A Mighty Work A Wonder: Our New Profile Pages

I wish to commend whoever has made it possible to better display the profiles of our members. I don't know much about art but I know excellence when I see it, and the work, the effort put forth to enhance the best possible presentation of our members leaves me in awe of what has been accomplished. How long this enhancement, this magnificent improvement has been in the making of this I am not sure: it wasn't achieved over night that is for sure, and it took the efforts of very talented individuals to bring it about. Our ocular abilities are made the more spectacular by the presence of rods and cones; hence, we can see both black and white and shade of gray. But, more remarkable, we can she a vast palate of colors of greater variety than that of the rainbow. Miraculous and wondrous which we can now see here on Meet Fighters.

This is special what has been done. I believe most will agree with me. Is this all that will be done; is the job done? I don't think so. There will undoubtedly be more things that will be added to what we can see now and be thankful for. I hope that those members who possess far greater imagination and capabilities than I could ever hope to achieve will continue to add to this wonderful example of what is striven for: excellence, professionalism, and an organization that meets the needs of me such as those who will read this blog, and more. If there are some of you who feel you have an idea, I urge you to come forth and share.

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BamaJDon41 (7 )

6/06/2022 6:15 AM

Yes, I'm rarely a fan of change for the sake of change but I do like the new look. The banners are a nice touch even though I doubt if anyone will donate just to be able to use their own photos in the banner. And I've noticed that a lot of people wind up with a lot of blank space on their profiles. With stats, location and introduction to the left and photos, interests and followers to the right. Many, like myself have several photos and interests requiring room on the right hand column, but with only a brief intro on the left column, 20% of the space on the page at the bottom of the left column is simply left blank.



6/06/2022 9:19 PM

I think it would be fair to say there are some unhappy campers given the number and type of comments made to the first blog on the "new look, etc." In my initial blog above I considered the possibility that there would be additions and actually hoped there might be as possibly might be suggested by those who are into tech stuff, etc.

Several have acknowledged their gratitude, which I think Admin deserves. Wherein things are not perfect, I believe understanding and patience is called for by the members. What may yet need to be done is not like all the bolts on the hull of the Titanic having to be replaced.

Again, I for one am grateful for the efforts that have been made on our behalf. And, wherein changes or alterations or whatever are yet needed, I have faith that these will be tended to in as speedy a manner as possible.