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Can you please remove an abuse flag from my profile?

Sorry, only the member who posted it can remove the abuse flags.
The site supporters cannot tamper with the recommendation system.

We recommend that you collect many positive recommendations from the people you have met.
That is a clean, elegant way to offset an abuse flag, and proves the abuse flag poster wrong.

We also suggest that you block someone rather than escalate a pointless online conflict that benefits noone.


If you consider, volunteers do not have the capacity or time to investigate individual negative recommendations, let alone do so in a reliable and objective way.
And if we removed negative recommendations without proper investigation, it would enable people to erase their bad credit.

(One major exception to this rule is users who are obviously trolls/malevolent, and are removed by site administrator(s) as a result.
Any negative recommendations they posted to profiles of other users are deleted along with their profile.)

So the next best option we know is to let both positive and negative recommendations happen, and let users use their good judgment on making a picture.
We know that is not perfect, and we would like to improve it, but we tried hard to think up a solution that would work better, and until now this is the best we have.
If you have a better suggestion (one that takes into account the reality of running a community-based website like please do come forward with it.

Suppose that you have 20 positive recommendations, many from people who themselves have many positive recommendations and past opponents.
In this scenario a single negative recommendation you received does not look very worrying – you still look like you would be a reliable opponent.

If you – hypothetically speaking – would ever turn unreliable, your negative recommendations would grow in number and people would start to be more and more careful with you, and rightly so.
If however we allowed you to remove negative recommendations (leaving positive ones on), users would never learn about the change in your behaviour.
Based on just the positive recommendations alone would get an incorrect/untrue impression of what they can expect from you.

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