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Mandatory Name Change.

Hi to all my Friends, Fans, Opponents and Minions.

My name change has come about because of a Mandatory request by the Admin of this site. I am still formerly the Strangler, but this time with the usual fizz and class built not just into my style, but my name too.

So all of you that where panicking that the greatest Wrestler to grace the squared circle had vanished, need not worry.

Mr Tattinger.

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Another classic afternoon at Grove Park.

A great Pro session at Grove Park this afternoon with BushChub, Chub and the Liam Jobbs.

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Liam Jobbs v. The Strangler.

Well what an afternoon yesterday was at Grove Park. Liam Jobbs V. The Strangler. The reaction to the videos, photos and recommendations let alone the emails has been awesome. I am still going through the emails, so please forgive me if I have not replied yet, but I have been inundated.

I would like to thank Liam and all at Grove Park for what is an excellent afternoon of Pro Wrestling.

If you get the chance to have a bout with Liam then do and if its at Grove Park then you must !!

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Shoulder tendonitis

Great News , my shoulder tendonitis has improved by 90%. I have improved movement and I have started doing weight again along with fasting. Early days so far, but feeling happy with the improvement in my shoulder. I have had the injury for almost 18 months and it caused great discomfort and pain, but it is calming down now.

I reckon another month and it should be fine. Thank you for reading.

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One should contemplate a worthy Opponent over a Cigar.

I can only guess news of my Super heavyweight bout yesterday has travelled far and wide across the internet. What a contest of power and weight. Many questions, observations and predictions have been posed by you all over the bout. Ranging from you two would make an "incredible tag team, "what would you be called ?" "I bet you wore him down" and "Is there going to be a re-match ?"

All sorts of challenges have been made, but there is simply not enough days in the week at the moment. Your all worthy and very much keeping wrestling alive. I salute you all.

Today I sit here aching, my shoulder tendonitis is very much here, my neck is stiff and my back is tight with ripped muscles. But all of the pain, just like the photos are souvenirs of a great day out.

So this evening it's my smoking jacket and a cigar contemplating my next worthy opponent.

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