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I would like to share with you the following American bout from the 70s. Admittedly, I personally think Danny Hodge has one of the most beautiful physiques in the wrestling world. Also, I love his baggy and red-and-white halves of his trunks.

I badly wish the WWE and other current wrestling organisations would right now drop all the stupid gimmicks and just focus on proper rasslin'.

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My Pro-Wrestling Illustration Series (A Second Glimpse)Detective Mask's blog

Last April, I shared in this blog that I had been working on a pro-wrestling illustration series in my Manga Pro-Wrestling website. Right now, I'm still doing the illustration series.

Recently, my illustrations veered away a bit from submission holds. Instead, I opted to use some strike moves. After all, a pro-wrestling match seems a bit incomplete without some strikes.

The ones I chose to use are the Middle Kick (a move seen so often in Japanese pro-wrestling) and the Elbow Bat (a simple move made popular by the late Mitsuharu Misawa).

I decided to share the pics here, since I'm thinking there may be some of you who prefer to see drawings of strike moves over submission holds.

I'm hoping to wrap the series up by this month, and I'll keep you guys posted when it does.

For those interested in viewing the series, you can proceed to this link:

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I'm getting more experience and the time in the ring is terrific ,a photo shoot

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2017-10-08Jman77's blog

Watching Ed sheeran on Austin city limits. Love his sound. Lots of soul. Soothing and comfortable.

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Reliability...aeneas's blog

Hi guys, the good ones and the bad ones! ;)

Being on this site and others i always wonder, why people start chatting with me, being enthusiastic about meeting, and when there is a real possibility to meet, they suddenly don t answer any more or don t come online. I think that s quite disrespectful and unpolite.

I try to be as honest and direct, when it comes to talk to new people, if i m interested in meeting them for real or not. If the meeting is close, i m checking my messages very often and answering as quickly, as i can. I think that s reliable.
It s also good to use other means of communication, like camchatting. If that works, a meeting is more likely to happen i think.

But reliability is also to answer messages from people your interested in. Distance is always an issue here, and no one can travel all the time around the world for a match.
But staying in contact and writing from time to time is possible for everyone! especially, when you live in a reasonable travel distance. Within Europe for example, from my perspective.

It s hard enough to find guys you like with similar interests in wrestling. so my call for today is, if you do, then be polite, honest and RELIABLE!

thank you for reading. share your thoughts...
cheers, aeneas

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I'm just getting started with it but I now have a Tumblr and would like for you guys to just show some support and if you could check it out that would be great! It acts as an easier way to post pictures and also a faster way to message with you guys. I know I may not have many things posted now at the beginning but do expect for me to be posting frequently! Thanks and hope to see your love towards my new account.

You can find it by searching: latin-boxer


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2017-10-06Jman77's blog

Finding local matches is always hard for some reason. Even when I'm willing to drive 2 or 3 hours. The worst part is that they all really want to, just not this weekend. Then next week it'll be something else. I've seen a lot of guys here bitch about getting the reply "not interested ", I'M NOT ONE OF THOSE GUYS, I'M PERFECTLY FINE WITH IT. so, please, if you're not really interested, SAY SO. I'll leave you alone and we can go our own ways. I only message guys that I want to meet in real life. I'm not on here for fantasy. I'm here to meet wrestlers/fighters and/or boxers. I'm a really respectful and considerate guy who is understanding of the fact that EVERYONE isn't going to like me for one reason or another. Has never been a problem for me to accept that. However, it seems that a lot of guys can't find it within themselves to just simply say that they're not interested. I know some guys require an explanation, but I DON'T. I try to be as simple as I can. Unless we've met and I am smitten with you (only happened twice) then I take a minute to let go, but I do LET GO. No point in holding on to something that's not there. Well that's my rant for the day, OR IS IT? It's only 10:30am. LOL

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2017-10-07Jman77's blog

I may seem new to scene for some, but I've been at it for several years now. I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing guys and a few not so amazing. Some months back I deleted my profile. I met someone who supposedly fell in love with me immediately after we met, who is full of the most fascinating stories you can ever imagine. He didnt want me to wrestle anymore, we were both supposedly deleting our accounts. Well one of us actually did. Being more naive then I would like to admit, I believed him, took him at his word. But it wasn't long before things didn't add up for me. So after some investigation I realized there was something not right. I blocked all contact with him. I figured that he'd get the picture and go his own way, not this one. He already had my address, so about 3 weeks later, he shows up at my door step. I would spend the following 3 months receiving random visits here and there, whenever he decided to come into town, explain that I'm not in love with him. Being emotionally unstable, he just couldn't accept that I wanted to be alone or that I wasn't in love with him after 1 meet. So he persisted to show up and demand i spend time with him. This is not a relationship, despite what anyone may think. I was careful not to upset him as I was never really sure what was actually true about him. He seemed to have created a reality of his own. He endured a few hardships that I was helping him with. During this time I created a new profile and began owning my life more. Doing whatever I wanted regardless of what anyone else thinks. I live with myself every minute of the day, I have to put up with me. Noone else does, just me. So finally I convinced my stalker/friend, that I will never love him like he deserves and that I am continuing to wrestle and remain single. He reluctantly has accepted the fact that we will never be he hoped for. It's sad in a way. He's not a terrible guy. He's just extremely confused and disoriented with reality. I'm not equipped to help him with that. So now I'm focusing on MY needs, MY desires. The more I wrestle, the more I'm able to see a future that I want for myself.

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Steady Training Partners WantedSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

If one expects to become a good wrestler, and remain a good wrestler, he should engage in matches or serious training a couple hours, two or three times a week. This is precisely what I want to do; but so far has happened rather rarely.

Anyone nearby seeking regular training partners? I could stand to have enough to ensure up to six hours of practicing holds, sparring, etc. Wrestling, light MMA, whatever. Demographics don't matter; Prefer those who take care of their bodies, reasonably HWP and within a feasible weight range (about 0-30 Lbs) for sparring. Check out my profile and recommendations for more info re: me. While I welcome very much travelers into the local area, for steady training purposes it is local men that I need, who can come enough so we can work out and become better at it.

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2017-10-06Jman77's blog

So there's all these preworkout mixes, fat burners, stuff to help build muscle faster, etc. I have no idea which brand to use. I was told by a bodybuilder, that if I want results, stop buying the cheap stuff. He told me it's time for me to get ready to spend the $$$. But even then, I don't know which one to get.

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