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Bar Tender Work OverGutPunchee46's blog

Was sitting at a bar and was talking to the bartender as I sipped on my Rum and Coke. We had been talking for a while since there were not many customers in the bar. He said it was a slow night. Out of the blue he asked my if I had ever been punched in the stomach. I was surprised by the question but I answered a couple times. He said my stomach looked like it could take a punch. He said if I wanted to try and take a few more he would be glad to deliver the punches and see if I could take more than a couple. I asked when he wanted to do this and he said the bar was closing in a hour and that we could go outback and he would punch me in the stomach and see If I could take it. I was getting pretty drunk by now so I said ok we can give it ago. After a few more drinks the bar closed and the final customer left but me and the bartender. The bartender was taller than me and had pretty big hands so I knew he would have a big fist. He turned and said you ready to go outback. I said yes. After I went out the door the bartender was behind and when I turned around to face him I could see him swing his huge fist like lightning. I felt his fist contacting my belly right below my belt buckle. I grasp in pain and sunk to my knees. I said to him that was no in the stomach. He replied no but he would hit my stomach next. He picked me up and pulled me over to the alley wall. I did not notice it but on that wall was 2 bars that stuck out from the wall. He placed my arms over those bars and wrapped velcro around my arms to hold me in place. He said ok now lets get you prepared to get worked over. He unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the ground. He unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it behind me. This exposed my midsection and then he pulled my shorts down on the hips and that exposed my lower gut. He pulled some black leather gloves from his back pocket and put them on. He moved in close and he sunk a fast right fist into my stomach above the navel. I grunted and then a left when to the other side of my stomach. I grasp again. He said how was that, how did that feel to your belly. Then the next one when directly into my belly button. I felt the pain shoot through my entire belly. He stop for a few minutes admiring his work so far. Then he said ok now he was going to give me a combo punch. His left fist impacted me to the side of my belly button and then a right upper cut hit my belly below the navel a couple inches. I let out this big Offfff as the right fist landed square in my belly. After resting for a few minutes he proceeded to work on all areas of my abdomen with his huge fist. He went high, middle, and low until I was telling him to stop. He said ok one more so he untied the velcro on my arms and held me up with his left than. Then he delivered one last hit dead center below the navel which dropped me to my knees with a grasp.

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How to Cut Loose?riverrat's blog

How does one throw all cares away and break out of their normal persona in order to have a great wrestling match? I have received comments from a few guys who claim that my photos look intimidating or that I look tough, when in reality I'm not at all. They are just poses for the camera in order to maybe find someone interested in a fun match. As stated in my profile, I have very limited experience in wrestling and on the very rare occasions I've had one, I wear out quickly and easily. But with those few that I've had, I've always enjoyed myself. The problem I have is that buried deep within me is a guy that just wants to let it all go and enjoy a match the way that I fantasize about. However, when the time comes I actually meet up with someone, I'm too shy to just cut loose. Nerves get the best of me. Wrestling around with another masculine guy in all forms of dress (or undress) has always been a turn on for me ever since I was a kid. The old Charles Atlas ads in comic books that showed the skinny guy getting sand kicked in his face by a big muscle dude was always a big turn on for me. Especially after the skinny guy builds up muscle and kicks the other guy's ass. I guess I suffer from a lack of self confidence and I'm always concerned my opponent won't like me. There are MANY hot looking guys on this site that interest me, but when I see the photos of their past oppenents, I realize that I am not in the same league. I've never been blessed with movie star looks or a hot looking body,  and I think I'm too concerned over my own appearance to actually let everything go the way I'd like and truly enjoy myself. But how do I break out of the true nature of my character? Even if I were to meet someone and put the act of being a "tough guy" on, it just doesn't feel comfortable to me. It seems unnatural because my true personality is more of a kind hearted, sincere and sensitive guy. But just once, I would like to meet up with someone and allow all inhibitions to disappear. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to delve into that part of my desires. Any advice?

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WITFs?Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

(1) You think you were really bad at wrestling a guy when (1) he won't write you a recommendation; or worse yet (2) he rejects your recommendation of him and he refuses to acknowledge you ever wrestled him, or, the ultimate downer (3) He blocks you.

OTOH, to put a better spin on it, maybe you trounced him so resoundingly that he'd rather simply forget he ever met you, and doesn't want anyone else to know, lest they ask questions of how he fared..

(2) "On the bright side" Department: You wonder why some guy will never respond to your queries, or he says "no way." You wonder what is it he sees bad about you. Then you meet up with someone who knows the guy. And voila! You feel redeemed, when you learn that the person in question has a pic posted which is 10 or 15 years old, he weighs 50+ pounds more than what's in his profile (none of it muscle), and he hasn't wrestled anyone in the past ten years.

(3) "The Insult Department" are the guys who cut an encounter short or refuses to meet up at all, saying "I'm afraid I could injure you." citing my age. WITF is all that bullcrap about? I know what my limits are and will tap out if a hold on me could injure. Is it about falling? Duh! I went thru learning and practicing all the how to fall, rolling, the breakfalls, and related since back when I was 17 taking judo; and I still practice falls on the mats here to this very day.

Get over your fear for krissakes! Unless we are doing stuff in the Krav Maga Department sans protective gear, it's unlikely I'm going to shatter. Your ass is covered by "assumed risk" and the fact that Virginia is one of those very few "contributory negligence" States, in which a competent individual contributing as little as one percent to the injury (ipso facto, the act of wrestling), you can't be held liable for as much as one penny. I sure as hell ain't senile

(4) On the Subject of Cutting Things Short --- Some guys like to start slow, and gradually crank it up. Why assume after a few minutes that guys such as we are, can give it only that much? Many like to learn a bit about his opponent. It's a real slap in the face (and a kick farther down) to be written off at that point and having the match terminated. Ever think of such as thing as an hour-long match, where peak action is in the 0:15 to 0:45 with the first 0:15 ratcheting up and the final ):15 winding down. Why the big whiz-bank, in the big-ass hurry to end it at 0:10?

(5) In the Let's Have Variety and the Let's Learn, Let's Improve Departments – Seems like everyone has "practicing holds" "promission" "boxing" and other things in the profile; yet it's almost never anything else but submission from start to finish of an encounter. It's nice to take time to show a new guy some holds, safety tips, etc.; and nice for the rest of us to be shown the same from the more advanced guys during a session.

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Victory... and RecoveryWrestling and Domination

The Spartans Tournament on 10/7 was a lot of fun, though the turn-out was a bit disappointing. In my weight group, there were two other competitors. Nonetheless, after decades as a slowly-degenerating couch potato, I am pleased and proud to have beaten both to earn literally the first gold sports medal of my life.

Both of my opponents presented unique challenges. One, on MF as BIGguywrestlerBE, was very inexperienced but had a major size advantage. Scrapping with the big guy was a lot of fun. While I was able to use what I’ve learned over the past year to get the pin in the first period, turning him over was a definite challenge. And we had an exhibition match after the tournament, which was also very fun (and in which he did better, though I still came out on top). I was very impressed with someone so new to freestyle throwing himself into the competition and proving a quick learner.

My other opponent was much more experienced than me (and a current world-level competitor) though also 27 years older (he competed at the UWW Veteran World Championships in Bulgaria last week). Peter is a rough competitor, very intense and prone to using his arms and head as clubs every time he goes for a hold. In our tournament match, he dominated the first period, gaining 8 points as I got none. However, I was holding back in terms of what I would go for, not wanting to go for low-leg takedowns, because veteran competitors avoid them due to risk of injury. Then, between rounds, Peter made the mistake of taunting me about being so much younger but still losing. That fired me up, and in the second round I got a high leg, took him down, rolled him and started getting points. Then, as he struggled, Peter gave me an opening he shouldn’t have and I got the pin.

I take the win as affirmation, but also as a spur to keep working, as I know how I’d have fared against the average wrestler of my age and size. Furthermore, the back pain (still ongoing) that the event left me with has forced me to re-focus training on my back and core, the importance of which was definitely driven home by live, all-out competition.

In the end, I am proud to win what I have, but recognize the grain of salt that accompanies this tournament win… and recognize even more clearly the work I still need to do if I am to consider entering any more serious competition.

So I'll "just keep going," as has been my motto. Going to Spartans practices and whatever chance to practice I can get... and going to the gym every day. I have sort of a notion that I'd like to attempt the Gay Games in Paris next year. I'll be 40 the next time the Games occur, so now seems like the time to strive for it. Even if striving is all I do, I take it as meaningful that my goals have grown from "looking ok in a singlet and having some fun" to competing as seriously as I can.

I just hope this long-neglected body is as up for the challenge as my renewed competitive spirit is!

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Is It Strictly an East Coast (I-95 Corridor) Anomoly?Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Wonder what it is about the east coast? When the match is over (and any attendant "playing"), guys leave and go their separate ways right away. Go a couple hundred miles inland and all the way to the west coast, the guys socialize a lot more after wrestling/grappling – going out to eat, taking in a movie, whatever or just hanging around on site. Wonder why we very easterners are so different?

Another East apparent anomaly is that regardless what the profile says about back and forth, practicing holds, developing skills, it's strictly competitive. There isn't the back and forth, practicing holds – only exception are relatively few guys who like to teach. Or (on the dark side) is it that guys just like to tear into me from the onset, and frack all the other things in the profile? Could be the latter as even my mother used to say "You better learn to fight or be a good runner; because your very looks would make a guy want to smash-in your face."

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Visit to an old friendharrier's blog

A few weeks back while traveling I reached out to an old wresting friend. B and I have had a match or two over the past few years, nothing serious, some pro style holds a little back and forth with B taking the match and leaving the both of us satisfied.

Once again I was planning a visit on my way thru, as always juggling our timing and schedules so we could put a few hours aside for a match. During our e-mail exchanges we shares some holds we enjoy using, gear or lack there of, and holds we enjoy being placed in (as a jobber this always peaks my interest). I would like to share some of this match:

I arrived a little late to his house, a spacious place with ample room and light. B met me at the door and invited me in to his home. After a short chat and a glass of water we proceeded to the master suite where he had laid out the mats. B seems particularly excited to get the match started. I slipped into the shower to freshen up. I enter the suite nude as we had agreed upon from our e-mails. B stripped down and we took positions across from one another.

I extended my hand to shake his as he took hold of my he pulled me closer and drove his right knee into my exposed gut.... as I collapse to the mat at his feet he dropped to my side and whispered into my ear...well are you up for a beating.....

to be continued

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H e ycougarman67's blog

Live in concord nh area an am looking for someone seriously interested in gut punching me, will let you kick my belly and trample it my belly button abused and tortured also....poke whatever you want deep and hard into it....even use my belly button for an ash tray

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2017-10-16Jman77's blog

In spite of all the negatives surrounding me at times, life isn't so bad, really. We all have the choice to decide what affects us and what doesnt. Things just don't happen to us that we can't control. Things happen to us based on decisions we make. Our decisions determine our actions and reactions. We alone are responsible for those.

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Memorie d'autunno - BodyscissorBlog di Niubbo

Avvinghio le mie gambe alla tua vita.
Sono quadricipiti potenti, duri, inesorabili.
Sempre più forte.
Ti dimeni. Digrigni i denti. Cerchi di alleviare il dolore.
Non puoi.
Più ti muovi, più la morsa è inesorabile.
Più ti muovi, più il dolore aumenta.
Tendo i muscoli.
Sempre di più.
Il dolore diventa un tormento. Impossibile da alleviare.
L'aria inizia a mancarti.
Le costole iniziano a cedere.
“Sei pronto?” domando calmo, con la voce bassa, quasi sussurrando quella che pare una minaccia.
Aumento di colpo la pressione.
Due pitoni che vogliono la tua disfatta.
Un grido ti si strozza in gola.
Vorresti battere la resa, ma non puoi.
Ti tengo le braccia. Saldamente. Impedendoti ogni movimento.
“Chiedi pietà”. Sussurro calmo.
Vorresti. Ma non puoi. Dalla tua bocca non esce neppure un fiato.
“Cedi… o muori” ora il tono è basso, minaccioso, senti davvero la fine che si avvicina.
La vista si appanna.
Il dolore ti pervade.
Solo ora, in un moto di pietà, allento di un poco la presa.
Il sangue e l'aria tornano a fluire normalmente.
Sei imperlato di sudore.
Senza posa.
Mi guardi.
“Tu sei… il mio… padrone”.
Ti lascio andare.
Crolli su di un lato.
Ti bacio.
“Sei mio. Ricordalo”.

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The Cost of Wrestlingosakarob's blog

Seems like all hobbies require a bit of cash. Wrestling might be "free" in the sense that it requires no equipment but your own strength, but the reality is a bit more nuanced.

A semi-serious question that I'd love some perspective on:

"What is the most amount of money that you have spent for a SPECIFIC WRESTLING ENCOUNTER?"

(Maybe you traveled some great distance to meet a new opponent and had to pay for flights, accommodation, etc? Or perhaps you shelled out some cash to rent a ring for a match? Or maybe you participated in a wrestle fest and invested some $$ to give yourself that opportunity? Or maybe you wanted a larger hotel room for plenty of grappling space? Invested in some gear for a particular opponent?)

Other than those of us who have invested in mats and mat rooms...what is the most amount you have spent on a single match and what did that money go towards? It's helpful to know because it puts into context our own match expenses, doesn't it?

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