Firstly, I would like to mention that I am deaf. I speak well and mainly lipread (I know it’s not that important, but it seems that some baulk at my deafness - I am just an ordinary guy who happens to not be able to hear, that’s all).

For the wrestling, I’d remove my hearing aid. I have a strong health and safety background, so safety during wrestling is paramount. If my opponent is in discomfort, he can tap me or the floor, and I’d back off immediately. Of course, having a referee would be handy: he or she can signal to me to stop.

Secondly, I like using the chat room of this site, to communicate with friends and prospective opponents. Quite often I would be doing some work on my laptop, with the chat room intact in the background. And quite often I can hear the ping of a notification, informing me that someone has messaged me through the chat room. But sometimes my hearing aid doesn’t pick up on the notification sound; because of this, quite a few members have either blocked or blanked me, thinking I have ignored them. Can I appeal to all of you here to bear(hug) with me (and other members) - if you do not get an immediate reply, it could be that I am not aware that I have a message waiting for me, or it could be that I am in the middle of something.

Thanks for your time reading this.

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Scully (15) 14 days ago

My notification ping never sounds when I'm messaged in the chatroom. I do see the open message window eventually and respond with my apologies even if he has logged off. Perhaps including that you respond to all messages in your profile might prevent these misunderstandings.


retserof (29 ) 12 days ago

Dont worry about being blocked for no replies, I consider that trash taking themselves out. Some people really do not expect us to have a life, but to sit there in front of the computer waiting for them to ping us, and I rather not having to communicate with them at all.