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Straight jobbers do exist! (Explicit content!)

Aww man, I’m going to get some serious flack for this one aren’t I? Ah well!

I have recently decided that straight jobbers do actually exist. I’m talking about actually straight jobbers grappling with the concept of why they like being dominated by other men.

I’m not discussing closet straight guys, who are getting dreamy over the cutie at the gym. I don’t have any answers for you there. Been there, done that got the T-shirt. It was blue sadly, not perhaps my most famous colour of gear.

A potential opponent in MF chat asked me a fairly easy to answer question. “Do I do sexual stakes? I.e loser gets fucked.”

My answer was a rather polite: “No, sorry!” It was his reply that got me thinking though: “oh, well that’s a first!!”

I asked him to explain further and he told me that he had wrestled several straight jobbers, at least one was a mutual friend who confirmed to me that it did actually happen, and all of those matches ended in the straight guy getting fucked.

Well they are not straight then. Duh. In my humble (but equally over inflated sense of importance) opinion, I don’t think that’s strictly true.

I took the initial idea from my own experimentation with the same sex. As many will know, I definitely went through a bi-curious (at the very least) phase. And I definitely did loser gets fucked stakes. And I enjoyed them.

In the last 18 months, I’ve definitely gone off men. I still don’t think there is such a thing of straight and gay alone; there’s an awful lot of stuff in between. I obviously enjoy being worked over by men and so do a lot of straight jobbers in the world. But I wouldn’t date a guy, nor do I find them attractive.

But (and this is where my investigation really begins) I’ve never actually found a man attractive or wanted a relationship with one. Even when I was doing loser gets fucked scenarios.

I have long since come to peace with my own variation of sexuality. I’m not writing this blog for my own self-justification. I know what gets me going, I know what doesn’t. The rest, which category I fall into, doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

I’m writing it because a lot of guys are down right confused by people like me (fair enough!) and don’t really know where they stand when coming into a potentially erotic meet. I also think there are many jobbers who lay awake at night, worried they might need to stop dating that lovely girl at the shop because clearly they are hiding a secret love of meat, not flowers.

I spoke in confidence to as many straight jobbers I could find that I could trust, drawing on previous conversations with others as well, and pulled together the similarities. I asked them about what they liked, I didn’t mention anything to do with their sexuality.

They all liked jobbing and “enjoyed” it. None of them did it simply for a laugh or fitness. They all sexually enjoyed getting worked over, or even just discussing it!

Now there were a handful who didn’t like the idea of doing anything sexual throughout, even though they did get aroused during the domination. This group are fairly easy to explain. They are submissive sexually, they like being dominated or worked over and that's as far as it goes. It doesn't really matter with who (for the most part).

The second group are a large majority who liked the idea of a heel “playing” with his poor, good looking, jobber.

Again, cry the unfaithful, surely that makes them bi at the very least! Well, still, possibly and very probably not.

To be clear. I am writing about fully straight individuals. Not those like me who plonk themselves in the "mostly straight" category or are bisexual (although my own investigation has me wondering if I'm even more straight than I first thought).

You see, and this is where my past experiences come in, it’s all about context.

All the straight jobbers I spoke to, or spoke to in the past, without any hint from me, all had similar fantasies. Now this may not be every straight jobber, I spoke to less than 30. There must be hundreds out there.

If there was any sexual activity involved, it was the jobber getting fucked. In every single one. If it was A sexual or erotic end, the jobbers ass was getting fucked, not the other way around. There was usually hairpulling involved, it was usually aggressive and the heel was always in charge, including bondage like ropes or handcuffs. It was domination, not making love.

They had no interest in doing the fucking, at all. Any co-operative (lol) sex was a put off as well. In fact, in most cases (including my own) if there was any indication the heel wanted to be on the receiving end even briefly, the jobber wasn't interested in sex , at all.

The only thing the straight jobbers would give was a blow job, and they all described it more like throat fucking than giving a blow job. They were still being fucked, just in a different hole. Although I’ve been told this is the same for gay jobbers, I didn’t ask around on that one.

And all of them said they’d love or quite like to do domination sex with a lady heel.

Are you getting on the same wave length with me here? Know where this is going?

With every straight jobber I spoke to, it was not who they were being fucked by that was important. It was the fact they were being fucked.

Ultimately, they were submissive and wanted to be dominated. By who? Who cares! (Mostly!)

For those who don’t mixed wrestle, trying to find a woman to dominate you in your speedos without financial or romantic insentive, is very hard. It’s much easier to find male heels than female. So many of us, unfortunately, are on second choice here.

The jobbers barely discussed the actual heels. They had people they wanted to be heeled by sure, but what they got out of it was more important.

They talked about what they wanted to happen, what gear they’d be in and the only mention of the heel was that the heel was enjoying it.

So here’s my conclusion. Ultimately, with truly straight jobbers at the very least, it’s purely about the domination.

The idea of being “taken advantage of” by a heel was a big one. But it was “being taken advantage of” (being dominated) that ticked the box, not that they were getting it on with another guy.

Being that completely dominated that you get fucked by someone of the same sex when you don’t even like them is near the top of the “total domination” category that most jobbers enjoy. You’re helpless, totally under the other persons control.

And to finalise my point? Almost all the jobbers I’ve spoken to (either now or previously) kinda like the idea of being tied up and have a sex toy left on their crotch, leaving them helpless and abandoned and being forcefully pleasured by a sex toy. Some even liked the idea of a bondage fucking machine, where they were even more helpless. It wasn’t about the who (or what), it was simply the fact they were being dominated.

And isn’t that the point of domination? You don’t get a say at all if your being dominated.

I honestly believe that it doesn’t matter who or what you get off on. I’m one of those horrible liberals who think that people can do whatever they damn well want.

There’s nothing wrong with being gay. But if your not, don’t constantly worry about having to prove your straight or defend your choice of sexuality.

Unfortunately, there are many people in life who think black is black and white is white.

Just get on with it. It’s your life, fuck the haters.

Or get fucked by the haters if your a jobber. Damn that’s a weirdly arousing thought, isn’t it?

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