Belly fantasies

Hello there! I am new to this website but been in the scene of belly fetish for years.
I have a ton of fetishes related to the male abdomen, whether it's a fit/athletic abdomen a pudgy belly, a big ball belly or a big fat belly.
My fantasies include: gut punching, mpreg, belly inflation, navel play/torture, gut stabbing (acted), electro stimulation to the abs/belly, belly rolling, doctor-patient rough deep belly examinations and so on.

I am here looking for like-minded people. I am mostly dominant but I can also be submissive when I am in the mood (which is also most of the time) xD
Unfortunately I live in a place where there are barely users and probably none of them would meet up with me so in the mean time, cyberfight or whatever you call it, could be done. I do travel sometimes but not so often so I am down for a meet up when there's a chance!

Lately I am always in the mood to be dominated and get my soft belly deeply and roughly examined. I would love someone to dig his claws and fingers into my belly, then his hands and then his fist, applying lot of pressure to rearrange my insides and at the same time, getting verbal about it. We can do it on Skype if you want. I can show my belly while you command me and tell me what to do and how to do it and I'll show you on cam, as If you were doing it to me. Love to be commanded sometimes. :D

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daveylad (12) 4/27/2021 12:34 AM

I like guys with really big belly's. Firstly I love to lick a really big sweaty belly especially the overhang and maybe push my tongue into his navel / belly button. Secondly I love to be flat on my back on the floor while a heavy guy with a big belly sits on my stomach and squashes me - sitting there for ages ( quite happy for him to work over my nipples or balls while he sits there or even just ignore me and talk to folk on his phone or watching a video or something - completely ignoring me. I am in east London if anyone wants to help me out with this,


Jojete (0 ) 5/03/2021 7:32 PM

Welcome to the site! Your belly is glorious 🤩


Schoggibear (0) 5/04/2021 3:10 AM

(In reply to this)

Thank you very much! ^^


daveylad (12) 5/07/2021 4:44 PM

Any London guys with really big bellies ... I would love to meet you for some good hot fun.


Luvtalls (0) 5/09/2021 1:38 PM

My favorite is a big hard round ballgut, one that can take a punch and bounce off. Perhaps use it to squash a smaller guy against a wall like a bulldozer.