A long time ago I met a chap online. It wasn’t this site, but a dating one. The rapport was established quickly and soon I was waiting by the London Eye, wondering if he would turn up or indeed look like his picture.

He turned up, looked good and we spent the new few hours chatting as we walked through London; oblivious to those around us.

Then came the bombshell. He asked me if I wanted to go to his. One of my least favourite films of all time is Taken, as I find the disregard the main characters have for their safety ridiculous when they accept that lift. However I did the same. Off we went; I had agreed.

London soon turned from glitzy world capital to something out of a Stanley Kubrick film. And my anxiety started to creep in. What was I doing? So I bailed. I made an excuse and said I had to go.

It ended badly. And I was left with a battered face, bruised ego and destroyed confidence.

This was a long time ago, but the effects still remain to this day. My mental health suffered enormously and I write this to offer some explanation that I am now an extraordinary anxious person; who often sees this in a worse light, than a positive one. I will often see things in people that are not there and this causes me to be guarded or not quite sure exactly how to properly socialise with people.

It’s getting better but I’d always say be careful guys as I made a mistake a long time ago but managed to escape fairly lightly. At least in the physical sense.

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hugefan (105 platinum) 17 days ago

That's a sad story but if making an excuse resulted in a bruised face, thank God you made an excuse, could have been even worse. I was mugged many years ago and it had an impact for quite a few years on how I felt in certain locations or when it was dark and I was out. Time did help and I would say this site is safer than the average dating site if you use recommendations as a guide, someone who is unsafe is going to be flagged and someone who is just plain psycho isn't going to get recommendations. So do be careful and take precautions but try not to let one horrific encounter put you off, nearly all the guys here I have met have been lovely and even the few I didn't click with weren't dangerous. All the best.


Merseywrestle (69 gold) 17 days ago

I am sorry that you had this aweful experience but don't let it control you and who you meet in the future as it will creep in all aspects of your life.
Maybe go to meets more safer in numbers and meet up with guys you learn to trust.
Don't let that bad experience ruin something or anything you enjoy.