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Gus Sonnenberg vs Count Zarynoff, 2 out of 3 falls (April 24th 1930 - Boston)

The following is one of the earliest bouts ever recorded on film. Count Zarynoff is the bald guy hailing from Ukraine. According to Wikipedia, his opponent Sonnenberg was a former American football player before becoming one of the top pro wrestlers. This film is actually an edited version of the full bout that lasted 107 minutes (yes! 107 minutes, which I suppose was the norm in those days). As an admirer of the old pro wrestling, this bout is a real gem and fascinating to watch, and has nothing in common with the modern wrestling rubbish. My favourite bit is the one timed at approx 4:45 - what an unusual hold in my opinion.

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Ironbull (99)

9 days ago

...and that's why wrestlers should work on strengthening their necks.

Thanks for posting


BamaJDon41 (7 )

8 days ago

Interesting that 90% of the crowd look to be older men wearing coats and ties. And that ring looks huge compared to rings today. Must be 25 to 30% larger.


wrestlme37 (19)

5 days ago

This was so much more interesting than the stupid jumping around crap they do today.