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Sparring Tips

So for my *first* blog post I thought I’d do a important post on basic Fight / Sparring Ettiquette!

While 99% of us all know this I feel it’s important to have it written down and it also goes to show I know what I’m talking about. So I’m just gonna go through a few points that you may wanna refamiliarise yourself with or share with a friend, please feel free to add to this at any time in the form of a comment or advice me on my own advice , so let’s get started shall we

1. Power
You should never be going at 100% percent power with a stranger, you should be focusing on your technique , you should be focusing on executing it well , and you don’t wanna overpower your partner, you can look at going a little harder in intensity to agree on how hard your gonna spar

2. Check your Ego
There is no winning in sparring , it simply a learning opportunity or fun experience for the both of you and shouldn’t be used to get 1-up on someone. If your looking to win at sparring your not gonna have a fun experience , by checking your ego your more able to learn new things and get better as a result

3. Choose an area to focus on
Sparring will be more effective if you choose an area to focus on , Afterall practice makes perfect, not to mention it will aid with my next point

Feedback is important to us all, by providing feedback you can help your sparring partner improve and most importantly your sparring partner can let you know if they’d prefer it a little less intense!

Anyway I hope this helps and if I forgot anything please let me know

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Giant slayer (26)

11/05/2022 8:00 PM

Great blog about sparring 👍


hookuppercut (26)

11/05/2022 8:02 PM

Nice blog. Absolutely true.


RollingRollingRolling (26)

11/05/2022 9:48 PM

Great post. This shows a real understanding of sparring and appropriate etiquette.
In martial arts club training we say
- discuss rules, boundaries, how to tapout.
- there is no losing just learning.
- leave your ego outside.
- "sparring partners are not just for Christmas"
- It is upto you to ensure your sparring partner is not injured and is always safe.
- tapping or saying stop means you stop immediately


devonwrestler (33 )

29 days ago

good message!


Captain (4)

28 days ago

Hear hear.