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So i started wrestling back in high school which is how I got a lot of skills in pinning! I then wanted to find a website that supported wrestlers who weren't just into high school wrestling ect...i joined this site but got deleted because of my age...once i turned 18 i cam back haha i wrestled a lot of amazing guys...I am a young boy still...filled with lots of energy and personality...but not many people i meet are my age so i tend to be shy because they are much older than me lol a lot of you help me not be shy by making me feel more comfortable...but others take advantage of it and really make me feel really unsafe...2 guys done that to me and it still bothers me to this day but instead of getting upset over it for now on if i have to defend myself to get away from something i DONT want to do and they try to force it then i have no problem in doing that... So please respect me because im still young and older guys should know that all i want to do is wrestle we can be erotic ect but beyond that is something i would not allow...

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Ah, yes.
Most social media websites do have one thing in common: the blog.
When you consider it , the blog is a forum on where people voice their concerns on certain topics in writing. What is good about the blog is that you do not have to possess perfect grammatical skills to communicate your thoughts. Basically, all you need is a thought or an idea in which the writer feels that would interest the reader.
Also, a blog can be thought provoking, it can be informative, or it can be amusing, or it can be entertaining.
In some cases, you can POSSIBLY meet future opponents on a blog ( I have had first hand experience ).
So? Do you have a topic that could help someone in the future or do you have feelings on a subject,? Blog it .Happy Writing and Happy Wrestling.

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Recent Pics vs a frienemy.matsteve's blog

Recently met up with an old friend and foe on the mat. (is frienemy a word?) We have battled each other many times over many years. We had both put on a bit of insulation around the middle over the winter, and neither one of us could think of any better way to start working on losing the unwanted bellies than to strip down and lock up in a good give and take on the mat.
I cant say that either one of us walked away any trimmer, but it was a good start and it is always fun to tangle and give each other a hard time on the mat.

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Why do I feel I'm in the wrong.looney45's blog

Feel I have to have a vent here after comments that I received (on another site) about cancellations!

I'm out of work just now and actively looking for employment. I have plenty of time to meet guys to wrestle BUT obviously any chance of an interview is going to cause me to forgoe a wrestle!

I arranged to meet someone early next week, all fine - he said he might have to cancel on me earlier in the week and although disappointed I said these things happen (they do!) but he came back and said no he will be able to come over.

However this morning I got a call to say I had been invited to an interview on the day of the meet would I be able attend the all day assessment - I said yes, who wouldn't if its a job you have been looking out for for a long time!

Being the polite and civil guy I am I instantly sent a message to this guy saying - sorry cant meet I have a job interview and need to attend that.

I log back in to be told - "Good luck and all that, but i don't appreciate being messed about with cancellations!" This from the guy who was going to cancel earlier in the week.

Yes I know a short notice cancellation is not good but am sitting here feeling I am in the wrong here - this is my future and career over a wrestle. Maybe its a good thing I'm not meeting him now as to me his true colours have started to show as a knee jerk reaction I blocked him but since unblocked him!

I might be just too sensitive to comments like that but maybe its as if you have to cancel its called common decency to let the other side know - BTW he was travelling a whole 25 minutes to meet me so its not as if he was making a massive trip.

Thanks for putting up with my vent and actually I'd be interested to see any comments on what is quite a touchy issue for people!

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May the Best (Built) Man Win.pinningmuscle's blog

Wrestling has always been the one sport that defines the will of a man to me. Though I’ve competed in several team sports, wrestling is the only sport that pits one man against another in struggle for dominance. It’s simple and it’s primal. But very decisive.

Another thing about wrestling for me – whether I’m watching it on TV, attending an event, engaged in it myself, or checking out the latest video – is that I find myself rooting for the guy who has the better body. I know, I know, before you call me shallow; I’ll admit it’s not the best way to determine a winner. But face it, a guy who is fit, has defined muscle and looks like he’s got more stamina and power should come out on top. Skill, however is the most important part…and I’ll get to that. But for now I want to focus on why I tend to always pull for the guy who has the edge in the physique category.

To me, nothing says fitness quite like a tight muscled body. And when I see guys hit the mats, I naturally will find myself accessing their physiques and based upon my shallow observations, I’ll pick a favorite. I love the idea of a muscled guy going to town on a less proportioned opponent. There’s nothing hotter than muscle flexing and moving and locking in holds on a hapless victim. Even in my educated mind, I can’t help but allow muscle to equate with skill and power. I can’t help but give the muscled guy the edge. It’s just natural in sport such as ours to give extra points to the man who looks the part. If 17 inch biceps are the standard, then they guy possessing them will certainly be able to win a wrestling match against an opponent with 15 inch guns.

I’ve seen it happen countless times – and I’ve done it many times myself. I’ve seen matches where the more muscled guy gets the advantage and manages to control the action and score a win. It’s hot. It’s primal. And it feels totally natural.

But, wrestling is rarely about just muscle and perceived strength. Good wrestlers naturally will have good bodies, due in part to their training and nutrition. Great wrestlers rely more on skill and strategy. So while I, like many of you, will automatically side with Mr. Pecs, that lean and lanky guy may just be able to kick the shit out of any muscle stud who dares square off with him on the mats. And here’s the thing – as much I love to see the muscle guy prevail, watching “a lesser man” owning a muscled guy out there on the mats can be exhilarating. I’m not talking about the staged muscled jobber stuff we see in pro wrestling; but the built collegiate wrestler or MMA fight who looks like he has the goods to get the job done quick and convincingly…then falls way short. Sure, muscle looks incredible as it flexes in victory. But when it meets up with a skilled opponent with less admirable physical traits it can results in thrills of a totally different type. While I want my muscle man to win; an occasional upset can be an incredible sight to behold.

So guys, what end of the spectrum do you fall? Do you root for the guy with the better body, or do you enjoy the site of that muscle taking a solid beating?

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Heel / Jobber match - Any experience?funscrapseverino's Blog

I should try that once.
What is in your opinion a good heel jobber match and what is necessary to make it good?


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The Guy Lied AgainWrestlerandGeek's blog

Here is what the wrestler who stole my singlet wrote "I'm shipping you the hvcc and the smittys barn singlet. Those two are as good as yours. The white low cut singlet with the stars is needed for the website so I can't send that one. I can ship out on Monday if you want me to send you pics of the North Dakota one. I head to work in a couple hours so I can send you the package on Monday with the extra singlet."

This wrestler should be banned. Seriously. He promised to send me my two singlets back and then he tells me he had my one singlet stolen!? Then to replace it he says he would send me a singlet of equal value, and the asshole is going to send me something else (he probably wont now that i confronted him about his lie)? Like what the hell. I am sick of people on this site getting away with hurting others and no one doing anything about it! Im the jerk. Always the jerk even though i have never robbed any one of you. I am livid. Utterly livid because he is going to get away with doing what he wants. Done. I have included the singlet that he stole which was stolen from him and for which he tried to replace with some shit quality singlet. If anyone sees this singlet on a meetup please have some decency and ask the person to return it to me. Dont be like this other wrestler om here i cannot name because it goes against site policies. Be honest.

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I just had a wrestling session with a new guy. He's not on Meetfighters, though I hope he does sign up someday. He answered my CL ad. He was 70 lbs lighter than I was, admitted he had never wrestled before, and doesn't work out. When we stripped down I noticed his 150 lb frame was nothing but pure muscle. When I told him to try to take me down, boy, DID HE EVER take me down. I showed him some moves and he used some on me that I didn't teach him. YIKES! Was I being conned? Or was he just a natural at it? I see no point in him conning me. He wasn't trying to rob me or take my money or place a bet. So I think he's a natural. I sure hope he is able to wrestle some more in the future. Unfortunately, like most married wrestlers, his wife doesn't know. So it could be months before I see him again. Anyway, I am so glad I had a brief time of wrestling with the small, yet strong and scrappy, "Mario".

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I'm BackNJWoodbridge's blog

After a long hiatus, I am back wrestling as of May 1. I actually wrestled three times in the past month with long-time wrestling buds from out of town, so if you are heading my way
please do not hesitate to contact me.

My favorite style of wrestling is promission by which I mean the match has some sub, some pro, sometimes competitive, sometimes give and take, and it's pretty much non-stop, multiple submission. It's a great work out and it 's a good chance to learn and to try new holds/moves.

I also like strict competitive submission wrestling (but I am not as competitive as I once was) with or without body strikes. I also enjoy jobber/heel matches (in either role); indeed, I am quite the "Gentleman Heel" and a very durable jobber. I am not a fan of pro fantasy where everything is faked or cyber matches. The "struggle" is what attracts me to wrestling, and I want to feel the holds and the strikes.

My primary objective is a good work out. I like it as rough as either of us can handle and I am okay with weight and age disparities. I permit body strikes, dirty tactics, and erotic, but NONE are required. We adjust intensity to ensure everyone has a good time. Like most members, most of my training has been by doing and by learning from others. So, I have no ego to bruise.

Safety and sanity is always a priority. I am not afraid of pain, a few bruises or even a "nick" or cut, but I do not want to end up in the ER; and I would feel even worse if I sent you there.

We all have our rules. I am not a mind-reader so please tell me your rules when we communicate. I want my limits respected as I shall respect yours (just tell me what they are before and during the match).

I reply to all inquiries (I am old-fashioned that way), and I gladly chat with anyone. New members are welcome to contact me for "sage" advice even if you do not want to wrestle with me - I had invaluable mentors when I started 12+ years ago, and now it's my duty and honor to help others who are getting started (I still remember my naivete and my apprehensions).


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My Pro-Wrestling Illustration SeriesDetective Mask's blog

I'm currently working on a pro-wrestling illustration series in my Manga Pro-Wrestling website. The characters are from a long-running Japanese comic and animation series.

So far, I've posted illustrations featuring a Lock-up, a Full Nelson, and a Side Headlock. I'm posting the illustrations on a monthly basis for the next few months, and I hope I finally get to wrap this up this year.

For those interested in viewing the series, you can proceed to this link:

UPDATE: The poster that originally came along with this blog entry had to be reclassified, so I've decided to feature some of the illustrations I've posted for this series. I hope you'll enjoy it.

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