Being "Bettered" in an arranged fight

I've had 3 fights so far, original opponent a gay Craigslist rival, and recently a rematch with him. Our last fight included non stop belly and pec punishment by mutual agreement., as well as post fight stakes, and again, I lost to him, he was fairly brutal but did not violate our rules, but left me on all 4's, head spinning and unable to stand for sometime. Even in defeat, boxing is exciting and erotic, a mindset that's indescribably and devastatingly humiliating when your standing there, beat up, waiting for your rival to finish with you, hoping it ends soon, sensing his excitement as he punctuates his win as he sees fit. And, of course, the bruising of your ego when you end up realizing your opponent is in control and you will be less than him, his will forced on you via the fight.

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BamaJDon41 (3 ) 6 days ago

Sounds like a great fight.