I've had anxiety most of my life.

It started as a lack of confidence, which still permeates to this day. But only in the last decade or so has it been something more. A fear that I just can't interact with people; or will say the wrong thing.

After an assault in London some years back I lost what little confidence I had. I retreated into myself. I found myself scurrying to work like a rat, trying to avoid people and turning around quickly if I was in a crowd.

I had to reboot my own confidence levels, which is nowhere complete and is still a problem today. And then comes the added issue of social, or anti-social media.

This website found me a partner, new friends and experiences i'll never forget. But due to my confidence issues there have been times when I've got it wrong. I will have said the wrong thing, maybe come across as over-keen and annoyed people that I used to get on well with.

I'm not blaming my confidence; my actions are my own. But I wanted to add some context. When people meet me they think I suffer with over-confidence, very self-assured and knows what he wants.

The reality couldn't be more different.

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