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Experiencing a Wrestling Resurgence?

Anyone else seem to notice more wrestling taking place recently?

In general, it would appear that more wrestling is taking place here in FL. Obviously, as the Pandemic is moving more to an endemic stage, guys feel more comfortable meeting for matches. But it also seems that guys are more willing to meet with others that they weren’t keen on meeting before. And I’ve heard of more spontaneous matches occurring — these being matches without the typically endless messages/chatting/planning that usually takes place before a match ever happens. Even heard about a few matches taking place within hours of guys connecting online!

So is this a trend others are seeing/experiencing in their areas or just a local, extraordinary blip? Are guys reacting to a year of pent-up frustrations of not being able to meet ? Or have attitudes changed after going through the supposed “end of the world” of 2021?

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Slim 66 (11) 9 days ago

I believe that because. of the infamous lockdown of 2020,more guys are connecting for matches
In addition, because of unreleased energy for the past year, men are more enthusiastic in engaging in.a physical contact. This is exceeding. levels of pre-pandemic.


TakeThePunchesAI (4) 8 days ago

Yes, I would agree with that. Due to timing it didn't happen, but within this week and last, I was on the verge of having three matches. More guys are reaching out about matches. I even just had one with a guy I've been trying to meet with for months. It's exciting to know, especially in our area.


kimmetje (101 ) 7 days ago

There is definetely a resurgence in demand and matches (here on continental Europe too!), I think with more people vaccinated, measures relaxing noticeably and not changing erratically all the time it makes it easier for people to move out of the stress and panic circumstance we faced in crisis and can now move on.