• 25th February
    Dear members, Today I am closing one of the long-standing items from the [[Tracker|Suggestion Box]]: the [[Tracker/2009-05-27_3|distinction between
  • 16th February
    Dear members, There have been some visible and not-so-visible changes in AllFighters recently, and I figured it was time I wrote another of these
  • 8th February
    I was up in London towards the end of last year and managed to get along to the Grapple 101 held at the 'Eagle'. The event I attended was only the
  • 24th December
    Hi Just like to inform guys of a wrestling mat room for hire in the East Midlands in Long Eaton, just off the M1, matted area is 12ft x 15ft, conact
  • 24th December
    hoping to meet some wrestling friends in 2010..I am based in Dorset..bit of a black hole for wrestling it seems. I can travel or accom so if anyone is
  • 22nd December
  • 13th December
    So [[news/2009-12-11|two days ago]] I have sent a mass message to every member about [[news/2008-12-11|AllFigthers' birthday]]. Apparently when you
  • 11th December
    Dear members and visitors, I year ago today our site, AllFighters, opened its gate to the public. I would take this opportunity to send a quick
  • 13th November
    I'll be on holidays in the UK and Ireland from April to June 2010. I arrive on 22 April and have hired a car till 3 June to travel around England,
  • 12th November
    I'm currently in Texas on a roadtrip from LA to Miami wrestling all those interested along the way. Anyone interested in meeting up let me know and I
  • 30th October
    Hali ha valaki tud nagyon olcsón szkanderpadot eladót feltétlenül szóljon
  • 26th October
    I will be visiting the UK in August of 2010 and I am looking for matches and also anyone who can host overnight. I am an inexperienced but fit
  • 15th October full-contact, bare knuckle (no punches to the head
  • 11th October
    A smaller [[Tracker/2009-10-04|entry from the wishlist]] has been implemented today: when a member is online, you will see a small icon next to his
  • 5th October
    The purpose of this site is, by and large, is to help our members get to know and meet others with similar interests. There are two steps for
  • 1st October
    I am happy to introduce a new AllFighters feature: the [[events|Fighting Events]]. I noticed many members were posting various wrestling events to
  • 30th September
    where are...the wild bulls to conquer?
  • 29th September
    Here is the link to the videos.
  • 20th September
    At Okie Rumble this weekend, having a good time, will be posting pics when I get back. Next Staten Island wrestlefest will be Saturday Sept. 26 at
  • 20th September
    I have been involved with GayGames Wrestling since 1982, and I will be there in Paris 2018 as well to make sure we have another great 150 wrestler