I am still asked about the purpose of WoS roleplay.

First of all, 'WoS' stands for 'World of Sport', a sports programme that ran on British TV between 1965 - 1985, on Saturday afternoons. The British pro wrestling was probably the most popular part of this programme, usually starting at 4pm for about an hour.

I have had quite a few WoS-roleplay bouts under my belt. This entails wearing proper pro gear. This activity is safe and non-competitive, and allows you and your opponent to demonstrate holds, mostly on the ground, in a safe and unhurried manner. For instance:

- you and your opponent don entrance gear (this is not essential);
- you two are introduced by an MC (or an invisible one), before acknowledging the cheers or the boos of an invisible crowd;
- you two are spoken to by a referee (or an invisible one), before shaking hands with each other (or declining to do so, and you may opt for trash talk);
- you and your opponent can take turns to dominate a round (how many rounds and how long is each round is entirely up to you and your opponent);
- you towel ourselves, and take a sip of water before spitting it out back into a bucket; and
- it is entirely up to you to determine who gains a pinfall(s) or submission(s) in which round(s).

This may sound odd to those who prefer submission, etc, but this roleplay is a wonderfully safe male-bonding experience and allows you to act out your wrestling fantasies.

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GINGERMAN (3) 6 days ago

I hope none of your opponents takes the part of Jim Breaks and tries to dislocate a shoulder or break an arm with his classic lift.

That said, your description of a Brit pro wrestling is spot on. WOS of the 70's and early 80's was a classy program. The most notable aspect was the overwhelming sportsmanship shown by two men who were not playing patsycake with their opponent.


exchhldsblws (0) 5 days ago

I've watched some WoS bouts on YT and dig your description and role play setup. There is an earnestness in these bouts that doesnt use exagerated personality and gimmicks. Man to man in briefs and boots, struggle, exchange dominanace, that can develop into accelerated below the belt dirty tactics.