed to have the upper hand, even landing James on the mat and getting on the top, but suddenly James managed to roll them over and put Michael in a Boston crab. Michael grunted his face showed his struggling in the pain. Ash stretched Michael torso to the maximum. Michael slammed his fist against the mats, trying to get free, but in the end he had to give up. "Just because you're bigger" commented Michael after getting up. "sure, sure" replied James, amused, bumping fists with his teammates.
I read the names for the second match: "My brother Leon , 5'11 165 lbs, versus Dylan, 5'11 155 lbs." The boys stepped on the mat, both shirtless and barefoot, Leon with a white speedo and Dylan with black sweatpants. The match was a bit longer than the first one and seemed very balanced. After some attempts at holds, however, Dylan managed to perform a leg takedown and, as Leon was trying to get up quickly, he locked him in a double armbar, pulling with an unexpected strength. Dylan body was lean, but it was all muscle. Boys watched Leon's pecs and arms to be involuntarily tensed. Leon struggled to escape the hold, but pain was all over him a he finally tapped on his friend's hand. "What a shame" he said in an amused voice after being released, as Dylan was massaging his shoulders "Hey Henk my brother said , you have to restore the family honor. And to win for our team."
"So we have..." said Dylan, reading the last two pieces "Me Henk , 5'9 142 lbs, against Lewis, 6'1 190 lbs." "We are so screwed" commented James. Lewis stretched on the mats in his black speedo, showing off some impressive solid muscle. I gulped before taking off his t-shirt, revealing a lean but really toned body. My brother Leon  didn't remember his brother being so defined. Wearing black shorts, I stepped on the mats. As the match started, Lewis, who was very quick for his size, was fast in grabbing me and squeezing me in a bearhug. I panted, clearly in trouble, but held on. Suddenly, I managed to slip one of my arms free, which left me enough space to shift and free the other arm too. I pushed my forearms against Lewis throat, slowly cutting off his air, until Lewis's face became red and he had to release me . Panting, Lewis took advantage of the fact that I was still a bit dizzy from the bearhug and applied a full nelson on the boy. However, I proved to be difficult to be held, especially since his lean but unexpectedly strong arms were already escaping the hold. So Lewis quickly shifted to a standing rear choke but, much to his surprise, I grabbed his forearms. Before Lewis could realize it, he felt himself being lifted and quickly thrown on the mat. Everybody was Still amazed that such a small boy could perform a toss on him, he felt my legs closing against his neck. Panicking, he tried to claw at them, but I caught his arms by the wrists and pulled them as his thighs, strong and defined, were squeezing his neck. Lewis tried freeing his arms and his head, but I still squeezing his neck and holding his hands turned on his back and exposed muscle body of his prey to other boys. Lewis pecs and six pack were bumped to maximum in agony but he have no chance to release himself from this hold. After what seemed to be an eternity, he finally tapped.
"I can't believe it" he said, panting on the mats after being released, as my brother Leon and James were complimenting me "How the hell you managed to do that?" "Give me one minute" I said. I ran upstairs and, after a couple of minutes, got back dressed in a gi. "I've been practicing BJJ for quite a bit" I said "I got my blue belt last week before my brother Leon came back from university. I mean, I was a bit bored of losing every time I wrestled with my friends..."
"You little... bastard" said Lewis before starting to laugh.

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