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I got my Travelling Pass!!

I got my Travelling Pass!!
So who will accommodate me in the US, if my host doesn't respond???

From my fb:

Somewhere in 2015: Annoucement: NO FAKE!!!!! Hey u young wrestling guys / bondage & Latex lovers outthere, i'm going to the gym for a month. In around sept, oct, or i try at least in nov. i should be able to get to the U.S., for at leatst 90 days!!! I'm able with a roadtrip to come near u, and u could fight me if u wan't, all thou' i'm more the taker, who want's my body get squished by some strong scissors or bearhug, i would like to put up a fight as well!!
But as travelling is suppossed to be pretty expansive, i would like to ask, to donate, for my flight please, throu' Western Union or my friends banc account.
U can wrestle or tape me, or we could just have some fetish sex as well.
Everyone who pay, has to fight and punish me, take my breath away first with your looks then with making me suffer from the pain u inflict me, for the money i asked u for support the travel costs.
The lowest i can get for the moment is only 335,66€/person. I know this is still pretty much, but how more people who would like to say yes before paying ( no obligation, thou i would appreciate if u keep your promises ), how cheaper it would get par person.
We are now with 3 persons to pay at the moment, this is myself incl. too., and 2 friends, who just like to watch and be real good friends.
The total price for the flight, is now at 1007€.
I hope to get it cheaper thou'
But if we have more donaters, let me give u a speculated price:
4 persons = 251,75€ par person
5 persons = 201,4 € par person
6 persons = 167,83€ par person

X: That sounds verry interesting i vote for YES!!! kiss-emoticon sounds like a verry fun time to enjoy and have a time together to never forget ;) <3

Me: Through apps i managed to get a flight for about 531,99€.

Which would come to a price, if every person want's to participate ( we are allready with 4 ), on 132, 75€ par person, which i also will fight, because of their price!!!

Sorry but due to unforseen circumstances it's been resheduled until next year

We're really getting there... I got some help now!!!

And as soon as i got tickets or any other proof ( passport ) i will share them on here!! ;)

I got my Travelling Pass!!
So who will accommodate me in the US, if my host doesn't respond???

Travelling prices are: from 378€ ( Montréal ), from 467€ ( New York ), from 539€ ( Toronto ), from 610€ ( Miami ), from 616€ ( Tampa ), from 662€ ( Orlando ), from 663€ L.V., from 668€ ( Washington )

As suggested before, if u wanna meet & wrestle, we should share the total price, and the more the people the lesser it is for everybody!!

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So i'm about to go to London but...

It's all gotten a bit screwed up!

The other guy said he wanted to look for a hotel for me, then he asks me to do it, cause only the one who pays can stay...

He has a lack of communicating so things aren't settled yet, but i have my blablacar reservation...

Man what a mess!!!
I'm so angry right now, i wanna shout out his name, but the guy has so many recommandations...
Anyway i blocked him here, cause it starting to seem no use!!

His playing with me, and above that all, the heat is too much for me, to wrestle...

So nah, i don't think it will go on...

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