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Weird brag.

Now that I got that rant out of this website and out of my chest, I'd like to write about something about a dude that chatted me here.

I really like boxing, the sport of it, the gear and the intensity of the match, and if someone converse with me about it, that would be awesome, and interesting, and I wouldn't mind if some guy brags about that they could KO someone in a few seconds, or brag about their bodies, or even their expensive boxing trunks lol! But, I find it really uncomfortable and just weird and creepy, that a guy brags about how they are turned on when they're KO'd by a 11 year old kid.

So, a guy chatted with me on skype, we had a good conversation about boxing, but then he started bragging about the 2 kids that he knows, one of the kids is 13 years old, and the other one was 11 and how he spends time with them, usually on boxing, and that is cool, kids being sporty and he's probably training or teaching them, and the kids will probably grow up big and strong, but no, that wasn't the case.

So this guy told me, if he could send me a video of him "Being punched and KO'd by a 11 year old kid" I of course agreed, because I would like to see the proof that an 11 year old kid could KO a 40 year old dude, he then sends a short video loop, with him sitting still, dazed and cross eyed and with his mouth open while he moves his head in a circular movement, with a sound effect of birds chirping, you know, the kind of sound effect on cartoons, when someone is about to be knocked out? I watched the video, I didn't find it funny, or anything really, and there was no kid in the video, I then watched the video again, this time noticing that his trunks is slightly down, just enough to expose his erect penis...

He then explains that,

"It was the kids who edited the video, isn't it funny? We had a pretend match and this is the aftermath of it."

I stopped chatting with him because I felt uncomfortable on what he was bragging about,

"Yeah I get hard when the kids start to team up on me"

"I try to fight them but I always let the kids punch me, I get erect whenever that happens and I just put my dick out of my trunks and pretend to be KO'd"

I started to think, if these minors did indeed had a "pretend match" with this dude, the kids always see this guy expose himself to them, isn't that kind of, illegal?

Most of the guys in the website are looking for a challenge, really like fighting, or driven by their fetish or agonophilia , but I really don't find it OK, to let a minor unknowingly feed an adult's erotic fantasy. Honestly, I asked him for a picture of these kids or at least a video of them, but he made excuses so he could not show them so until now, I don't know if these kids exist or just made up, and I really hope they are just made up but still, this was creepy.

Also, these kids are not his, he said they're his neighbors, and its been months, I do hope those kids are safe. I of course have a fetish involving boxing, but I'm not that desperate to involve a minor to feed my fantasy.

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