• 30th December
    Greetings to All Fighters! First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has used the [[Tracker|Suggestion box]] and thus helped improving the
  • 27th December
    Following a suggestion by [[users/gutpuncher33|gutpuncher33]] and [[users/gmuscles|gmuscles]], I [[Tracker/2008-12-22_2|rolled out a new feature]],
  • 25th December
    Although there are a number of interesting entries in the [[Tracker|suggestion box]], I think the most important and least regarded feature in our
  • 13th December
    Hi everyone, I created a new feature for [[invite|invite a friend]]. Given that there's no point in having a great site unless it
  • 11th December
    Hi everyone, The site is nearly complete! There are a few rough edges to polish, but there will be plenty of time for that later on. What matters is
  • 28th November
    Hi everyone! I have deployed a new site chat today. It is based on the venerable [ IRC] (Internet Relay Chat). In
  • 26th November
    The site is now ready for beta testing. You can [[register]] and try all the features. We have profiles, searching, messaging, a blog engine, forums