..... After successfully feeding my headscissor craving on a helpless victim! I come home to my room to find my suitemate passed out in my bed. At first I'm angry and I go to shout "WHAT TH....." And as he startled and slowly started to wake up, that tingling sensation started again! I quickly kicked off my sneakers and socks, at the same time I was getting out of my sweats that were soiled with the saliva of my previous victim! As he's slowly realizing he's in the wrong room and apologizing, I quickly stripped, looking dialthe hallway to make sure no one is coming,.. Pannikin to get to him before he fully wakes, and try to get out of the door! He sits up gives a big stretch yawn, looks around dazed and confused, and then in a dazed and confused state looks at me in my underwear trying to take off my pants! He quickly puts his shoes on and and starts to stand up! At this moment I know it's now or never, do or die! My heart is racing so fast, the band of my sweatpant is trapped around my ankle! he stared at me with this big concern look on his face, as I'm sure I am staring at him with the same look! And at the same time he stands up and grab his coat.. I finally get the band from around my ankle, and he holds his hand out and says " I don't know what you plan on..." Before he can finish the sentence I turn off the light and I go when I jump on him!! But he's a little too strong, and his fear has him very stressed and panicking, so I can't hold on to my grip around his waist,..but in my mind I know that I've come this far, there's no way in hell I can just let him leave without at least accomplishing my goal! So now I am on his back , he is standing ,I have my hand covering his mouth, and trying my best to scissor his waist, but I am failing miserably!! I let Go, then pushed him back on the bed , at this point he's pissed off, he hits me in the ribs really hard and I lose my breath! Did he hits me again really hard! Now I'm in too much pain to continue on, I let Go :-( as I'm holding my ribs weeping in pain!!!
He then stands over me , pull my body halfway off the bed by my shirt, and swings to hit me in the face, but he only grazes me because it's so dark.. Wow this was a very failed and excruciatingly painful attempt :-(! Ge feels around for his coat , as I grimace in pain, he turns on the light look at me and shouts "YOU CRAZY FUCK!", He opens the door but then turns around in complete anger once again, I see his fist starting to clench, he looks out into the hallway closes the door, and is walking towards me again looking to inflict more damage! As I'm trying to crawl away but I'm cornered in the bed, I feel a pillowcase that I was supposed to put all my pillow earlier in the day and I grab it! As he's walking towards me mumbling something under his breath, he goes for a swing, but I put up my leg to guard myself and he hits me in the leg, then when he turns around to grab his coat I launch up wrap the pillowcase around his face, and pull him down to the bed!! Instantly trapping his neck into a a front headscissor! As he still trying to reach for the pillow case I tighten my legs and he's instantly paralyzed, OMG did I just get him? This attempt was failed, he was out of here! But he came back to inflict more pain on me, now he is my prey!! I got him! And it instantly turned me on! He rolled around try to stand kick punch everything to get out of my scissorhold! But I just laid there looking at my bruises, as he elplesslytry to pull my thighs apart. Then I pulled the pillowcase off of his face, and expose him to my underwear and bulge with a giant wet spot from all of my excitement! just a 1/2 inch away from his face! As he trying to both keep away from it and pry my legs off, I give him a super squeeze, loosen then grab the back of his head with both of my hands, and pull his face all the way against my bulge, and I let it pulsate as it grew harder, after a violent struggle for about 5 minutes, I can feel a tear coming out of his eye as I began to squeeze extremely tight, I laid back and look at the ceiling as I can feel his body going limp, drool coming out of his mouth dripping onto the tip of my boner, as I start to slowly thrust it against his nose and face! I had just scissored a victim outside it was amazing!! But to be in a comfort and privacy of my own bed! Was he greatest thing ever, I looked down, his eyes are closed as he's begging me to let him go and apologizing for hitting me, I just opened his eyes for him and smirk as my bulge was starting to slowly unfold to a complete hard on, I tighten up with a figure 4, and pull the blanket over us, as he's snoring and I'm running my fingers through his hair, loving the sight of not being able to see his face because of my boner I get a pillow make myself comfortable roll to my side and dry hump his face until my underwear is full of goo. As we both drift off to Dreamland.........

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