I have a genetic heart condition, that I am told has shortened my average life expectancy. I was never too worried about that part, as life has a tendency to ignore average expectancy. Seize the day!

That said I have had time to think more about it, especially recently. I was told I was at high risk of complications from coronavirus, but managed to survive it fairly unscathed. I work in a large hospital, so I knew I couldn’t avoid it forever.

Having had the virus and recovering has made me start to think about the impact of my heart condition and how sensible it is to undertake high intensity activities. I’ve done a marathon before, but wrestling is somewhat unique.

I have to be gentle when I wrestle and this is why I am more into roleplay style. This isn’t everyone’s preference and I know there are people out there that I want to wrestle, who won’t want to wrestle me. That’s fine, no one owes me anything.

To those people that have met me before, I hope we can again. To those that I haven’t met, I hope we will soon and to those that don’t want to; no worries at all!

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Merseywrestle (70 ) 13 days ago

Hope we do meet


EssexUK Brit Pro (24) 13 days ago

I really hope that we may have the opportunity to meet at some point.