I've had anxiety most of my life.

It started as a lack of confidence, which still permeates to this day. But only in the last decade or so has it been something more. A fear that I just can't interact with people; or will say the wrong thing.

After an assault in London some years back I lost what little confidence I had. I retreated into myself. I found myself scurrying to work like a rat, trying to avoid people and turning around quickly if I was in a crowd.

I had to reboot my own confidence levels, which is nowhere complete and is still a problem today. And then comes the added issue of social, or anti-social media.

This website found me a partner, new friends and experiences i'll never forget. But due to my confidence issues there have been times when I've got it wrong. I will have said the wrong thing, maybe come across as over-keen and annoyed people that I used to get on well with.

I'm not blaming my confidence; my actions are my own. But I wanted to add some context. When people meet me they think I suffer with over-confidence, very self-assured and knows what he wants.

The reality couldn't be more different.

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Bearhugfan (4) 2/13/2019 8:57 AM

When you need help write me


Sbpme (2) 2/17/2019 11:11 AM

I think there are plenty of people who will identify with your post. Have you tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help you manage the anxiety and confidence issues? Also, mindfulness and breathing exercises, before and during an anxiety provoking experience. There are apps which might help you practice these techniques. Be determined, stick with it and you'll get there!