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It takes more energy to be evil than good!

So yesterday, I was explaining in chat about people looking at my profile and if I am interested I message them. They then ignore my message then come back to my profile several times to look and don't respond to my message. Not about to stress myself out and waste time reporting and blocking peeps.
Their is to much disgusting rude behavior on here. Subtle racism from American and UK users on this site, making fun of people's bodies, teasing people saying you will sit on them in interest group(then when they dm you you are rude and lying saying your not into that), acting the first digit of your age; instead of your full age, and bot spamming. You all need to grow up on here and stop cyber bullying others.
Why waste time and harass someones who is not in the same country as you, that is sick and disgusting. It takes more energy to be evil than good. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I am not doing any meetups nor hosting anyone on here until things change!

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