Following the June famine of only two matches, the first week of July was bountiful with three opponents. Today's was a man I've known for over 12 years and was my fourth encounter with him. He lives in a locale where he reports his opportunities to wrestle are rather nil; and today's action was his first since seeing me 2-1/2 years ago.

A real fun time divided by some serious competing, my showing him some tactics of "capture" and escapes, sharing some of my exercise routines, and fun rolling around. Three great hours. He's 'Rasslincub' and could stand to meet up with locals and passers through willing to wrestle. Check out his profile; and read my recommendation for him on either his or my profile.

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downforthecount123 (3) 12 days ago

Sounds like a great guy, sure would like to meet up with him.