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UK BG East dvd's

Hey wrestlers.
Can I just ask, as being in the UK, if I order off of BG East, will their dvd's play ok on UK machines?
Anyone had any experience of this?

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Desterfight (32 ) 5 days ago

You have to check the DVDs are either region 2, region free, OR buy a region free DVD player


SE Wrestler (44) 5 days ago

(In reply to this)

Cheers wrestler


SalzPeter (78 ) 5 days ago

Yes and the seller should indicate region code on the spex.
Also, you can always play on your laptop with a VLC player which will play any coded DVDs.
I usually play my Euro Region 2 DVDs on my laptop with VLC player.
You can download VLC player for free from its website.


Manchester42 (0) 4 days ago

You could always double check with Kid Leopard - I believe he's on here. :-)


SE Wrestler (44) 2 days ago

Cheers guys - appreciate the replies